World of starcraft

So… CVG confirms it, the new starcraft game is an MMO

StarCraft MMO blasts into orbit
Blizzard’s new sci-fi MMO is set to rock the world later this month, CVG has learned.

The long-rumoured new instalment of Blizzard’s massive StarCraft series is set to be unveiled later this month - and it’s another massively-multiplayer online game in the style of World of Warcraft, CVG can reveal.

Well placed US sources have revealed to us that the StarCraft MMO will be unveiled at an upcoming Blizzard event on May 19 in South Korea - the epicentre of the sci-fi RTS series’ rabid fandom.

The unveiling of the new instalment has previously been rumoured for the South Korea event, though we now know that the title is in fact an online spin-off and not a new RTS game as previously assumed.

Of course this is massive news for both Vivendi and the MMO world; Blizzard’s other online offering World of Warcraft has topped 6 million subscribers and is arguably the biggest game around today.

The question is, is there room for both World of Warcraft and a StarCraft MMO? The later will have to be a very different type of online game to convince gamers to subscribe to both of Blizzard’s pair.

We will of course let you know as soon as soon as Blizzard officially confirms the game on May 19.

I’m both interrested and disgusted.

Holy crap. If they offer something akin to the Station Pass…I may just pee.

South Korea’s productivity will be reduced to rubble! DOMED!

Huh. So this is truly confirmed, then. I’m shocked; I was really expecting Starcraft 2. It was sure to be way too fiddly by today’s RTS standards (lest half of Korea have a fit), but it would be well balanced and sell through the roof. With that in mind, I think World of Starcraft is actually going to be much more intriguing. I hope they incorporate some kind of air/space combat.

If they do, I hope these get added to WoW. Flight in Outlands really makes me want to throw fireballs over my griffin’s shoulder.

This is madness. I will be all over this like SCVs on a mineral patch.

I will be there on day one with a Terran Ghost.

Maybe an MMORTS?

I hope it’s something along that line… Cause if it’s your standard quest based MMO like WOW, I doubt I’d play it for very long.


Maybe it’ll be like Shattered Galaxy, you control a squad or something and fight over areas on a map.

I don’t think I’d play a WoW styled Starcraft MMO, but a SG-ish one maybe.

I just hope that it’s not WoW in space.

Yeah, I would have been more interested in a WW2OL-ish large-scale conflict than just another WoW clone, though maybe they can still incorporate elements of that somehow.

I’m thinking something like an MMO Savage/Natural Selection could be awesome if done properly. Let people play their characters directly like in any MMO when they’re solo, but have large guild battles where certain players would act as commanders and control the battlefield like an RTS.

I don’t know; I think I would play anything Blizzard makes. Although I’m not a big fan of RTS games, as they’re far too much focused on micromanagement and far too little strategy, I think they have a lot of experience with WoW and would probably be thinking of some way to make a good Starcraft MMO. It could be something like Tabula Rasa for all we know.

Something like Shattered Galaxy mixed with Planetside?

Roger that

Personally, untill Blizzard officially says what thier project is, I am skeptical of any other source.

Mainly because I am still holding out for an RTS sequel, not a Wow-in-Space game.

I find it hard to believe Blizzard’s next game would be anything other than a product they can charge monthly subscriptions for. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will be WoW In Space from a design perspective, but given the market position they hold, it’s basically a choice between making millions of dollars or billions of dollars. I know which one I’d go for.

There goes the neighborhood. I guess I’m not in the Blizzard target market anymore =(

If it really is just a new shell for World of Warcraft, that’ll be really disappointing. If it’s some kind of hybrid MMO/RTS game, that will be cool.

The mad rush to build yet another MMO is really getting stale.