Wordle: Everyone is Suddenly Playing It

My twitter timeline is flooded with Worldle posts, and they all erupted in the last 24-48 hours. I haven’t seen a game take off this virally since maybe Pokemon Go. Or maybe that trivia startup that flamed out and died.

Et, tu, Ars?

What I hate most about it is that it’s just fucking random colored boxes in my feed for no reason.

Even reading the article, I still don’t understand why people are sharing random colored squares for no reason.

I wish it came with a hashtag or the like so I could put it on ignore.

Edit: FFS they got everyone across all political divides. It’s like invasion of the body snatchers. Apparently the random squares are your score? What?
I hate everything.

It’s basically Mastermind with words instead of colored pegs, and as a writer/English major I love it. The number of rows is how many guesses it took you, yellow squares are when you guessed a letter in the word but in the wrong place, green is a letter in the right place. I usually average 3-4 guesses, which it what it seems most scores I see posted average as well. Good job, everyone, we’re all equally good at this game!

So yeah, I agree that the posting of the colored squares as a brag (because that’s what it is, isn’t it?) doesn’t make a lot of sense or make it seem impressive (especially since you only get six guesses in total).

(Here’s my score for today. Is it impressive? I have no idea! Neither does anyone else!)
Wordle 203 4/6


Maybe throw a direct link to it in your post: Wordle - A daily word game

I’ve been playing for a little over a month, and I think limiting to 1/day and knowing everyone’s playing the same puzzle you are each day is a good hook.


The old men I follow that yell at clouds are doing it too!

Can you just mute on “Wordle” even if it’s not hashtagged? I know you can in Tweetbot and Twitterrific; not sure if the official client can mute on specific words.

That might work, actually.

I’ll weather it out a few more days and see if people lose interest first.
Lest some news breaks where Wordle has hacked half the populations phones and started WW3 and I’d be completely ignorant of it.

You could also maybe mute “🟩🟩🟩”.

Hard to imagine anyone being so bad at it that they didn’t get at least three letters in a row right after six guesses (and still wanting to share that), and should be very few unrelated tweets caught by that.

Then you could still see people talking about Wordle.

For those playing, do you have favorite starting words? Same thing every day, or switch it up?

I don’t start with the same word every day, but I have a consistent strat that I use, which is basically that the first word always has two vowels in it and at least one of the more common consonants. The second word usually has two different vowels and three different consonants (one being more common, the other two less so). I may change this strat slightly depending on how well my first guess goes, but usually using this method I get it by the fourth guess.

The trickier ones can be where a letter is used twice in the word, and the game has no way of telling you that, so you have to constantly be thinking about that possibility too.

My starting word is usually “stare” because I figure those are all common letters. Of course, I have never had the patience for word games, so I am not very good at it. I tend to rush through it.

It has a hard mode, too, wherein you must use all revealed letters from a guess on the next one. Keeps you from just shotgun-blasting a bunch of words to try and confirm/eliminate letters.

For whatever reason, my brain wants to know what and how many vowels I’m dealing with off the top.

So I either use “Audio” or “Radio” or “House” as my first guess, so I can get a fix on the vowels…and then go from there. Though it only has three vowels, I also like “House” because of the “s” in it.

Same here, and good choices. I go “ouija”, and along the lines of your reasoning for “house”, I’ve also seen someone advocate for “ratio”.

I always use STRAW as my first word. I’ve never failed a puzzle yet.

I have a list. of 3 words that were pretty good at getting all the letters, but it becomes a bit rote. So I mix it and use similar word approaches but not the same word.

Steam>block>fungi is a pretty good opener for most words. Tears, cheat, loser are all other opening words I’ve used.


I think I am doing it wrong. I always use the letters from my last guess instead of completely different words to eliminate/find new letters.

I also thought this was a pretty clever observation:

It took me 4 guesses to get today’s word.