Word 2007 super slow since pasting in pictures

I took pictures of UFC 2009 tutorial so I could have a hardcopy when trying to play (my memory sucks). So I was pasting parts of those pics into Word for printout.

Doing this, was horrendously slow even though I have 4 Gig of RAM. The crappy part, is even though I’m done, Word is still way slower than it used to be. Anyone have any idea why that might be?

Are you using Vista? Check if you have updates for Vista and/or Office available in Update. For whatever reason, Office apps are affected by pending Updates in Vista (beats me why). I had this problem as well with both Word and Excel (it still recurs from time to time), but running an Update usually fixed it.

Wow thanks Bill (yes I have Vista). Not sure if this will work, but I haven’t done an update in eons. Going to try that right now!