World of Warcraft Classic


On the one hand, doing Slab and KZ at level again would be fun. On the other hand, that rep grind.

About the one thing making me think of leveling now instead of waiting for the boost is to get started on the gold grind for the flying mount.

That’s actually how the current LFG system works, which is different than the Dungeon Finder system that automatically transfers you into and out of instances.

With the LFG system you list what you’re doing, set an iLevel minimum and make notes. Then the leader sees who applies and invites who he wants, but you still have to manually walk into the instance. Adding that to Classic BC would, I think, be a welcome change since all it replaces is whatever crappy in-game system they had and/or sitting in Shattrath spamming /trade.

Yeah, I forget the differences since it’s all under the “I” thing anyway.

So much this. I absolutely agree with the sentiment that pre-LFG days were somehow ‘better’ because of the community feeling/etc. And at the same time, nowadays completely excludes me from enjoying this style of play because I can’t sit around for 30+ min to get a group together and then run. Frustrating, because that means LFG is exactly the solution I personally needed, even though it simultaneously hampers the game. Argggghhh.

Yeah. My plan with TBC, assuming I just boost, is to hook up with the largest guild on my server. That will make getting the KZ unlock easier than spamming LFG.

I’m really torn what to play…Affliction SL/SL loc is currently in the lead, but really tempted to play a resto druid. What’s everyone going to main?

I am currently playing a mage but I love the multiple class abilities a druid has. If I was only able to play one class, I would play a druid.

If I play I think I’ll go with a beastmaster hunter. Top raid DPS, great survivability, and I think back in BC you just played with a single-key macro.

I played an affliction lock in BC. I remember being able to pull 3-5 mobs at a time and burn them all down. Good times!

I do too, but I dislike having to be in animal form. And that tree thing is the worst.


This was the golden age.

Also, the forum posts around boosting are delicious.

I get some of it, but the version of Classic the hardcore people want never existed, and will never exist. But the prevalent theme is "I leveled to 60 the old-fashioned way (maybe by paying RMT for someone to boost) and god damnit so shall you.

The level boost to 58 would be the only way I’d go back to Classic. I don’t want to level 1-60 again.

Assumedly most people who care about Classic would have played it over the past 2 years and already have a L60 ready to go. But I’m sure some are in your situation where they just want to play TBC so the boost makes sense.

They’re definitely backing away from the original “NO changes” stance. I assume their metrics support that.

Yeah, the forums – outside of the Salty Old Guard – are overwhelmingly supportive.

I also think we will see this soon. Like by Memorial Day.

I have a level 60 priest in Classic but I want to play a different class.

I highly doubt it. They tend to like to release new Classic content during downtimes for the main game. By Memorial Day patch 9.1 will either be very close to launching or in the final stages on the test severs. I would peg Classic BC more in the September timeframe when people are getting bored of 9.1.

The many WoW internet pundits are quite convinced 9.1 is a long ways away. The only thing Blizzard released was a handful of screenshots. No “fly throughs” of the new zone or megadungeon. No in-game images of the new mobs or models. They’re worried 9.1 may not be released until September.

9.0.5 is being released “sometime in March” and adds a valor point grind. I doubt 9.0.5 would exist if 9.1 was going to be released any time soon.

Yeah, fair points. I don’t really have any counterpoints or additional info so a May release for Classic BC could totally make sense if 9.1 isn’t coming until September. Time will tell.

They also said “later this year” and TBC is “Soon”

9.1 will add flying. I can imagine they are not in a hurry to add that. Some quests will become trivial with flying.