World of Warcraft Classic

No. They have laid out the plan so we know the sequence of patching in content, but we don’t have the dates. First will come the honor system, so players will be able to amass points. This should lead to the great South Shore battle once again on the PvE servers where people flip their flags and go at it, and lead to bloodshed on the PvP servers.

Then the BGs get patched in at the 1.12 version. AV will not be the original AV but the AV where players first turned it into a rush to the generals.

Yeah. Honestly, if it were up to me I’d never add BC. And yes, I realize that means the MMO just withers on the vine unless you add custom content for Classic. But I am primarily a single player CRPG player so I don’t mind if a game is not an eternal ‘going concern.’ Blizz is going to do whatever they think will monetize best over the long term, which is rational. The trick is at what point does the brand “Classic” cease to be meaningful?

Classic ceases to be Classic once everyone leaves Azeroth. It’s as simple as that for me.

If they are going to continue the expansions I think one thing they can do differently is let any player create a new character level 58 once they launch BC. That’s the level needed to access the BC content.

If you’re going to empty Azeroth of players anyway, don’t make any new players level through it. I mean, it’s there if they want it but just let them get to the new content.

Repeat that with each new expansion. Let me start a new character at 68 or 70 for Wrath.

My golden era for WoW ends with Wrath. I like the QOL improvements, and Mists wasn’t bad (except for the long drought), but it ages well.

That said, while I’d like to go back and do KZ at level, I am not sure I really want to level a toon to 70 just to do it.

I like Wrath better than BC but I don’t know if I can slog to 70 to get to Wrath. Maybe if I get into just running dungeons I could do it. That’s fast leveling to 70. Once they add the Dungeon Finder I should be able run dungeons all the time as a priest.

Blizzard Q3 financial results reported that WOW classic drove the largest quarterly increase in subscriptions in the history of the game.

At 52 now and rushing to get to 60 by the 12th

I’m out due to the HK issue, which makes me sad cause I was enjoying it.

Me too. Even so I did a little mental fist-pump at JonRowe’s report.

Blizz should take a cue from Everyquest and just release a fresh classic server every year or so. There is a lot of pull to start fresh with stuff like this.

Hi, my name is Glorix and I consider both Ragnaros and Onyxia my bitch. I wield loot from both of them. Feels good, man. I never did kill Rag in Vanilla, and I’m not sure I killed Ony, either. Though I certainly tried many times.

Ragnaros remains the coolest boss in all of WoW. My six-year-old son is always asking me, “is that a boss?” And I usually answer “No” or, rarely, “Yeah, but he looks like every other mob except he’s a little bigger.” So I called him over when I was fighting Ragnaros. He said, “Woooaaah!” :)

Same for a friend and I.

So the critical mass of players in Wanderers collapsed, I lost interest due to lack of folks to play with, and I just cancelled.

I remain interested in the idea of a dedicated 1 or 2 night a week dungeon group but it seems between the anticipated burnout and the HK fiasco that we just don’t have the players. If there are enough players around at some point in the future, shoot me a message; I might re-up for some dungeon stuff or BGs at some point.

Yep, Wanderers guild seldom has more than 4 or 5 players on, and the levels are all spread out.

I want to level to 60 (57 now) and then I’ll see how I feel about continuing. I could always look for a new guild.

I’m totally down for a pre-set group. Who’s the tank, though?

Before I quit last month, it was already descending into hours trawling LFG channels looking for tanks if my pocket tanks were busy or offline.

When I cancelled my subscription, it robo-asked me why I was quitting, and I answered, in some detail, tank shortage. Perhaps “mutha-frackin’ tank shortage you dumbass no-dual-spec idiots!” would be a better summary of my response.

Yep. Re-rolled horde PvP because Wanderers were essentially dead, but don’t know how far that will make.

Stilll interested in pre-made PvP though.

Leveled another rogue. Have had some GREAT tanks – bears mostly. I really only raided in kara late then wrath so I feel a bit intimidated with the current high level content. I’m fine with dungeons and just seeing what new specs work. I even have a lev 30 fury warrior!

I cannot complain about classic. But I did go back and check on my poor retail people… wow – night and day aesthetics – I have forgotten how much they improved the graphics etc.

I didn’t last long enough in the Wanderers to make it to the burn out/HK drop off/raider split. I found out that nostalgia only goes so far. So while enjoyed the blast from the past, my rose-colored glasses weren’t that strong.

I will say that reading about the raider split brought back memories of old Wow guilds and reminded me of what happened the original time with the Wanderers, so holy deja vu, Batman! (not bitter and not gloating but just noting the similarities).

That was disappointing. I am relatively sure I will leave the guild and try a different one before cancelling altogether. I wish now I had rolled a rogue on a PvP server because my heart is full of darkness and I like to kill strangers. I don’t think I can go through leveling another character, though. It’s almost three months and I’m still a few levels shy of 60 with my priest.