World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Wait, huh? Are you saying almost everyone currently playing the game has most of the game’s rare mounts? Because that’s not even remotely true.

Yeah. That’s what I’m saying. Also - almost everyone has a 3K M+ rating. Everyone currently playing.

As someone who’s played the game since beta it sort of makes me feel like shit.

But…that’s not at all true. You are way overestimating the percentage of current players who have played for a very long time and their activity. There’s constant churn of even long-time players.

I’m OG WoW and been playing since it was released. Of the many early guilds I’ve been in, I don’t think anybody still plays. There are still folks around from WoLK days, maybe from the one before that, but not a lot earlier than that (as far as my guild buddies goes). I’ve kinda been in the same guild for six years now (we merged with another a while back) and we were discussing yesterday if the guild was going to spring back to life for the next expansion. We all pretty much quit playing WoW after clearing the first Shadowlands raid on heroic.

I have a lot invested in my toons and if I can figure out a way to play the new expac I will, but other games are becoming more interesting to me and don’t require a guild to be fun and exciting. We rush to get to the next highest level, start raiding, and then everyone gets burned out. Then I level an alt to see what is actually going on in the game, hehe.

I am actually kinda interested in what is happening in FFXIV and ESO. No idea what the end game is like for these two, but I am enjoying the ride so far.

The end game air FFXIV is pretty much farming glam and tokens. There isn’t really a progression scene like there is in WoW. Some people work through the Savages or whatever the hardest raids are, but it’s not common at all.

There’s also us drifters. I pop in once the expansion gets cheaper, play for a few months, then drop off again when things get too boring (or I starting getting tempted to go back into regular raiding). Unless you call us lifers too.

Yesterday in Oribos “everyone” was running around with their new Tangled Dreamweaver mount. These are the lifers. They’ve always played WoW and they know they always will so it’s nbd for them to drop $70-90 on a sight-unseen expansion that won’t come out for six months.

These are also the same people who have nearly every 1% drop mount and nearly 3K M+ rating.

These are the only people left right now.

Except for you, I guess? You are the last non-lifer playing WoW, I take it?

That’s me also, though I don’t always wait for a price drop for an expansion. I didn’t even run 5-mans in Shadowlands.

I planned to run them all, but I think when the time came to run the third one in the leveling sequence I stopped because everyone in LFG was used to speed running them at that point. After that I stuck to solo Torghast (I didn’t even realize you could group through it until I was almost ready to quit again) and LFR.

No, I’m pretty much a lifer I’m just inferior to all the other ones for some reason.

That’s what I did. I enjoyed it. I just wish it had better rewards. I would have played longer if it had.

I’m pretty sure there are a ton of people buying M+ dungeon carries for gear. It’s one of the fastest ways to get good gear, since you can get upgradeable drops and also a guaranteed high level item from the weekly vault.

My guild has a resident whale that spends a lot of money on carries to kickstart his new toons. He will buy a lot of M+ runs for gear drops + vault, and also a full Heroic clear for the boss kill history and AOTC achievement, since people will check for those when you try to join a PUG.

He’s one of our most skilled players, but just doesn’t want to spend the time doing the initial grinds. We’re always afraid to ask him how much he’s spent.

As for the talk about lifers, I recently joined the WoW Achievements discord and learned that there are people who have nearly every achievement in the game. That’s just insane.

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I really have no idea. I hope they stop, though.

What would be nice is if they start to branch out a new story.

Cata is where the wheels started to fall off for WoW. I am curious how they will keep people interested.

Doing a brand new expansion would be interesting. They could reuse some content from previous expansions – maybe add some battlegrounds, some instanced dungeons, etc. – and add new PvE leveling content. If MCU can have different comic book realities why can’t WoW have different shards too?

Yes, that’s coming-- is it worth their time to make a Cataclysm Classic? Maybe they could just build the systems for the Panda expansion but only release the Cataclysm content, then do Pandaland only 6 months later.

The problem is with the Cata content. I don’t think the people who love classic are going to want the world sundering that happened. All the zones got reworked.

If they fork the story, that probably isn’t going to fly and I have zero faith in Blizzard to not mess it up.

The good news is, MS will own them before this really becomes a problem.

Some will, some won’t. Those that don’t are free to stay with the old time-locked servers, which will never get “new” content.