World Of Tanks

Nobody mentioned this?
The first trailer was kinda stupid, but this one shows actual gameplay. gasp!

Team based MMO with TANKS. What’s not to like?

The only thing I don’t like is that it’s not out yet!

I tried the beta ages ago, it wasn’t very good then, but it looks like they have massively upgraded it since then…

Looks nifty, though I keep thinking of “historical Tanarus” for some reason.

So where are all the orcs and elves?

Driving the tanks?

Nice. Looks like CounterStrike, but with tanks.

They should’ve made this a true MMO, where you start out in PvE leveling up by killing rats and snakes. With your tank. Picking up loot, like HE rounds for your main cannon, that was somehow being carried by a grass snake.

Looks more like mechwarrior with tanks. Sweet.

…is there a healing tank? ;)


Do you think it has realistic armor and penetration values?

It doesn’t seem it from the video. But then, I’m no expert.

This made me immediately think of the Paladin class from WoW.

New rule: If you’ve named your game “World of” anything, just cancel it. I’m tired of it already, and I haven’t even seen it.

That video makes me think of a naval action-combat game, but with more interesting scenery.

  • Alan

Exceptions that prove the rule: Tanks & Zombies

So can you get a pet infantry squad?

I would play Tanks Vs. Zombies. Or Plants Vs. Tanks.

could be :D

that would be hilarious

im a tank! im a mother fucking taaank! IM A TANK, FUCK YEA!

get your beta key here

I wonder if theres a bunch of chinese kids i can hire to grind me down one of these because the end game content is one helluva long slog away!

The game is real fun though. not too hardcore and not too simplistic. just nice. looks nice too.