Wordle: Everyone is Suddenly Playing It

Frankly I got pranked today, took me 5

Got it in three. What’s guess distribution? Mine says 1.

your own personal record.

Fun to play, dumb to share: WORDLE!

This feels like a flash in the pan sensation, so probably will last a week or two. Being restricted to 5 letters keeps it sane.

My chief complaint is being color blind the yellow and green are very close. I use a color picker on my Mac to tell.

There’s an option for colour blind in the settings.


I usually open up with LOUSE and/or TRAIN

Wait, only one word a day? Well, that was fun, but by tomorrow I’ll have forgotten it exists.

Thanks, I figured there had to be an equivalent without that weird and arbitrary restriction. It’s not like this is a new type of word game, after all. Hell, isn’t there a game show that’s exactly this?

Part if it is the shared puzzle and social aspect of it. Arbitrary words lack that component because it has no context to share the results. Where if everyone does the same puzzles, you can try and guess what clues people used.

I feel like this is equivalent to saying “I was able to solve it in one because someone else told me the answer.”

I know one person who legitimately got it in one. She speaks English as a second language (French) and the very first time she tried Wordle, she tried the only five letter English word that came to mind, which was apparently “SEIGE” (she plays a lot of video games??) and it was the word that day. She immediately declared her retirement from Wordle.

I got it in 1 my first time too. Someone had mentioned it was a Qt3 classic.

The word was tapir.

Many years ago, I think in my teenage years, or maybe college years (regardless, I was still at home with my parents) I walked into the room where my parents were watching Wheel of Fortune. A new puzzle just appeared on the board. The clue was “Person” and the puzzle was as follows:

With no letters showing, I said “The Queen of England”. We all watched as slowly the letters revealed my guess to be correct. I think that may have been my peak of word gaming. My parents talked about it for years.

Impressive considering it’s spelled “SIEGE” :P

I go with ‘RAISE’ for my first word almost every day - it has three vowels, and if there is no ‘E’ at the end of the word it really narrows the word list.

I had the same experience once by guessing LEE MAJORS.