World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Correct! I unsubbed during legion and therefore never did the endgame stuff for that expansion. But if it’s easy and my alts can fly as I level them, it’s probably worth the time.

Well, it’s easy as you’re playing. I would say it’s a pain to go back since you have to get rep for stuff you’d probably skip if you’re just trying to get to 120.

I really think Blizz should just sell a flying book once we’re an expansion removed. Same for unlocking the allied races from Legion.

Asking someone to grind rep in Legion who just wants to get to BfA content sucks.

Saw this on Reddit this morning. Have things really gotten this dire?

Guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t read quest text. Looks like Blizzard doesn’t read it either!

Pretty sure all the quests are designed by HS interns.

Yes. And the reason they don’t is people will go, “I suffered, so should you.” Fuck those people man. At the least make the current Pathfinder unlock ALL flying.

It’s really weird, since Blizzard doesn’t care about those people in general either. Every new content patch brings with it catch-up mechanics that basically invalidate the time people spent gearing up before, but for some reason with stuff driven by faction grinding they don’t do that.

I especially think it’s gamer-unfriendly to make newcomers grind Legion factions to unlock allied races, which should be a fundamental part of the game.

Yeah, just create a fun quest chain players can solo.

So, sanity check.

Sanity check to unlock flying:

  • Pathfinder 1
  • Explore the two zones
  • Grind the rep.

No quest achieves for finishing the two zones needed?

That’s it AFAIK.

I am working through this, slowly. I am up to friendly with the two factions (or close on the Mechagon) and have the explore achieve. It is going to take me a while with my play times these days, but I can live with that.

Mechagon and Nazjatar are peak Blizzard/WoW design, IMO. Lots of content, exploration gets rewarded, neat little toys and tons of new, unique mounts, secrets people are still learning, and no massive gear inflation (yet). I’m looking forward to the megadungeon opening and will have flying in 4-6 days.

EDIT: I also think the azerite power system is now right where it needs to be. It’s a shame it took them 8 months to fix it, but I hope the lesson carries over to the next expansion even though the system likely won’t.

Don’t say that. I’m already feeling the pull to re-sub.

We all float down here, Georgie.

Ok, @charmtrap this is for you.

Nazjatar is a hot mess. It’s clearly designed for flight, so until you unlock flight travelling is a nightmare of trying to get from point A to point B. Phasing is terrible, the worst ever seen in WoW. Not only do you experience the clicky disappearing as you approach it, you also get the “Surprise! You’re now surrounded by Naga” phasing. The mob density is insane in many areas. You will die.

Some of the daily quests are terrible and you will not do them.

Mechagon is much better than Nazjatar and feels like it was developed by a different team. It does not have world quests, however, so leveling up Rustbolt Rebellion faction is slower.

If someone calls out a rare spawn on either island, you better be super close or you will not get it, at least without flight. Bonus - both islands have daily quests that require killing three rares.

The Azerite system is improved… but it’s still a giant shit-sandwich compared the delicious but messy burger that was Legion’s artifact and Legendary systems. You still need to grind AP. That’s fun, right…?

Completing all quests and WQs on each island will run you 3-4 hours each day, depending how shitty some of those quests are. That’s significant.

All the classes still suck and are unrewarding to play. There is one ideal talent configuration and any deviation is a DPS / HPS loss. As a frost mage main I am sooo sick and tired of running Bone Chilling and Glacial Spike, but every other talent combination is a DPS loss. I loved Lonely Winter + Thermal Void in Legion.

I’m not going to take the time to refute it point by point, because you are a never-WoW’er, but I will say that most of your points above are just plain false.

Specifically, I completed all the Nazjatar and Mechagon dailis in 1 hours this morning at reset. I have also not died once since 8.2 launched. And I’m more than halfway through Honored rep with both factions and will have flying in another 4-5 days.

Also, Mechagon does have world quests. Just not many.

There are some terrible quests still. Skip them. No big deal.

I haven’t had a single phasing problem. And I play on Stormrage, which is one of the most populated servers in the US.

I am also on Stormrage, although I started 8.2 on my Horde toon on AD. We should hook up!

Yeah, find me online. I’m Mennzo, alliance.

That is amazing.

I took this as a challenge, focused-up, and tried to replicate it. I pushed as hard as I could, and… Finished Nazjatar in 1:05. Which itself was amazing. Then I went to Mechagon. And even with the free Gravity Pack today (which was an incredible help) and way fewer quests it still took me an hour to complete Mechagon. The three rares alone blew 15 minutes.

And I even gave up on the bullshit “contribute to projects” quest.

So clearly not 3-4 hours every day. And once we get flying it’ll be even faster.

PS - I do agree that Nazjatar is a pain, and will probably be less so when we get flying. But I just stay focused on finishing the quests and not hunting rares there. Whereas in Mechagon with the jetpack you can get around to the rares more easily and I only have three left that I need to kill.

PPS - if you started in Mechagon today you could have gone and hoovered up tons of fish and made the food that’s a daily quest in Nazjatar. I made 20k on that at the same time as I did my rounds.