World of Warcraft Beta phase 3 e-mails going out soon (6/23)

So keep an eye on your inboxes. :)

I thought they already went out?

Don’t do this - don’t give me hope again. I’ve already accepted that Blizzard hates me and wants me dead. If I get the idea I could still get a WoW invite and get snubbed again…


I’ll keep on bitching about it.

Those ratbastards must hate me!

I’d say they hate me too but I believe my beta signup got mangled when I didn’t use IE screwing up their system spec scanner in conjunction with flooded servers.

Dear God, here I am, trying to recover from ear surgery, and I have to endure this torture again?

It would have been nice to have WoW while I’m recovering. I guess I’ll settle for Law & Order reruns instead. Bleh.

All this reading is making me dizzy.


when are they going out? starting June 23? anyone know WHEN?!?!

fap fap fap

They already went out.

Darn. I guess no luck again for me.