World Cup 2010 (that's interesting)

Compulsory title added.

I’ve done a little cross posting and reckon it’s about time for a consolidated World Cup Thread.
Is anyone coming down for the cup? (need accommodation?)
Who are you supporting?
If Bafana beat Mexico, we’ve done enough pig!! ?

blah blah Shitz Bonerz?

(no poll due to the need of more information and I’m too pissed to even attempt that kinda shit)

eerrr… discuss?

Does anyone here speak South African, and can you tell me what the hell he’s talking about? ;)

I’d love to go, but it would probably cost a small fortune.

What I mean is that if we (South Africa) beat Mexico in the opening game then we’ve done enough to make The Nation proud!

If we then go on and make the second round then there might be (free) fornification* in the streets!!

According to most reports it won’t be free but it will be available*…

This report brought to you via 3rd hand drunken reporting*.

***not bad typing though!!

I’m looking forward to it, hope to see tons of quality games.

I hope Togo can beat France again this year.

I’ve got my “Anyone But England” shirt coming in the post.

Bah. I’m all for Team USA but I’d love it if both England and USA advanced from group stage. (After we beat them of course.)

I’m waiting for the 2011 World Cup.

Rugby Union! whut whut!

Interested to see who BB invites to the US camp…

I hope everyone can beat France. The cheating bastards. I even hope England beat them.

Also, Rugby World Cup, best World Cup.

Why don’t we like England again? I mean, they gave us Monty Python, Hugh Laurie, and Kieron Gillen. Sure they oppressed us, but then we dumped their tea in the harbor and kicked their pasty asses back across the pond.

No seriously: why ABE?

The Scots started it and it’s kind of spread to others that have a history with England. I guess we have a pinch of pity for the dandies since we kicked their ass out of our country, so if you want to Tory it up and support the lobster back bastards, go right ahead.

Nah, not really. :) I was just curious. Our house is a French-American one, so, there ya go. Double Brit hate! (Not that France is easy to root for this time…)

If either team failed to advance from such an easy group it’d be a major embarrassment.

Well, I kind of understand it if you’re Scottish, because bitterly hoping England go out is pretty much the only way it’s possible for you to have any emotional stock invested in the outcome of major international tournaments.

For what it’s worth, I’m English and I always hope the other home nations do well. I’m not so patriotic - this year I’ll be rooting for England, yeah, but also Switzerland (my mother’s side of the family is Swiss), Japan (I live here) and North Korea (for their amazing group).

Because an England that wins would be insufferable.

God, I love World Cup Soccer so much. I started watching with the opening match of the 1990 World Cup in Italy, and I’ve only missed one match since then. (The 1994 World Cup Final Italy vs Brazil - everyone tells me I’m lucky to have missed that final, and that’s one of the main reasons I have such great memories of the 94 world cup). I’ve caught every other match. Back then I used to record any match that I’d miss on VCR. And then eventually DVRs.

But I suspect I’ll miss a good portion of this tournament, since I’m getting married on June 20th. That means the matches leading up to that date I’ll probably miss because of crazy preparations and all the other stuff going on. After the wedding, since my fiancee is not a fan of the sport, I don’t really see myself as sitting down and catching up on all the matches that I’ve missed. So I guess this is an end of an era for me, kind of.

Yeah, getting married sucks.

Hey, that’s not what I was trying to say! Shut it you! :)

You know, a smart fan would be honeymooning in South Africa, which just coincidentally would allow him to attend some live WC games.

Of course a really smart fan would have subtly made sure that a wedding that could have happened at a variety of times didn’t happen in the middle of a major sporting event that only happens once every four years.


I’m not a complete football fan like some of you guys, but I do greatly enjoy the World Cup. Should be very exciting. BTW, what does everybody think of the official song? Waka Waka by Shakira, seem they could’ve done better, it just seems very generic.