World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth


I think from what I read how they coded WoW made it harder to go back in time. I am not a developer, but it sounds like maybe a check-in issue and a backup cycles expired?


I’m excited about wow classic. Nice to see a release date. Nothing wrong with nostalgia gaming; I do it all the time.


At blizzcon the lead dev went into lots of detail about the challenges. He seemed convincing to me, but I am not a dev.

Here it is, I think


Some of the player-run servers had over a hundred thousand consistent players. Depends on the amount of actual effort it took to make of course, but I expect it’ll do OK.


Sure. But these are the same guys who claim they’re being DDOS’d with every WoW release, when the fact is they haven’t been DDOS’d in a decade.

They’re lying. Their infrastructure can never handle the initial load, so they blame DDOS.

It’s not DDOS.

As for Ion, well, he’s about as frustrating to listen to as Trump is.


It’ll definitely do OK. But one of the worst things Blizz has ever implemented is CRZs, and it’s one of the biggest reasons people want Vanilla. Everyone wants their own community on their own server.

So Blizz spins up 40 Vanilla servers. Six months from now 35 of them are ghost towns. What do they do?

There are plenty of empty servers on Live, but with CRZs players hardly notice. That won’t be an option with Vanilla.

Blizz will have to shutter servers and move players. The community outrage will be delicious.


They’re using a form of phasing to avoid that problem in the first couple of weeks. Once the initial rush dies off and people stop logging in, they’ll turn it off.


Why can’t they just merge realms as needed to compensate for player attrition?


That is commonly seen as a sign of failure. These shenanigans hide the fact that the game is hemorrhaging players.


Yes, but WoW Classic was never intended to have gajillions of players. It’s something that a core niche clamored for and Blizzard decided to give it to them. I assume they’ve done some basic calculations on likely audience, and if it declines below profitability, they can shut it down. Considering how many MMOs last for ages on skeleton crews, it doesn’t seem to me like some kind of debacle if it only stabilizes to 50k or 100k or whatever.


Not at all! But it would certainly be seen as such. Not by the cognoscenti like you and me, but the unwashed peasants.




I would hope Blizzard is very conservative on Classic, especially since community is a big draw. The layering approach seems to make sense, and given layering is turned off as phases unlock it should be ok.

I also hope Blizzard has talked to their friends in other development houses about how populations on classic servers have evolved over time. While nothing official will ever be discussed, I am sure people know people who work at Turbine at all to at least get a feel.


Bal should I just transfer to Stormrage and suck it up? Plus – if you play WOW classic ….I may even start a new rogue… God how that would be true work.


It took me a long time to level in vanilla but I solo’d most of the time. I wonder if you group a lot and run dungeons if it goes faster?


Is this the WoW Classic topic? Because I’m so in.

Hell yeah it takes forever to level. That’s the point. If I wanted to blitz to cap and slurp the evenly distributed sugar water of the dungeon->heroic->fancy->fabulous (or whatever the tiers are called these days) grind while “grouping” with the faceless automata served up by cross-universe magical dungeon queues, I’d play retail.

I’ma get me some bear asses, y’all.


Yes, it does. Back then Dungeons were the most efficient way to level. Plus, you may need to once you hit certain levels. XP from quests alone can get mighty thin in a few level ranges (30-40 is one of those. Duskwallow Marsh back then was nothing like it is today).


Mark if I get into Warcraft: legendary I will be screaming for help here. And yes, I think groups will help us level. I mean even deadmines will require us to group. Seems kinda fun now that I think on it.


Adam it is turned into it atm, We will be leveling in vanilla once again!


Yes, we probably all should.

I will probably re-level Bellwhip (pictured at left). Old model gnomes were cute. They smiled. :(

Here we go, Beta Bellwhip, circa 2004.