World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Like, yeah, I am probably going to buy dragonflight

But this pre-order seems both early and expensive.

It feels like all that is left in WoW are the whales.

There’s also the lifers. Like the people in my long-time guild. They’ve been there since the beginning and no matter how bad it gets and how much they complain, they still won’t leave. Not me, I left over a year ago.


While I’ve moved on to FFXIV, I must say I like the classes in WoW better. I like my WoW hunter and death knight.

The problem is, the rest of WoW I have an issue with.

WoW was my first MMO back in 2004 and it holds a very special place in my heart. The memories and people I met playing it I will always remember. I still love the game but what Blizzard has done to it and to themselves as a company over the past 5 years or so is more than I can take. I had to put it down. I may be back but not until things improve a lot.

Whales is a weird term to use. There aren’t really microtransactions in wow for gameplay stuff. I would say there is more the “life-ers”.

My retail guild disbanded over the Blizz stuff, as well as the shadowlands content drought, so I would need to find a new one.

As far as classic goes, still raiding in TBC, looking forward to LK

Yeah, that’s a fair point.

Well, you can buy gold, and that’s the currency actually used in the game, and you can use that gold to pay uberguilds to run you through raids and give you all the best loot. WoW is certainly polluted by pay2win, just vastly less so than something like DI.

That’s what might bring me back. The LK days were the best experience I had in WoW.

I will admit to being tempted to pay for a boost to TBC, and then using the upcoming leveling boost to get to LK

Right, you can also buy instant levels, but that’s more of a convenience/time-saving purchase than buying even indirect power so I didn’t bother to mention it.

I guess, but there aren’t really “whales” in terms of f2p games. There is a limit of gear you can spend, where most f2p games are endless treadmills of numbers going up.

Also, paying guilds gold to run through for gear is rare. The payments are much more for the cosmetic “ahead of the curve” mounts as well as clearing heroic/mythic for achievements and mounts. Loot is so random, the real moneymaker is AotC. There are certainly people paying for boosts, but it isn’t crazy.

The same can be said for any MMO really, as long as people can pay real game money for boosts, they will, doesn’t matter the game. Classic doesn’t have the wow token and it is lousy with gold selling and people paying for runs through “GDKP” bidding. Honestly, it feels worse in classic than in retail. In retail, Blizz is just getting a cut of it, and gold is less important for retail than in classic for consumables and obtaining bis gear.

I don’t pay much attention to this sort of thing, but I’m sure you’re right about the rarity. Still though if you’ve got millions of gold and want your character equipped in mythic raiding gear, you can pay for it.

That was Blizzard’s justification for adding the token in the first place, to cut down on illicit goldsellers and fraud. I basically accept that, and I don’t have a better idea, but that doesn’t mean I like it.

It is so bad in classic (which doesn’t have legal gold selling) too. It is really more an issue with human nature and the genre of game. As long as you have the ability for players to trade gear for in game currency, someone will pay real money for it.

At least WoW uses soulbound items for most gear, giving it an end point. I couldn’t imagine how much worse it would be if you could trade gear directly.

Prices would come way down if all gear was tradeable, but antisocial behavior would spike way up with a direct monetary incentive to grief.

I know a guy who bought 10M+ in WoW gold using WoW tokens. Probably an outlier.

But yeah, I agree about “lifers.” For example, almost everyone currently playing the game have most of the rare mounts.

Wait, huh? Are you saying almost everyone currently playing the game has most of the game’s rare mounts? Because that’s not even remotely true.

Yeah. That’s what I’m saying. Also - almost everyone has a 3K M+ rating. Everyone currently playing.

As someone who’s played the game since beta it sort of makes me feel like shit.

But…that’s not at all true. You are way overestimating the percentage of current players who have played for a very long time and their activity. There’s constant churn of even long-time players.

I’m OG WoW and been playing since it was released. Of the many early guilds I’ve been in, I don’t think anybody still plays. There are still folks around from WoLK days, maybe from the one before that, but not a lot earlier than that (as far as my guild buddies goes). I’ve kinda been in the same guild for six years now (we merged with another a while back) and we were discussing yesterday if the guild was going to spring back to life for the next expansion. We all pretty much quit playing WoW after clearing the first Shadowlands raid on heroic.

I have a lot invested in my toons and if I can figure out a way to play the new expac I will, but other games are becoming more interesting to me and don’t require a guild to be fun and exciting. We rush to get to the next highest level, start raiding, and then everyone gets burned out. Then I level an alt to see what is actually going on in the game, hehe.

I am actually kinda interested in what is happening in FFXIV and ESO. No idea what the end game is like for these two, but I am enjoying the ride so far.