World of Warcraft: July 4 fireworks

Okay maybe I’m easily impressed, but I think it’s pretty cool when special events crop up in MMOs to coincide with real-life stuff.

Today a travelling goblin fireworks merchant showed up in Ironforge selling low-price fireworks. If you bought enough of them and enough people set them off at once, you could make some stunning displays.

The pics I got don’t really do the fireworks justice, but here’s a few I took.

Ironically, Private Arson is one of the ones NOT setting off any fireworks. Maybe he only goes in for the bigger stuff.

Private Arson: “Sparklers? Sparklers?? I’ll show them some fucking sparklers!”

I think I read an entire Koontz post without becoming dizzy or confused.

two questions, Gary:

  1. What server?
  2. How come you leave the name displays on? I turned mine off for performance reasons but I find it much more aesthetically pleasing too.

I can’t speak for the original poster, but in my case - I leave names turned on because I play on a PvP server. Red names floating above people’s heads make identifying a faraway threat a lot easier. I’ll occasionally shut them off in an instance, but in the wild? Names on, please.

The text for player names in WoW always looks to me like they were photoshopped into the screenshots.

JPEG compression is very unsuited to small lines of uniform color across a non-uniform background.

My guild did the same thing in Orgrimmar last night on Kil’Jaeden. Picked up about 80-100g of fireworks, all told, and used them up in about 15min.

Sadly, my computer was working at a whopping 0.7 FPS (according to Titan Bar), so I wasn’t actually able to take an screenshots.

I’m hoping someone else on the server managed to.

Yeah, my guild shot off a bunch in Org too last night. I was farming BRD though so I only heard about it in chat.

If only players also broke out the snowballs they have banked. Could have been a crazy celebration!

(BTW, remember orphans week? I was in the AV battlegrounds a couple of weeks ago and a Horde player still had his orphan following him around, ha ha. Child abuse!)

Very pretty fireworks. Another thread mentioned that an insane amount of them went off.

Are you on some crazy widescreen resolution monitor Gary? I’d like to hear some thoughts on those for PC gaming.

Yup, I bought a Dell FPW2005, WoW supports its native resolution of 1680x1050 beautifully. There are several threads in the tech forum, one of which inspired me to buy this one in the first place.

Do you solo a lot? Names are a requirement for any team activity. How else do you know who is stealing aggro from you, or who the hunter is who keeps shooting Onyxia after you tell everyone DPS OFF ?

You’re kidding! I thought the kid whistles disappeared after the event finished!

Damn, that could have been another pet in my growing collection.

It’s called TipBuddy, you just put your cursor over someone really quickly and it pops up their name, level, class, and health under the cursor. Then go do something else. :D

Problem is stuff like that is difficult to use in a crowd.

IX CustomTooltip has the same sort of feature.