World of Warcraft: End game experience

Please take my survey about your end-game World of Warcraft experiences. *It’s a short survey about what keeps you playing WoW, and why you quit (or DO YOU?) after reaching the maximum level.

I put this in the user experiences thread too but I’d really love you forever if you could help out a grad student. :-)

What if you quit well before max level?

End game?!

Done. What do I win?!

Done, but I didn’t get any loot :/

I took the poll, but I do not think it was a good fit for someone like me.


Poll is OP

hmm, no question about when we started. that’s good since it’d be depressing to know i still maintain a non-played account since launch.

I took the survey and used opinions from Guild Wars and other games to complete the lack of max level wow gameplay.

Also boo Alliance, kill da pukes!

Taked. I actually had to think for a couple minutes about how many max level characters I’ve had, and was a little surprised that it turns I’ve only had 8 (counting each character only once).

Tooken. Let’s see some results when its all done.

Speaking of MMOs, I tried the Rift demo for a bit last night.

I did a thing with a magic bolt for a bit. My skeleton did a thing. Then I uninstalled the boring thing.

Why the fuck do MMOs still have the same lame ass kill rat quests from early 90s RPGs, when modern RPGs have gone so much further?

I took the quest but I didn’t get any achievements. Me minus cheevos equals frownyface.

Fire - completed the survey on why I quit WoW. Will you post results at some point and your doctorate conclusions?

Done- and I would also like to see how it all turns out.

You unlock an achievement if you do all the surveys. Just fyi.


It’s true. Yet Aeon221 turned down his offer of free chocolate.

Thanks for filling out the survey. I hadn’t realized that “guild drama” is a major factor to why people stop playing – major enough that it should have been included in the checkboxes!