World of Warcraft Classic

I have been having really good luck with groups. Never more than a 10-20 minute wait to get groups.

Tangent: I watched a funny “recap” video of Battle for Azeroth stuff and wasn’t aware that somewhere along the last few expacs they changed your character for “just another adventurer” to the “The Champion” in a (what seems to be) solo-focused theme park narrative? When did this happen?

I’m not sure what game you’ve been playing, honestly. The game’s quests were almost entirely focused on a solo-focused adventure from day one. The number of quests that require a group were countable on one hand even in Vanilla and BC.

We haven’t been just adventurers since BC, when we personally helped take down Illidan.

Edit: also, we’re generally only called Champion in the recorded audio. Typically the quest text lists your character name, but they need something generic for the audio.

There’s gotta be something wrong with someone willing to be a Guildmaster.

Maybe they are they control freaks. Maybe they have a deep need to be loved by everyone.

I’d say it mostly started with Warlords of Draenor. You were the “leader” of the invasion and had to build your own Garrison. It was yours, and only people in your party could enter it. You could almost believe the illusion in WoD. But in Legion, they gave you an Order Hall, which was shared with all members of your class regardless of faction. You were the “leader,” but it was dumb. Here you are at level 101 in greens, surrounded by 110s in epics with their fancy Artifact transmogs.

That’s a bit of an exaggeration. It would take considerably more than one hand to count all the dungeon quests in vanilla. Gnomeregan alone had at least 6.

It’s true that each solo quests supposes that you are The One who found the missing diplomat, or The One who uncovered such-and-such plot against Stormwind, so “just another adventurer” doesn’t quite capture the nuance. But I do think the game struck something of a balance between ‘just another adventurer’ and solo-CRPG-style ‘chosen one’ to the extent that the cognitive dissonance of the quest design could allow.

There’s also a distinction to be made between a) quests that require a group, and b) what that group is doing. Taking down Illidan may be hardly the stuff of everyday adventurers, but it still requires a group… making you, The Chosen 40?

But honestly I kind of liked that about WoW all along – or any MMO I suppose – if you’re a casual you’re scrapping by doing your solo quests and saving up for your halfway-decent blue gear off the auction house or whatever, and then some guy rides by kitted out in crazy armor and you know he must have been part of the group that killed Ragnaros, wow! Except of course Ragnaros is still alive, but we’re back to intrinsic MMO cognitive dissonance again…

I used to think I enjoyed the Warcraft lore but catching up on all that’s transpired in the expacs via gorgeous pre-rendered cutscenes has left me exhausted and certain in not wanting to play past 1.x. The stat/character/lore/shoulderpad inflation with new relatives of NPCs or Big Evils sprouting up in a comedic pyramid scheme to justify further expacs left me exhausted.

In my head-canon, I think it’ll end at the Ulduar raid for me in Wrath before the Champions Tournament grinding ruined everything. The craft of the ingame cinematics got better but I never liked the DBZ-style kamehameha of Thrall taking out Deathwing and now that’s apparently going to be repeated v2.0 with the player character Champion for whatever HP Lovecraft-lite ripoff boss they have threatening Azeroth now.

So the Wanderers on Mankrik, at least to me, appear to be dying. We haven’t had a critical mass of players all week and every day we seem a bit more reduced. Some of this is that people appear to be burning out on Classic and quitting, some of it is folks leaving for other guilds, and of course the exodus of high levels to OSR is a contributing factor.

I still have some desire to play, but not solo in an empty guild.

Is there any hope of reviving the Wanderers on Mankrik?

Coming to the end of 2 months, these things typically die by the end of 3.

I dropped out cause of the blitzchung thing. Sorry it’s been lonely going, Sharpe. I was having a ton of fun.

Running a guild is tough, it takes a ton of time, and someone that is constantly active in acquiring and maintaining members. I actually tried to get into Wanderers for 3 days, and could never find anyone to guild me lol.

I doubt it. It may get better when everyone is at 60. It would be easier to get 5-mans together. Who knows, though?

My internet at home is out so I’m off for the next couple of days until the new modem arrives – using my phone right now for internet.

Hmm I think I had a post that I thought was here … removed? Maybe ill check elsewhere and just see if I am wrong…

Oh Hi Mark! Yeah any of you in Wanderers that want to come over to another guild holler at me… they aren’t terrible, there are a lot on, and they seem nice. I dunno who can tell? I run dungeons with them alla time.
“Anarchy” is the guild name == which immediately makes me wonder frankly.

Ok I just checked to see where my earlier post about the Hong kong protests in this thread was. I cannot find it. I’d like to know what moderator removed that post. And before you tell me who it was that infuriates me to the nth degree if it happened.

I remember seeing your post in the Blizzard Hong Kong thread, perhaps it was moved unless you also posted there on purpose.

Thx Juril I see that … I was setting up to be very grumpy about that… but yeah its the other thread. Ty again.

I’ve been off the last few days for family reasons, but will be back, and can invite to guild.

I completed my Epic mount quest on my Paladin! In a pug. It was a nightmare. We wiped during the event, but had a SS up so we were able to recover… but the warlock zoned in. Then the mage died… and also zoned in. We had to three-man the final boss.

Question: Is classic a separate SKU/account or will a normal account allow someone to roll a toon in Classic? Sure sounds like the client would be an issue if not.

Asking for a friend.

Classic and retail both connect to the same account. You must have a retail subscription to play Classic, which appears as a separate game in your blizz loader.

Noted. Which server/faction are you guys on, Gordon?