World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth


Do you have an active WoW account? Mine is inactive.

I remember that. In PvP you always wanted to get next to the hunter. The hunter had to use traps and disengage. Plus, hunters pissed off other classes by rolling need on melee weapons to get the stats!

Also, ammo. You could run out! And if you didn’t feed your pet I think it might run away!


As someone who mained hunter since launch, I had my fair share of rogues and warriors rolling on agility bows and guns as stat sticks as well. (I personally never rolled need on a melee weapon if there was a class in the group that it was better suited for.)


Did they revive cosmos ui and thottbot?


Dunno about Thottbot, but Wowhead already has a Classic WoW database.


Apparently the modding API is the same as retail but with some (TBD) elements restricted so as not to go against the “spirit of classic”.


I wonder if that means the quest helper add-ons will be restricted? I remember first using that add-on. It was very nice.


I desperately hope so. Even the minor barrier of “alt-tab to wowhead” or whatever site du jour is enough to keep me in the world rather than just following the giant glowing arrow that points me toward the next drop of sugar water.

I’ve already leveled. I don’t have any intention of rushing to 60 so I can get mad at idiots standing in the fire. I mean, I’ll get there, but I do plan to smell the flowers along the way.


That’s how I feel. In current WoW I do like to enjoy the new content, but I’m still a bit focused on hitting the level cap so I can have fun in the BGs. Even the idea of getting gear in current WoW seems a bit pointless since I know my stuff will be outdated when new content is added.

In classic I just want to have fun along the way. I will look forward to AV at 60 because I enjoyed those epic slogs. It’s was fun triggering the various NPCs like the wolf-riders, the giant ice dude, etc.

But really, it will be weird to hit 60 in classic because there’s no new content coming unless Blizzard surprises us and adds some new stuff at some point. There will be a bit of a gear chase but that’s somewhat limited.


Mage: Blink into the hunter, frost nova, trinket, fireball, /wave.


I strongly suspect that the long term plan is for advancing through at least the pre-Burning Legion content. But I would not expect to see them commit to anything right now.


Oh man, I bet I can frost nova myself into their dead zone about 100 percent of the time still, after how many years since last I logged in.


I strongly suspect once you guys get to actually try it you’ll realize what it means to play a 15 year old game and walk away like me, but hey maybe I’m wrong.


Unless Classic is wildly successful and continues to be for a year or two after launch, adding new Classic content would be a tremendous waste of resources for Blizzard. Why spend time making stuff for Classic when you can make stuff for retail?

And even if Classic is successful, it seems like the obvious route is to just progress it to BC and Wrath before thinking about new content.


The appeal of Classic is very different than the appeal of BC or Wrath, though. I for one would much rather they follow a different content path, but maybe that’s a pipe dream.

Remember, it’s not about “would revenue exceed expenses” with regard to any megacorp decision. It’s "will this make more money based on these probability bands than an alternative investment, and how does that fit in our five-year risk portfolio. "


I started probably 30-40 new characters and went through the same low level content over the last 12, 14, however many long years I’ve been playing…no way do I EVAR want to do that again…especially how slow it is. It was a bit tempting when I heard about the Classic edition as I never got too high of a level back then and thought it might be cool to try and do all those classic dungeons/raids the way they were…but, UGH…just cant imagine that grind. Really wish they had kept working on Titan!


I am 50/50 on classic. I really enjoyed BC and Karazhan and it would be fun to go back. I don’t know if they will do those expansions, but I expect they will.


They may be able to de-level some dungeons from expansions and add them to classic eventually since they can already level-adjust zones. I think the difficult part would be making the loot work for level 60s. You’re adding entire new loot sets.

Anyway, it’s not like it’s a major money investment to try classic. Just restart your subscription. You’ll know before the first month is up if you want to continue to play.


I am 60/40 on classic. I know I will get in there and be in the mix day one. Btw it will be jammed FULL of people… might be fun just to see that. But I do realize it will be hard.


I won’t be able to stick it out unless I get in a guild, preferable not a hardcore one. I want to run dungeons as a group and I’d like to queue as a group for battlegrounds when the guild is high level enough.


I am really excited for WoW Classic, and I am playing day 1. Almost bought BoA after this announcement.