World of Warcraft Classic

I /danced on the mailbox for tips. I’m playing a paladin.

I am rankly mad, just look at my dwarven scowl. Its been fun so far, especially now that i have some tank cooldowns as well as shield block. If it stops being fun, i can always respec for a gold.

I do go to great lengths to be sure my weapon and shield are close to my level. It would be pretty unfun otherwise.

So here we are at launch + 3 weeks and there are still pretty significant queues for a bunch of servers. I’m definitely surprised more people haven’t fallen off. I wonder if Blizzard is, too.

I am finding myself rather frustrated at the shitty documentation for the Lua API. I want to mess around with making some minor addons/scripts, and I’m just not finding the docs I need to get started.

Could be it’s late and I’m looking in the wrong places, too.

I love that Classic is challenging. Dying sometimes is good (maybe a few times in a row on occasion).

I LOVE that there is a mob named Mor’ladim wandering around a dark and busy graveyard who will instantly wreck you if you are questing nearby and happen to encounter him.

Well, I can only say this: Mankrik (server) is a good place (though high numbers) and if you come on and want an invite – well I can’t promise anything – but my guess is The Wanderers will grab you up. Saturdays guild chat was truly classic…and all the officers names(and gm) seemed like a murloc named them… but they are a good bunch for sure!

I came up out of the crypt and he was waiting for me and served me my nuts on a platter, the bastid! I’ve since beaten him, though – with a group.

He’s somewhat rare in WoW. I wish there was a bit more of it. In EQ that had a lot of that – high-powered mobs roaming lowbie lands that would insta-gank you. In WoW it’s somewhat rare.

What actually kills you in WOW is a bunch of respawns all at once from an AOEing mage.

Ha! Forsooth. Mages embody the industrial approach, as opposed to the Hunters’ maximum sustainable yield…

Of course, on a PvP server, there are options for addressing corporate mageocracy…

You know when I first got interested in Classic I was assuming it would be a “let’s get the band back together” scenario with a bunch of old WoW players who’ve all burned out on retail coming back and rolling old school.

I’m somewhat disappointed with the grouping I’ve experienced as it seems like a lot of the folks we’ve ended up with are retail players, with a retail mindset, which to me means not doing instances the way that is required for Classic. It’s all PUG style: speed pulls, minimum pull path, spaz all the way fast fast fast, and not what we used to do: clear all pats, clear all possible adds, use marks and CC, and just in general run 5-person instances in a planned tactical fashion. I used to love that crunchy tactical feel of working through a tough instance. Sure it took much longer, but that interesting tactical challenge was the F’ing point. The retail mindset views instances as loot boxes and I have to say, I hate it. That PUG-spaz mentality is why I quit retail WoW and I wasn’t really expecting it in Classic.

Do any of you other folks playing Classic feel this way? I’m beginning to feel like I want to be in a guild called “No Retail Players”.

I feel you. The sad truth is that the intersection of players who enjoy that, who have time for that, and who are capable of that sort of play is very, very small.

No one focuses DPS on targets one at a time, everyone chews me up when I try to mark kill order via icons and everyone “accidentally” pulls multiple groups instead of paying attention to patrols. Because of the appeal of big crit damage numbers, “tanks” often try to tank as 2H DPS spec making life harder for both the healer and DPS roles.

If I ever catch up on leveling, I would run some dungeons with you the way you like. My wife is playing too so we would have 3! I like order in my dungeon running too!

Some of my best times were running the hard dungeons in Rift and of course challenging ourselves in EQ with a single group. In both games I would run with a set group of online friends and guildmates most times and once you play together for months with the same group, you can really get used to each other and become a well oiled machine. Flying through content like that when you do it structured and because you know your role well is fun once you have experienced the content already, but I agree the chaotic rush style dungeons are not for me anymore. Take a pause at each boss and the loot and take some time to see who could use it, don’t mash the need/greed button and run to the next boss without giving it a thought! Give people a moment to get mana, take a quick drink break, and run a dungeon when you feel in control. You can still be efficient and arguably can be more efficient when not stressing your healer mana with bad strategy and tactics, or at least in some games it works that way.

Anyway, I haven’t even leveled up to the first dungeon in Classic WoW yet, so I am not speaking from experience this time around yet, but yes I would like to take my time at least once each dungeon this go round again and take a moment to appreciate what each one offers, plan out strategy and execute it.

My server is cool (bloodsail). Some tanks go slow, line of sight pull, Mark targets. A lot of everquest players. They started to Mark around Scarlet monastery.

I’m starting to see players focus Squishies and caster mobs thank God. Was starting to wonder what’s going on with wow.

I think half the time mages and hunters don’t pay attention, tab and hit stuff. Paladins are probably the worst. Not healadins I like healers even if they are elf’s!!

Oh I got a purple dagger last night I love it!

When I play on my warrior I have been Marking religiously, at least a skull. Half the time they don’t care. Newbie hunters I understand, at least there’s a Target they cast so I know what to tag. Mages are annoying. If I have to generalize I think backstab rogues are the best because they want to avoid agro, get kills, and backstab more.

Unfortunately, while you can rewind the clock and bring WoW back to mostly what it was when it launched, you can’t wipe players’ minds and make them forget everything they’ve learned about the game over the last 15 years. People are just smarter about how to play WoW now.

Add to the fact that not everyone agrees with the idea that the journey is the reward and are simply trying to min/max their way into Molten Core and the rest of the endgame and you have a recipe for this sort of frustration.

End game dungeons will be a different story. Players will not be able to rip through those.

We ran Blackfathom last night and Kristi and I were both overleveled, and our tank was at the top end of the range, so it was pretty easy. Just for fun out tank sometimes rounded up multiple mobs to make the fight more interesting. That made the run more interesting.

My frustration is that I am talking about level 45+ dungeon content. Basically I made the assumption there would be a self-selected group of “returning” players, and there are, but we are mixed in with a lot of more current retail players. And of course players are entitled to their preferred play style. But that doesn’t mean I have to group with them.

True. I think the answer for me at least is to be more selective in instance grouping. And, to give myself more options, I’m going to start leveling my mage and paladin as alternatives to the hunter.

Bloodsail has a guild called “Grumpy Old Men”, they are probably perfect fit. I have grouped with some of them and they are fine.

My experience with running dungeons with two sets of groups with the Wanderers is that they are really good players. I don’t sap much, but it just feels like everyone generally knows what to do. Never had a single problem with a group yet on Mankrik, but play tends to go faster in instances than I recall in vanilla.

We shall see if the tougher stuff.

ps Nice Heals Mark!

I joined [Old Farts] on Thunderfury.