Word Filters for Qt3

Missed the mark on that one. It’s actually my Planetcrap tendencies of hating the fuck out of non-literate people.

In all seriousness, if a post outside of a quote consists of this word only, just delete the entire thread. It’s not worth saving at that point.

“Hear, hear”


How does one accomplish this?

Did I really put here, here? Ugh.


“Foul doggie bones, old chum”

and dictionary lookups to ban acronyms (which would help poor spellers like myself).

Then again, this all sounds like a lot of work for something we could just ignore.

This would actually be awesome.

That’s loving hilarious. Damn comedians.

A cure worse than the disease. No person is as dumb as a word filter.

Some would benefit from a logic filter.

Good idea. Let me know when you’ve worked up a strong AI to handle that.

I just come up with the ideas, other people do it.

Oh wow, the post in that first link was an ungodly, legendary mess.

There, there.

We could have teenage boys filter logic for us in order to see pr0n, just like for CAPTCHA systems. 40% success rate is good enough!