Wordpress 1.5.2 How to put in a "after the jump?"

I’m still running the old version of Wordpress. How do make it so only the first 3-4 paragraphs show on the main index?

There should be a little button in the editor that adds a “more” tag. When you add this tag and save it, then none of the text below the more tag renders on the main page.

It’s harder to explain than it is to do. Experiment until you figure it out. It’s the button that has a little “U” on it.

Aha, got it. Thanks. The only browser that doesn’t show up in is Safari. Guess what browser I use?

You can also insert this:

<!-- more -->

into the code.

Seriously, though, if you can, you should upgrade to 2.3 when it’s released. I’ve been running the CVS for a while now, and the tagging system is much better than the old category system.

You’re also missing out on a bunch of awesome things they’ve added in the 2.0 series that I’m not sure I know how you’re living without.

Yeah, I probably will. When I read through the upgrade instructions to 2.0, I felt the risks of something going wrong were greater than the good I’d get.

Really, my needs are modest. I just post a few random things on it, and usually type it up in Ekto or Word ahead of time and paste it in. Post post aren’t more than 3-400 words in length so I haven’t run into any issues.

“Wordpress 1.5.2 How to put in a “after the jump?””

Please don’t. Or if you do don’t use that stupid fucking phrase. A hyperlink does not an intersteller spaceship make.

It’s actually a newspaper term with a history that predates the web. (http://ask.metafilter.com/31756/After-the-jump)

You can still hate it, of course. But it’s not fancy web lingo. It’s fancy newspaper lingo.