World of Warcraft: Legion


With Legion out in just over a month, and the pre-patch having dropped today, seems like it might need it’s own thread.

The changes are, as you might expect, legion! Looks like many of the animal models are updated (my Core Hound hunter pet looks maginificent!), transmog is free, we’re all gonna have to relearn our classes as they’ve revamped all the talent trees. After basically skipping Draenor, I’m looking forward to jumping back in!


I’m so pissed that they touched combat specc for my rogue which I stuck with since classic. Why the hell do they add pistol to the rotation?
A few years ago they removed ranged slot from him making pulling hard and now we are back at ranged.

I only hope they haven’t touched my affliction spec on my warlock which is the only spec she knows since classic!

Otherwise I don’t plan to re-sub pre Legion but have the physical CE on pre-order to jump in for 1-2 months until I hit max level with my rogue and lock + did the 5man stuff and some LFR.


I’d imagine they did. Every one of my characters has had massive changes happen to their talents. My BM Hunter is basically down to two no-cooldown shots, plus a bunch of different ways to manipulate pets. I’m not sure if I like it yet, but it plays completely differently.


I’ll be checking my rogue out soon. On old Korialstratsz. Sigh. Why do we keep coming back?


I guess I should get this installed on my new system. Are the drop bears still functioning?


I’m looking forward to it. I still play a ton of WoW.


Yep. It’s fairly dead at the moment, though today I saw as many people on as I have in the last two weeks. Maybe it’ll pick up a little now that the patch is out.


So every soulbound item on every character is added to your account-wide transmog list. As someone who’s been collecting cool looking items since vanilla, here are my recommendations for dealing with this -

  1. Log in every character to add every soulbound item to your transmog list (this may not actually be necessary, but just to be safe)

  2. Start vendoring -

  1. If it’s soulbound, sell it unless it has some sentimental value, flavor text, or is no longer in game (because that’s just cool)
  2. If you’re missing the appearance, equip it to bind it, then vendor it
  3. If you have the appearance and it’s not soulbound, consider if it’s worth selling on the AH

You want to avoid a situation where, for example, you may have two Glorious Breastplates that are not soulbound and you end up equipping both.

Vanilla PvP items remain unavailable for t-mog unless you reached the rank of Knight-Captain, in which case you can buy “replica” items from Area 52 in Netherstorm. You must have reached Knight-Captain in vanilla to buy these items, you must have the Legacy achievement, and only the char on which you reached Knight-Captain can buy them (even though the achiev is account-wide – bit of a mess, here). These replica items can be used for t-mog for all your chars, assuming they could equip the item (cloth can t-mog the cloth items only). BC and beyond PvP items are available for t-mog normally.

Lots of Draenor crap became toys, so keep an eye out for that as well as you prune your inventory.

Edit - be wary of flavor items from events. They will be soulbound, but NOT available for t-mog, so you probably don’t want to vendor / delete them. This is a huge oversite on Blizz’s part, imo.


Shadow Priest plays kind of oddly now. It’s now a build-build-build-sustained burst play-rebuild style, like old-school fire-mage was. You generate Insanity which, once filled to 100, can be used to trigger a Shadow Void mode that hits everything you have a DoT on, ups damage and gives a stacking haste buff the longer you keep it up. Going to take a bit to get used to the new way of playing it.

Melee-hunter is strangely enjoyable so far.

Haven’t had a chance to check out the new DK changes. I logged in my old Frost DK to check-in my transmog stuff and saw that they gave me a couple of weapons since I guess they made some changes to how DK specs should equip weapons.


Shamans will have few if any totems in Legion. It’s really bizarre, and almost certain I won’t be checking this out. The class had remained my favorite for the whole run, even after it became less fun with the change from an action/reaction playstyle to one based on ability rotation. Maybe they’re trying to fit everything on a console controller.


Honestly, I’m really tired of each expansion being a complete re-imagining of how classes work. It takes them until the end of the expansion to get things dialed in…and then they throw it all out the window with the X.0 patch.


I don’t really understand it either.
Better focus on other things like enough 5 man instances and a full raid instead of wings or whatever they come up to gate content at expansion start.
The people that will come back are used to their preferred classes and builds.

After 1-2 year hiatus I need a few hours to get back into the game even without having to learn my class / spec again.

I want my rogue to stealth, stun out of stealth, build combo points while dealing massive looking blows the way only Blizzard knows how to make them feel chunky and connecting, do a painful looking finishing move, loot and stealth again. Rinse repeat. Once in a while some dicy situation should arise due to a bad pull and I need to use blind, vanish, sap, evis etc. to crowd control / survive.
That is what I pay for buying the CE and the sub.

The ones that want new shit should play with demon hunters.


I thought I might renew my WoW subscription and check out the upcoming changes preparatory to the Legion expansion. Then I read the 7.0.3 Patch notes. At this time, I don’t believe I will ever play World of WarCraft again.

I wonder if the developers of WoW–an MMORPG that has lost millions of subscribers in recent years–are attempting to drive off the remaining subscribers.


I still play, occasionally.


I am going to play a bit more tonight, and probably stream the proceedings.

Umm… yeah, this feels like an even more massive change than from MoP to WoD. Like… unusually massive.

Like… why?


They even took away the “how to play your class” thing. Why would they do that? It’s not a huge deal if you’re playing one class and spec, but when you actively play half a dozen classes and a dozen specs, that’s a lot of work to figure how to play then all.


I’d complain harder (and I do think it alienates long-lapsed players who come back), but on the one character I’ve played on post-patch (Brewmaster Monk) they nailed it. Chi charges are gone (too much like rogue/feral anyway) and the rotation is simplified and easy to understand without resorting to Icy Veins to learn what I’m inevitably doing wrong.

Spent the evening of the 18th liquidating my garrison assets. The trading post gave ~15g for 50 resources and ~50g Savage bloods. Slow going. Primal Spirits went 25 per to Savage Blood to gold. My alchemist made dozens of Draenic Philosopher’s stones for 25g per, armorcrafters made the highest-priced piece to burn off stock, the jewelcrafter made rings, and . . . I’m FREE! And about 50k richer in-game.


Beastmaster Hunter may be the most boring thing on the planet right now. 3 buttons that you press. Every 2 minutes you may press a 4th to regen focus. Holy crap, they way overcompensated for the “hunters have too many buttons” thing for BM. Melee hunter is a bit better and is much more interesting to play (for me).

The new Shadow Priest mechanic is growing on me. I think I like it better than the old shadow-orb design.

At the moment, my Enhancement shaman is indestructible. Technically I guess I could die if I ran out of mana in a fight, but so far I can just wade neck deep in to a swarm of equal-level mobs and kill everything without fear of dying.

I’ll probably level my shaman to 100 and, maybe, my paladin. They have been sitting at 92 and 95 for so long, I might as well get them up to 100 before the expansion. What I’m mostly looking forward to is the Invasion events, but those won’t start until “the second or third week in August - August 17th at the latest”


Leveling between 90-100 is amazingly fast right now if you are using heirlooms and the potion from your garrison for an xp buff.


I admit I’ve had some problems adjusting to the new rogue. I will try more tonight. But it hasn’t made me happy.