World of Warcraft Classic

I literally can’t stomach playing Alliance. Anyone looking for a Horde player, hit me up.

So it sounds like Gordon and I will be joining Mankrik Alliance with the intention of hooking up with various QT3 types and redfive’s crew. Unless someone has a strong suggestion otherwise, I suggest that be the target for our QT3 crew.

I will see if I can reach out to some of the other folks from the old days and see if there is any response.

I was Horde for years on a PvP server. I got spit on so many times by Alliance players it has left a bad taste in my mouth. I say I’ll do anything and I probably can, but my heart is with Horde.

The whole spit, makes strange gestures, etc., thing is weird with me. I never did any of that after a successful kill.

That’s a common on both sides. I used to get that playing as Alliance all the time. It’s just some dumb macro.

Yeah, I figured that. I just never wanted to be a part of that.

I went for RP-PVP, same as I did back in DAoC days. Looking forward to it, but… Monday?! Gah.

I thought the release was Tuesday.

I think here in the U.S. we can start sometime Monday evening. It’s a simultaneous launch with Europe I think.

On the 26th at 10am PST they open servers for further character creation, 10 per server.

On the 26th at 3pm PST they turn on play button.

On the 26th at 3:01pm PST the servers implode and won’t stabalize for days.

Launch week re-creation successful.

Yeah, I was kind of thinking I’d re-sub on Friday after launch and hope that some of the tourists will have gone away.

Could it really be any other way?

Ok. It keeps saying Global Release 8-27. But Paris is the first time zone that it will be Tuesday.

With layering, I predict the servers will be 100% stable. But since they’re restricting logins anticipating disabling layering later on, there will be lots of queues.

Stability… oh yeah, do you all remember the notorious “loot bug”? Where you’d loot something and it wouldn’t appear in your bag for like a minute or two? Good times!

And you’d stay running around in the crouch position heh.

Even though I have some grand jury tomorrow , I will be there day one monday night. I am struggling to recall best (or at least good ) dps in vanilla. Raid-wise.

I am hesitant to go rogue, I may have to get poisen mats on my days off.

Sry if I haven’t read all the above… is there a good server to join that at least has some nice people on it?

Fun fact: I played a Dwarf Priest who, due to an estoric bug that only affected Dwarf Priests, could enter MC through the lava jump window the moment their level was high enough. I never did the MC attunement questline on that character, which let to the odd situation later that I had no idea how to get attuned on another character despite having killed Ragnaros on my main.

As an aside – will you get your healing mods in? How hard is it to heal a raid without those mods? For that matter how hard was it for a priest to heal 5 -lady instances?

I admit my memory of those old days before bc has faded quite a bit. Guess we shall see.

(can you recall what dps was the easiest to heal?)

The best DPS classes in classic are mage, warrior and rogue. There are also spots in every raid group for some hunters and warlocks.

Minmaxing is only necessary if you are in or plan to join a competitive guild looking for server firsts.

BWL was not easy, MC was as easy as picking up the quest, and running through most of BRD. Not super difficult at all.