Words/Phrases That Bring Up Bad Memories (in gaming)

Packard Bell

Interactive Movie

Death Penalty

Full Motion Video

You must gather your party before venturing forth

“That doesn’t work”


Server is full.

EDIT: Also, props to Hanacker, I’m laughing out loud :D

Game Over

Black & White

Conventional memory.

“Oh, you have to beat it in hard to get the real ending”

“This room was an illusion devised by Satan” (and then you had to start Ghosts n Goblins all over)

EM386, XMS, EMS, and anything related to that.


You have used all of your activations. Please contact customer support.

Xbox Live
Friend Code

Working as Intended

Really, almost anything Nintendo PR says at this point fills me with unquenchable rage.

i’m not sure i follow…

“…about to make you his bitch.”

Emergent Gameplay
“oh this game doesn’t get fun until you (insert level you need to achieve, number of hours you need to play it before it is fun instead of work or simply some state of having to put up with it not being fun at all until it becomes fun)”

Metal Gear…?

I’m with Cubit on this one.