World of Warcraft Classic

Hm, all of your editions are starters. It doesn’t look like you’ve ever bought the game.

Ohh. This is my hearthstone account, so I’d need to find the account I had back in 2004?

So you guys can login to this thing right now?


No, I just want to play classic, the new stuff is dumb.

If that’s the one that you registered the box you bought on, yeah.

You’ll probably have to purchase the lastest expansion to get up-to-date, though, and it’s going to be the same price, so you might as well just buy it on this account.

EDIT: Oops, I am wrong…I guess you just need a subscription to WoW to get access to Classic.

You don’t need to buy anything other than a subscription in order to play WoW Classic. As soon as you subscribe your account gets upgraded to the most recent-but-one expansion. If you don’t care about your previous starter editions you could:

  1. Go here and remove all current starter editions from your account:
  2. Create a new “fresh” starter account
  3. Subscribe to World of Warcraft - which will automatically upgrade your starter edition to a full one
  4. Play Classic WoW until your eyes bleed and your life implodes :D

Okay I figured it out, i just needed a subscription and it becomes autologin! Thank you. Now if I can remember what my character looked like in 2007…

Man that Mankirk server is super full guys.

Awesome :)
Here’s the latest info from Blizzard RE: overcrowded servers

We are going to get the Classic experience alright. Day one, you are XXX in line.

So there really is no Qt3 server or faction? When I last looked at the poll players were split everywhere. I was hoping we’d have 10-15 players agreeing to play on one server and on the same side.

Not official Qt3 but this guild, The Wanderers, has several of us that frequent this site.

What server and faction are you guys playing?

Mankrik, Alliance.

I think you played with us in the beta maybe?

Mankrik is apparently going to be slammed. Twice as many PVP servers as Normal servers as well, which seems strange.

I was going to say that we should try to avoid Mankrik, but right now there are zero non-RP, non-PVP servers that are not Full or High. The only Medium server right now is PVP.

It’s hard to tell if the name reservation levels will track to actual player counts. Based on name reservation numbers, the servers look to be absolutely slammed next Monday.

Yes, they all seem pretty full. We won’t be changing, at least for now. Where would we go?

Launch is going to be hilarious. Anticipating all the fuming from people sitting in 6-hour queues.

I literally can’t stomach playing Alliance. Anyone looking for a Horde player, hit me up.

So it sounds like Gordon and I will be joining Mankrik Alliance with the intention of hooking up with various QT3 types and redfive’s crew. Unless someone has a strong suggestion otherwise, I suggest that be the target for our QT3 crew.

I will see if I can reach out to some of the other folks from the old days and see if there is any response.

I was Horde for years on a PvP server. I got spit on so many times by Alliance players it has left a bad taste in my mouth. I say I’ll do anything and I probably can, but my heart is with Horde.

The whole spit, makes strange gestures, etc., thing is weird with me. I never did any of that after a successful kill.

That’s a common on both sides. I used to get that playing as Alliance all the time. It’s just some dumb macro.

Yeah, I figured that. I just never wanted to be a part of that.

I went for RP-PVP, same as I did back in DAoC days. Looking forward to it, but… Monday?! Gah.