Workaround for games that don't support 16:10?

So, I’ve got this 1680x1050 monitor that I’m just in love with. The only issue I have is that quite a lot of games do 1024, 1280, 1600, but don’t support a 16:9 or 16:10 mode. This means that while they still look alright, the characters are a bit out of proportion. Laura Croft looks more like Rosie O’donnel now.

I could live with having black bars on the sides of the screen or something if I had to for some games to look right. In most it doesn’t bother me, but in a few it’s irritating.

Is there some means of working around this that I’m ignorant of?

It’s always stretching the image to fit the full screen? Check the monitor’s options and see if it has an aspect-preserving scaling mode. That should give you the black bars and prevent it from stretching.

Even if the monitor doesn’t have such a mode, you should be able to do something via your videocard’s driver settings.

I’ve got an ATI based system and an Nvidia based system and they both have options in their display drivers to deal with this. With an ATI card, go into Catalyst Control Panel and set the system to use “Centered Timings”, that mode will keep the monitor in its native resolution and just use whatever part of the screen that fits within the current resolution selected for the game, with black bars around all edges of the display.

Nvidia drivers have a better option (IMO) called Fixed Aspect Ratio Scaling under Digital Flat Panel Settings in their driver control panel which allows you to stretch the image but maintain the aspect ratio, so you get the same sort of thing but you only end up with black bars/space wastage on two sides, not all around the image.

But, uh, the short answer is, yes, there is probably something you can do about this, but your options are dictated by your monitor’s options and/or the drivers of the videocard you use.

Looking at the widescreen forums now…

I did find that my nvidia control panel has an option for:
( ) Use Nvidia Scaling
( ) Scale but maintain aspect ratio
( ) Use monitor’s built in scaling
( ) Do not scale

Anything but option #3 - default - causes a screen full of barf. So I googled on that and I found approximately 1 bajillion posts on nvidia’s forums about it. Looks like that might not work. One possibility is if I can find the actual AL2051W drivers it might be what the nvidia needs to do it right. Acer’s website is utter ass, and it takes 5 minutes to load a page.

The OCD options on the monitor itself don’t seem to indicate the ability to maintain aspect ratio. Since I’m using DVI instead of analog, maybe if I switch to analog it’ll work. Dunno - but I don’t have my adapter handy.

Edit - found an adapter. Now the card sees the monitor as CRT and won’t give me the aspect ratio pages at all. FUX.

Have you tried accessing the monitor’s options page while a game screen is displayed? The Dell 2405 only shows scaling options when the input signal can be scaled.