WordPress and Amazon Associate Links

Amazon lets people in its associate program generate links with tools from the Amazon site. But the links with pictures don’t seem to work when I paste them into my html pages in the WordPress editor. I’m hosting my own blog, using WordPress (not a blog hosted on the WordPress site).

I’ve tried to use the WordPress “code” window, but this doesn’t help. And I can’t seem to find a widget to allow me to do this. I guess Amazon uses special code to prevent people from linking to their pictures and using up all their bandwidth, so it’s not just a normal looking URL.

WordPress seems pretty popular around here. Has anyone else run into this problem and found a solution?

Once you copy paste the code in and save it, did you check to see if they still look alright?

I ask because I have had a lot of problems with Wordpress’ WYSIWYG editor messing my code up even when I was using the Code tab, particularly when posting snippets of code to embed a Youtube video. A solution to try might be to turn off the editor entirely under User Profiles.

I gave up and just turned off the editor.

I tried using the primative editor and posting it immediately (this works with Youtubes). But it didn’t work.

I’ll try turning the WSIWIG off and see what happens. The latest version of Word lets you post to your blog, so maybe I’ll give that a try for editing posts in a full feature editor.