World of Warcraft Classic

A very fun SFK run tonight! Took us 30 minutes just to get there! Heals were great, tank was great, and the rogues were super great. (I was a rogue) (not the best one) Plus a lock!

I dunno why this is so fun other than it is hard, we need each other to help each other, and things just work in this game.

It’s challenging in a way that Retail is not. And with the launch there are players everywhere in the old game world, so fun. Things are active, things are happening. You’re not running through a town in low level Azeroth as the only player there among static NPCs.

So yeah, this is a fun romp through old-school WoW. Once the fun in this seems to end, I may finally be done with WoW. I hope this can last for a few years, though. I hope Blizzard does something creative with it instead of just following the previous path of WoW development.

It would be great if they could add content to the game (either from later expansions or completely new things) whilst keeping the balance, spirit, and level cap as it is now. I have seen buses in Sydney advertising WoW Classic, it seems like they’re really trying to push it so who knows maybe they have grand plans for its fufture.

I would also like to see an option where you can swap the textures and models to more recent versions, but I understand that might be controversial.

Yes, there are quality of life changes in the game they can put in, so why not? A simple example is the bag cleanup button. This in no way makes leveling easier in Classic, but just saves a minute or two of doing this manually. There are probably dozens of changes like this that have zero impact on leveling that they might as well put in.

One of the things I like about Classic is that we are all confined to the original game world. Every expansion spread things out. BC moved everyone off Azeroth.

That’s not a good thing. There’s a way to add content to the original game world that keeps players in it. I think there’s a way to add smaller expansions that are mostly new dungeons, new BGs, and maybe a new zone in Azeroth and perhaps 5 levels instead of following the original development path. It would be two separate games, but why not?

I doubt that will happen. What’s more likely is we will get BC and then Lich King, etc. But how can Blizz charge for those? I already purchased them. I might buy new content, however. Give me to two new dungeons for $10 and I might bite.

The won’t charge for re-releasing the past expansions. They will be happy if this crowd just keeps paying the sub fee.

The problem is: everyone has just a couple of “things”, and none of them would really affect levelling…it’s just a tiny QoL addition. Why wouldn’t you just add it?

And then before you know it, they’ve added everyone’s “couple of things”, and Vanilla is basically BfA.

Just leave it be.

Yeah, this idea of Classic+ is not really workable for that reason, but also because it means that this small team becomes a big team, because now it needs designers, engineers, artists, animators, etc., plus lots of additional QA resources.

So if you’re running WoW, you can either put those resources on Classic or on retail WoW. I suppose if after 4-5 months Classic is somehow way more popular than retail you could possibly make that argument, but with at least two expansions worth of additional content available nearly free for Classic, why would you?

Not to mention the outcry from the player base that now is forced to play Classic if they want new content. Believe it or not, but lots of people are just not into it.

The most obvious path is to move on to Burning Crusade after Phase 6, not add new content. New content is for Retail.

I wonder if the solution might be to continue to add the expansions to Classic but with a balance pass to make them harder and more in line with Classic’s difficulty curve. A rebalance while not an insignificant amount of work is something that could be achieved with a small team.

I don’t think that’ll be an issue if they move on to BC. The difficulty gap now is because they are launching Classic on patch 1.12, after tons of balance patches and nerfs went into Vanilla. If they do BC, I assume they’ll start at the beginning, so everything will be as difficult as people remember.

This is lame. I and many other people am paying them money monthly, I see “World of Warcraft: Classic” ads on the streets which only happens for big new game releases. If they were to say “well we have a very small team so can’t work on anything ambitious in the future” I imagine there will be alot of disappointment.

It might have been a small team when they were working on it, but it’s out now, it’s proven to be very popular, alot of money has been put into advertising it, and I can’t be the only one who has no interest in moving to retail. Add some people!

If they release BC and it’s like the old BC, what that means is they will speed up leveling in the vanilla world, if I remember correctly. I might as well play Retail if they start making it easier again.

The other problem with BC is it will empty the current game world.

I want to point out that although a lot of the discussion is focused on Classic being more difficult to level in than 2019 WoW, to me the big distinction is that combat is much more tactical in Classic and leveling in turn is more strategic. Difficulty is part of the difference, but in my view current WoW has moved closer to being an action game with much of combat being about timing and rotations while Classic WoW still has a significant element of making actual tactical decisions during combat rather than just punching the buttons in the right sequence/right timing.

That to me is the key difference that makes playing Classic better and more interesting. It’s not just difficulty; it’s also how the difficulty difference is achieved.

Wow, OK. Can you be specific about what tactical decisions you have to make in Classic WoW? I mean white melee damage is like 70% of your DPS as a melee class.

For me with a priest it’s mana management. I can increase DPS with spells but incur more mana drain. So I have two offensive spells I cast, a defensive bubble spell, and then wand things to death. That’s soloing. In dungeons I primarily heal, though I may toss in some wand DPS when I can.

So I do agree that there’s a tactical side in Classic for me when soloing, though it’s more about positioning, how to work my way towards my objective, etc. – aggro ranges are greater and adds much more deadly in Classic. Solo combat itself I use the same rotation over and over, though. I get adds I mix it up a bit more.

Oh, I do have a mana drain spell now so against casting mobs I use that. I do end up using more mana but I like to make the mob run to me and melee me.

Well, for one, mobs now have varying levels. So, you might decide to not pull the level 29 kobold, and pull the level 27 instead. Those levels make a big difference.

Classes have a lot less in health sustain, so this requires the use of more skills to get kills faster.

Resists are more plentiful, crits are more sparse.

As a warrior you are a few parries and misses away from a normal pull turning into a game of survival.

Retails decision to even the level of mobs to you is baffling to me.

Playing through BfA my character was a buzz saw, chain pulling mobs, self healing, using the same 3-4 skills each pull.

In retail, sometimes you have to hamstring kite and bandage, or pop an intimidating shout and run and pray. The difficulty increases the amount you have to rely on being tactical.

Well there is a caveat in that the level of tactical decision making in Classic does vary by class. My Hunter is fairly simple to play, although there are still tactics in pulling, managing pet aggro on multi-pulls, the occasional use of traps, etc. However, for my mage, levelling is a very tactical experience: every pull on a non-green mob can kill you if you are not careful, so pulling, sheeping, timing the use of Frost Nova, etc. are all tactic considerations, as well as mana management, etc.

I still think Wrath was peak/best WoW for me.

I find it annoying but I think it was done so players could go back and do skipped quests instead of outleveling them.

I’ve died numerous times in Classic, and survived by running numerous times. It’s night and day between Classic and Retail. I really have no idea why Blizzard made Retail so easy. I guess they knew as they added levels with each expansion, new players would be reluctant to level from 1 to say 90 at the old leveling speeds. I think there might have been a better way to have expansions, though. Why not skip the levels but somehow work in gear progression and add talents and talent points?

Anyway, I am not interested in playing Classic if Blizzard’s plan is to eventually recreate Retail with it, expansion by expansion. I doubt Blizzard has a firm plan yet.

Hit level 40, with 5 days /played

Here’s an interesting chart of WoW’s viewer numbers on Twitch over time. As far as I’m aware there’s no definitive correlation with actual sales of a game, but even this alone tells a story, IMO.

Couple things:

  1. The two big spikes are the launch of BfA and the launch of Classic. Super interesting that the launch of Classic proved far more popular.
  2. The decay in viewers from the peak looks roughly similar.
  3. The Classic spike looks to be leveling off a bit, but it has established a new, higher baseline. Will be interesting to see if it continues to fall or stays around where it is.