World of Warcraft Classic

Dire Maul announced for next Tuesday.

This still works in Classic:

My warrior is only 51 but it’s very hard to AOE agro when DPS are overzealous.

I’m not saying wait 5 seconds before letting loose, but in a typical PUG the rogue is hitting one mob, the mage is AOEing, and the hunter is attacking the non-marked mobs. All within 1 second of contact when you don’t have any rage.

Going into dungeons slightly over level when you can charge in instead of LOS pulling, because at least you have that half second of rage generation before the dummies start letting loose.

I rarely tank in pugs anymore, I will put up with that if friends benefit from the dungeon run, otherwise blah.

If you are still dagger rogue I suggest go to combat daggers for blade fury if you haven’t. It lets you survive double pulls. I swapped at 50. I should have done so earlier.

Tanking in WoW in general was always pretty frustrating in pugs, but it’s especially so in classic, as there are no easy mode AOE tools like there are in later versions. Classic is almost entirely about DPS learning to manage agro, which almost no one seems to get lol.

In retail, you have the tools to pretty much power through bad DPS, not so in classic, you really can’t save people from themselves.

TY wise. I actually have two rogues at around 43-44 - experimenting with swords and daggers.

I appreciate the advice. I’ve played a rogue for 13 years off and on in various expansions.

Though its been a wake up call in classic. But I think I can figure it out.

Two?! That’s not what they normally mean by dual wield.

Does anyone know how they ran the pirate private servers? Did the server software get exfiltrated? Or they reverse-engineered the client assets and made server emulators?

people are f-ing stupid. won’t allow for someone else to roll on item if it drops but would rather waste another hour lf tank.

lol it is sorta silly I agree. Grab Ivonova or Sabercat if you need anyone around 44 wf. Been running Ulda last few days. One is swords and one is daggers.

Wrong server I’m on bloodsail unfortunately.

I joined a big guild recently and it’s taking a while but I’m starting to break into the little cliques. (There we 59 people online last night for example).

Someone’s been buying all the mithril the last couple of days and it’s very annoying. I found engineering goods with a high profit margin. 35sp to make and sell for a gold so about 5-8 gold sales at a time, maybe 20-30 gold a day.

It’s triggers, mithril casings and hi-explosives

Sell them in bunches of 8, that’s what the quest requires. High levels do that quest so they don’t care about money.

If you are on bloodsail don’t read this.

Mithril huh… My hunter is level 31 and has about 7 gold. I took the hint above about buying extra cooking and first aid books and that helped. But between bullets, pet food, skills, and professions, I am constantly spending coin.

(I won’t steel your Mithril Wise)

You’re not allowed to read that. Besides, mithril bullets are level 37, i checked !

I wish they had solved the issue that the raw components for crafting are more valuable than the actual crafted items.

“We accidentally created a cult and things went out of hand fast” (reddit)

Ha ha – how did the one dude kill himself?

Hahaha, fun

Yeah, this is becoming bad. Hours wasted looking for a tank to fill out a 5-man group will only worsen next week with Dire Maul. Also, two groups committing dumb mistakes over-and-over and being generally under-geared (tank in level 45 plate for Stratholme Live) leading two 10 wipes (5 each) in the same day has left me demoralized.

I have been having really good luck with groups. Never more than a 10-20 minute wait to get groups.

Tangent: I watched a funny “recap” video of Battle for Azeroth stuff and wasn’t aware that somewhere along the last few expacs they changed your character for “just another adventurer” to the “The Champion” in a (what seems to be) solo-focused theme park narrative? When did this happen?