World of Warcraft Classic

Are there any EU players here?

I’ll choose either of the two EU pvp servers (Golemagg and Shazzrah) and join The Horde.

I created on Bloodsail. I don’t expect I will play much, if at all.

Crap my big finger picked alliance when it should have been horde

Herod PVP Horde. I am probably going to join the Goon Squad guild.

Oops, you’re right. I think I was confusing it with EQ. It’s been such a very long time!

I would like to know where the QT3 alliance people will be. I intend to warrior up. I may even tank. God help me.

Char creation remains open. I just went in and tweaked my appearance (delete - recreate with same name).

Blizzard has definitely underestimated the desire for WoW Classic.

I noticed that Herod basically got “Full” first. On the first day of name reservation it had a 10,000+ queue, and even the streamer server, Faerlina, was half that. (Though when I looked earlier, it also is listed as “Full.”)

My husband and I, and a friend were planning to play on Herod and reserved names there. Not sure if this changed anything, but I expect the new server will also become full. Seems like Eastern really needed an addtional realm.

Name reservations? man how arrogant can they be --guys just tell me what day will it be open and what server most of you will be on? (lol --name reservations … good god)

So far no consensus. People are picking different servers and factions. We still have almost two weeks until launch so there’s time.

Out of curiosity, why do you not like the name reservation system?

I am sure that name reservations is a great idea. But really … lets just get in there and see what is what. Name reservations for a 12 year old game? I love wow but come on. I will find a nice name to call my character and I am sure it will be not quite what I want. But what --am I gonna log on pre-game and reserve “stormbringer” for my character name?

Wait --now that I think on it … I think I will…apologies all-round…

Oh yes I have completely backtracked --I am reserving “stormbinger” for my warrior name. So whatves, I am wrong.

(you wow nerds)

(it really might be fun … I may even tank! No pulling!)

The name thing will get some people to subscribe two weeks before launch so they can reserve a name. I am not surprised Blizzard is doing this. It also gives them a feel for what the game is likely to do in terms of players.

No probs :)
I know how you feel, I wish they would just launch it immediately too.

I think there is probably some technical reasons for name reservations too. It allows Blizzard to gauge initial interest, stress test the relevant services and guesstimate the required server resources before actually launching the game. That would be my guess anyway.

If I do actually tank in classic wow … all I want is no Monday morning qbs… heck its hard enough to get aggro in the beginning. But I may try…

Lol you are fine Drax I am now trying to reserve my name, Luckily “Kristi Gaines tank” isn’t reserved on many servers.

(I am kidding … that won’t be my name in game)

I’m gonna play Horde on Zandalar with some coworkers and friends.

Alliance, Normal, Pacific. I don’t really care whether it’s Atiesh or Myzrael.

So far that’s me, @charmtrap, and @sharpe.

I am still interested in this but like @KristiGaines v1, I don’t think I’m going to resubscribe 2 weeks early to get the name I want. I can live with my second (third, fourth…) choice. Doesn’t seem like there will be a Qt3 community formed, since it seems that we’re thoroughly dispersed, which I guess is understandable, but still a bit sad.

I guess one of the Vanilla WoW experiences they will be recreating is enormous login queues!