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On one hand, it does seem a bit too soon for a Starcraft-themed MMO that would compete with WoW. On the other hand, it is way better for Blizzard to do it too soon than too late. There’s always the chance, even if it is small, that some shiny new thing will pull WoW players away from WoW. Better that Blizzard does it themselves, even if it means WoW effectively dies off sooner, rather than have the shiny new thing be from some other company.

I can totally see them doing this with some sort of multipass similar to what Mark Asher suggested. It is pretty unrealistic to think they’ll be able to create a game which does WoW-like numbers without a lot of those players being shared between the games, so offering both games for $20-25 increases their monthy payment from all the gamers who would be interested in playing both while not really changing their infrastructure costs too much. As a bonus, if people transition to WoS as their primary game, a lot of them would probably just keep paying the multipass price just to keep their WoW account active in case they want to jump back in.

With good timing and their dedication to polish they could probably keep alternating WoW/WoS/WoW2/WoS2/WoD(?) releases and lock up the MMO market pretty well for a long, long time…

Well, also keep in mind that they’re just announcing it. We probably won’t expect to see it on store shelves for another year at the least, probably two. Consider where WoW might be by then. I doubt it can get much higher than the current peak it’s reached, and in 2 years I think that would be the best “sweet spot” to start beta testing the Starcraft MMO.

Not gonna happen.

EQ is still making money and it’s almost a decade old. MMOs have long shelf lives and I expect WoW to be exceptional in this regard. Blizzard would be cutting its own hamstrings by announcing a StarCraft MMO just as WoW is nearing its peak. Also, those job postings recently? Yeah, you don’t hire lead engine and tools programmers for a game you’re announcing soon.

I think this is odd and, if true, might be something of a blunder. Starcraft is a phenom in South Korea, and from I have read their stylized mmo’s are successful too(though on a smaller scale). However this might be a thing that neither side wants - SC players want a competitive, balanced game, MMO players want an experience. I find it difficult to believe the RTS players will hop over and play an MMO, just because its starcraft. On the MMO front,they’ll have to compete with established MMO companies over there (Isnt webzen one of the big ones?) who presumably have an active fanbase and maybe understand what their market wants.

I know this isn’t targetted at Korea specifically, but still…odd…and a riskier approach than a SC2. Interesting.

Anyways, I’m with the ‘hope its not just wow in space’ crowd…

Fuck MMOs

Pyrhic, your argument doesn’t really make sense, because you could apply the exact same mentality to WoW… why would Warcraft RTS players make the transition to an MMO? Did WC2 or 3 players want a competitive MMO experience? We have no idea how they will fashion this game, so I think it’d be way too speculative to state if “WoS” would not be balanced or not (considering how WoW is still being tweaked to this day…)

As for subscribers, again I feel they think they can expand the market and have enough carryover to not noticeable affect WoW’s operations. And it’s not “too soon”; WoW has been out for over two years now, and any new project will still be many years away. If they announce something I figure they’ll say late 2008 at the earliest and it’ll probably get delayed a year.

— Alan


I wanted a Starcraft game, not a Starcraft chat room. :(

Are even original Starcraft creators still there?



… sorry . :(

I dont think warcraft rts has(had) quite the following SC has. Agruably, people still play SC in such numbers because, despite all the RTS’s over the years, no one has quite got the formula right. These people aren’t playing because they love the lore(though they might) and my thought is that they wouldn’t care about an MMO because they want an RTS. As for balanced, it’s not a slight on wow, but MMOs are by their nature unbalanced(time dependent). It’s a difference between genres that cant be easily overcome. imo, its a point of failure for those FPS’s that try it as well - for example, i play fps’s so i can compete on an even level - i dont want to have to play 40 hours so i can unlock the item that will allow me to counter the item you played 40 hours to accumulate…

Seriously. I didn’t expect Blizzard to do any non-MMO ever again, given how profitable WoW is, but this news still makes me sad. The company is dead to me. :(

Yes. They have their place, but they are far from the all-encompassing supergenre that the industry seems to want them to be.

I am not prepared. :(

I’ve never played Starcraft. I hated WC3’s multiplayer. I loved WC/WC2, and the Diablos.

Regardless, I would play WoS in a heartbeat. Interesting that it might well be competing with the Warhammer 40k MMO by the time it’s released, though.

I’m think I’m one of the very few who dislikes Starcraft. It’s way too twitchy and gamey for me.

Don’t forget that Korea has very minimal if any Console market penetration for various. Practically all gaming there is PC based.

So targetting just PC would seem to be quite a viable strategy still - especially if Korea is the prime target market.

You’re not alone HRose. I can play rock-paper-scissors just fine without a PC.

Starcraft is alright, but I’m not a huge RTS fan. That said, I’d LOVE a Starcraft version of WoW. The universe is rife and they have enough lore (actually I think the universe is better than Warcraft, which just rips Warhammer). I think they could make the game that Anarchy Online could have been. It’s a great idea, if true, and should be wildly successful. And why would they care if it takes players away from WoW? They get the money either way.

Yeah, ripping off 40k is much better.

They get the money either way, so why make a new game?


Yeah, ripping off 40k is much better.[/quote]
Even though this is a “touché,” Jesus-licking-Christ I get tired of this shit. The entirety of human culture is composed of “ripped off” stuff, sometimes with a dash of something slightly new (i.e. something “ripped off” from somewhere else that’s not as obvious). Games are at least as guilty of being blatant copiers as other forms of entertainment.

They get the money either way, so why make a new game?

I honestly don’t even know why you’re in this thread. Nonetheless, the answer is simple: WoW will decline at some point, and I’d argue, in terms of content and popular fame, it’s already in decline. Times change, people look for something that’s a little different. Also, since no one really knows what Blizzard is doing at this point, they may have their targets on slightly different populations from WoW that would overlap somewhat but bring in new players.