World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Those assholes are the worst. There is nothing worse than your own teammates in an online game if they’re randos. That’s why I stopped playing HOTS.

If we were competing against other players, I can see a little attitude. Or if the rewards for losing were greater.

Thankfully, I don’t run into it a lot.

At 385 ilevel there’s tons of content that is relevant to you for gear, but Island Expeditions are not it. Those are strictly for AP grinding. I’d suggest doing your 4 heroic islands for the rewards then be done with it.

But you should try to hop into heroic Battle for Dazor’alor for 400 gear, and Mythic+ 10s give 400 as well now, plus a 410 in your weekly cache.

Not to mention the first boss in BoD is very simple on mythic so you can get some 415 gear.

I’ve maxed out my Heart of Azeroth at 50 and killed the first 3 bosses of BoD in mythic and have a 418 ilevel, so you have plenty of content to hop into.

And 8.2 will be out in a few weeks, so that’s even more stuff to do, including getting flying.

I need to get into a better guild since I have no desire to PUG any of that. My Alliance guild is sorta active, but my horde guild is dead. The whole horde server is dead.

Oh God I resubbed and ordered bfa

I haven’t logged in since “the incident.” Some if it is life, some of it is feeling disenfranchised, and some of it just trying to be more intentional in my time.

That said, 8.2 releases June 25th and I will work on flying et al starting Tuesday.

What incident? Did you poop your pants?

From up in the thread:

"I had one of those “I love the players (not)” moments. Doing a heroic island for the weekly. No one wanted to lead so I ran around killing shit. I am at 385 hunter and can pretty much solo anything.

We aren’t doing too good. Down about 1500.

This one guy starts in with the whole, “get over by us. You are a horrid player.” etc. So I go over. Same thing, they are all looking like “well, now what?” so I go kill more shit. He starts in with the, “just delete your account. We are going to lose because of you.”

Naturally, we won.

It did make me wonder though why the hell I play. The rewards just aren’t there anymore. I don’t even think the island weekly gives me much."

Stuff like that has led me to avoid situations where my good time is dependent on the good will or competence of others.

Yet I stay subscribed.

I am ok with treating WoW as a single-player game, and running the LFR to progress the story.

Patch 8.2 drops today. This is their first big patch where they attempt to really address the many issues with the expansion. It has a new island to explore, Nazjatar, that’s similar to the Broken Shore from Legion. It has a new mythic-only dungeon, Mechagon, that’s similar to Karazhan from Legion.

They’re desperately trying to fix the terrible Heart of Azeroth mechanic in this patch, but I haven’t cared enough to look into it.

But the big thing I care about, is that this patch finally unlocks FLYING. Looks like all you need is to get to Revered with the two new factions… plus the first Pathfinder achievement, of course.

Here’s the promo video.

Yes, it’s the typical WoW release lifecycle.

  • X.0: Major, fundamental, low-level problems
  • X.1: Already well into the development process by the time X.0 releases, so it only makes minor changes to somewhat (but not really) ameliorate some of those problems.
  • X.2: This is the first patch to start development after the expansion release, so it actually addresses some of those major problems.

I suppose this is the latest attempt to retain its current 6-month subscribers and attract some new ones:

Flying mount promos are a lot more compelling when your characters can fly in the areas where they are on-level. The last flight I “earned” was Draenor, and it was a huge pain in the ass. It’s not like the game goes out if its way to tell you what’s needed. Even worse, flying in Pandaria has to be expensively bought for each alt.

And using a dragon as a ground mount is just sad.

Legion and BFA are a lot easier. You get them from just playing the game: getting loremaster for the expansion content, and the reps. WoD had the stupid treasure finding which was a huge PITA.

Yeah, if you didn’t earn flying in Legion then you just weren’t trying.

I’ll have flying in BfA in a week or so.

Besides, while super handy, with the Flightmaster’s Whistle flying isn’t really all that necessary.

Lol, yeah, I aint falling for that again. I bought the last one, the stupid non-floating boat, and quickly regretted being stuck with a WoW subscription for the next 5 months for a game that was clearly shit.

Correct! I unsubbed during legion and therefore never did the endgame stuff for that expansion. But if it’s easy and my alts can fly as I level them, it’s probably worth the time.

Well, it’s easy as you’re playing. I would say it’s a pain to go back since you have to get rep for stuff you’d probably skip if you’re just trying to get to 120.

I really think Blizz should just sell a flying book once we’re an expansion removed. Same for unlocking the allied races from Legion.

Asking someone to grind rep in Legion who just wants to get to BfA content sucks.

Saw this on Reddit this morning. Have things really gotten this dire?