Word shuts down after 10 secs

My wife told me that she can’t reply to her email on Outlook couse after a couple of seconds the message window just closes. So I checked it out and she was right. I tried fiddling with some spelling options and looking for some help on sites but found nothing. Anyway then she told me that she also can’t write word docs. So I remembered that Outlook presumably uses Word for editing. This made me think that the problem lies with word.
So I removed / reinstalled and the bug is still there.

Wierd thing is, we have seperate accounts. I don’t have any problems on my account. I tried replacing her normal template file. No good. My wife is not happy. I’m this close to formatting the entire comp. Please help.

Something similar happened with Word to me on my work laptop recently. Is she getting that wonderfully informative “Microsoft Word has encountered a problem and needs to close” error box?

It finally got fixed by backing up documents I needed to keep, then deleting my entire user directory under Documents & Settings, then logging back in to rebuild the profile. It worked after that.

There’s no message. It just shuts down. I’ll try deleting her profile. If it doesn’t work I won’t be any worse then now.

Try deleting Normal.dot. It’s probably a munched macro or corrupted template. Uninstalling and re-installing might not zap that file.

And once normal.dot has been deleted and recreated (Word does that automatically when it starts), track normal.dot down and make it READ ONLY. That keeps the macros from rewriting it for their purposes.

I think you should try replacing normal.dot!

Yeah, that’s what I did.
Anyway, I found out that after I delete normal.dot word works fine. Then, when I run outlook new messages are crashed as before. When I restart word it’s shutting down again. So this means that outlook screws normal.dot somehow.
I’ve found this article from 1999 that describes a virus with a similar behavior http://www.ciac.org/ciac/bulletins/j-037.shtml

Just going out on a limb here, but maybe outlook has its own normal.dot that it’s using to screw up the main one from Word?

I Don’t know.

Anyway I tried setting normal.dot to readonly - didn’t help.
I made sure word blocks macros - the same.
Did the ‘delete user’ rutine - no use.

I think a reinstall is coming.

In Outlook (I’m assuming you’re using 2003) go to Tools -> Options, then to the Mail Format tab and uncheck “Use Microsoft Word 2003 to edit e-mail messages” and see if that makes a difference. If the problem is specifically related to Word (which it sounds like it is) this might at least allow her to use Outlook until you find a more permanent solution.

That worked, thanks.

stop downloading the pr0n

If I don’t have that I’ll have to bug my wife every day :)