World of Warcraft Classic

I am entirely chuffed by my response directly before the necro.

Ah! here it is … now back to talking about leveling to 60 in three months…

I think Blizzard would be tremendously negligent if they didn’t resurrect the William Shatner and Mr. T commercials for this release. :D

Poor Mark Asher I don’t think he is here yet. THIS is the thread where a few of us oldies will try and play vanilla wow on a their classic server… and renew our old classic feel. OR --we will die a LOT, level slow, and hardly be raid ready in 6 months. One or the other.

My almost favorite post in months was --I will go look – the guy that had his schedule out for hours/days/months to level to 60. I am not picking on you! But that was funny … It took me a year and a half in vanilla to get a 60. Or a 50 for that matter. But I agree we know the places and we can get it done.

I may not schedule it like its a trial or anything but I think 4 months to level is a good plan.

I applaud blizzard for doing this…there’s alot of people who never got to experience vanilla…they still had the best battlegrounds in the business and since those won’t be added till phase 3 and beyond, I see no rush to get in…not sure why they can’t just release everything at once…imho, that would attract alot more people though they probably want to milk the revenue stream…you do need a subscription to play this after all

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a new guild in a new vanilla with about 40 people on running around? Sigh. I think I actually may be getting old.

And don’t forget to have enough flash powder for Vanish.

You had me until 40-man.

I just don’t have the commitment these days to 2-3 day a night raiding, and the stuff that goes with it: farming HoA, getting mats, buffs, etc.

My goal in Classic is to just get to 60 to see what they do for an expansion server.

LOL I was kidding. No one is gonna get a 40-lady guild raid together nowadays or hardly nobody. I meant that to get 10-lady raid together you need 40. Old raid leader --4-to-1 guild members. That way you usually have tanks and heals.

Did vanish even work then? But thx hansey! It is going to be a long road to get my poor rogue raid worthy!

Well, that depends on how you define “work”, hehe. I seem to recall it was kind of buggy, and it wasn’t quite as useful as today’s version of Vanish. I think a lot of rogues mostly used to be able to get another opener on a mob, boss or player. I can’t quite remember if it even worked as an aggro dump.

It hardly did. It sometimes did. I wonder if they fixed old vanilla bugs in the new incarnation? Only way to find out is to level up!

Btw are there even any 10 lady raids in vanilla at all? I think not…25… was lowest.

The first tenner was Kharazhan.

ZG and AQ have 20-size wings.

Monastery is raiding in the kind of gear you’re going to be in while leveling lol. Looking forward to CC and assist actually being important. Everything in the game is going to require cooperation and teamwork to get done, that’s exciting to me.

I wold enjoy that. I think when August rolls around that’s when we get serious about seeing who is interested. We still have about three months until Classic launches.

Me too Mark… As long as no one makes me anything but “the rogue” lol

The grand seer without parallel Stusserstradamus has peered within the ether! His keen sight pierced through the mists! Heed well his Words of the future, ignore at your mortal peril! They are as follows:

3 months after classic launches none of you will still be playing.

Stusserstradamus has spoken.

If I get three months of enjoyment, that’s an amazing value! I hope I get that!