Working Full Time? More Time for QT3!

I’d rather know why you talked to your manager in the bathroom?

Yeah, the pressures of the modern workplace demand employees who can think outside the bathroom.

I’m guessing he had a super busy manager who was at meetings all day, impossible to call during those times, impossible to find at his desk since he was always in a meeting. So the only time you would be able to get in a word with the manager is when he’s leaving the bathroom?

A little update: One of the principals walked by my desk today to tell me that I was to come to a meeting at 3:30 regarding the start of a new project. So, yeah, here comes some work.

Also, surfing non work related sites on the web in your first few months - not generally a good career move.

Pretty much. Also he had a 4am to 2pm schedule. Everyone else worked 10 to 7.

At least while anyone is watching or you aren’t eating food at your desk. ;)

Of course, if you get more work done than most people AND surf the web, then a good manager won’t really care as much.

For the record, as far as they know, I am diligently studying the various software programs that we use and getting familiar with them. Also, after the meeting I had today, I’m now involved in a project pretty much right from the start. A long term health care facility wants to expand and rezone some land and we are doing a traffic impact, parking and loading study. I’m not sure how exciting that sounds but I think its pretty cool.

Random word of advice:

With the possible exception of civil service, if you have a job without enough work, one way or another* you will not have the job for long. So either find a way to do something important to the firm, find a way to look like you’re doing something important, or freshen up the resume.

*More than likely you will fire yourself.

Unfortunately these details aren’t captured in proxy logs.