World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth


What threw a lot of people was “Complete the following Kul Tiras and Zandalar acheivements,” but it looks like it is just the exploration achieves for Zandalar.

Overall, I like the expansion also, but how that ship is placed is tough to find and get on to. I like the Alliance city, but yeah, the city is tough to get around.

I ended up going Alliance this expac because I like the Jaina story and I am not thrilled with Trolls in Warcraft. I will level a horde toon to see the story, though.


What surprised me so far, is that you have to clear a mythic dungeon to complete the Jaina storyline (Siege of Boralus).


I hate that crap.


The regular dungeons have been facerolls so far, with the exception of 1 or 2 fights in Shrine of the Storm. I still haven’t tried Heroic so maybe it won’t be too bad, but this is the first time I’ve really done dungeons especially at the start of an expansion.


Apparently, there is a ladder onto the ship. Use that instead.

I see why Blizzard is so anti-flight. Boralus is amazingly huge feeling when first learning how to get around it. Suramar was equally impressive, but it was just for questing in - so not quite the same as having it be the main home city. Flying out of the gate would certain hamper that feeling of size. I had to ask a guard how to get back to the Inn :P


If they adjusted the platform you could jump to it reliably which would help a ton.

Or you know if the ropes on the gangplank didn’t have hit boxes that tossed you into the ocean if you got a lag spike (which is likely with like 30 people afking on the ship at all times).


I find myself in the anti-flying camp, but I think how they did it in Legion is fine. By the time you have unlocked it, you have trivialized all the content anyway. Of course, the last zone they unlock never has flying enabled so that is just a final f-u. That said, if Blizzard doesn’t like flying, at this point I think they should just rip off the bandaid and next expansion from the begining just say, “no flying.” I think they tried that with WoD but the backlash was intense.

I didn’t like WoD’s unlock. I gave up finding all the treasured.


They take out flying and I’m done. Every fucking time I find a tiny little ledge I can’t get up on and I have ride 100’ feet down just to get up and then ride the 100’ feet back I nearly have an aneurysm of rage.


They should probably stop selling flying mounts for $25 to $30 a pop if they do that. Sends a mixed message in the age of radically curtailed flying as it is.


The fact that they nerfed flying was one of the main reasons I quit playing. It’s one thing for other classes, but it’s especially bad for a druid, as that insta flight mechanic is such a core thing about the class. Really destroyed the game for me, just took all of the fun out of form swapping. You haven’t lived until you’ve popped up out of the water into insta flight form.

For me, that was the beginning of a lot of bad choices from Blizzard. The gutting of the specs was the last straw for me. I keep thinking about coming back to WoW, but then I remember all this stuff and have zero motivation again. From a druid perspective, they managed to take what was easily the most fun and best class ever in an MMO, and destroy it.


I’m happy with the flying compromise. As stated above, you do the grind on your main so that future alts can just wiz through. It helps (a bit) with my tendency to play too many characters. Knowing that it’ll be easier later if I focus on just one for now (in theory) helps me keep heads-down with my “main”. Practice doesn’t work so well, of course.


The biggest problem with flying is that it kills world PvP, which is supposedly one of the main purposes of this expansion.

Of course, when you have shit like the layout of Boralas…

“Oh you fell off a ledge, it’s a 4 minute run back to the other side of town.” Great…


screw that. flight master’s whistle, hearthstone, or dalaran heartstone -> portal to sw -> portal to boralus.


You can buy one of these pretty cheaply -

It’s also a quest reward for turning on War Mode and killing one player.


This is not why they changed it. So few people do world PvP they wouldn’t make a drastic change just for that. Not to mention that world PvP is a toggle now so anyone who enjoys it can do it to their heart’s content.

The real problem is that flying totally trivializes world content. Their designers spend a lot of time creating an outdoor world that means something, and then you swoop down right on top of the single quest mob, kill him, and fly away. It just makes it impossible to create meaningful encounters.

What we have is a good compromise. Flying from day 1 existed in a WoW that had no world quests or other reasons to revisit the world after you level through it.

This just takes some more work and time, but at least Blizz can know that you consumed the content the way they designed it for a while.


It is a major feature of the explansion, but I agree that…

This is, and always has been, the driving issue for why you never get to have it early on and then they give it to you.

That said, I wouldn’t be completely opposed to them leaving it out this time. The world is pretty mobile and easy to get around unlike most of them. Of course they’re selling $30 flying mounts so LUL that aint happening.


I check this every day -

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Man, I hope the turtles have a contract available or that is going to be a long haul to revered. About 2000 to go for 7th legion, and the starting zone reps are within 15% or revered so not worried about them.


Apparently fastest selling expansion yet