World of Warcraft: Legion


I found the Frost Mage one a little difficult, but I suck a maging. It was more the trash mobs around the things you need to activate.

The BM one was pretty easy, other than not being able to have a pet during the final battle was a little rough.

The Ret one was cake. I didn’t even die during the final fight and died once on the Jailer fight.


Well, the other gear was largely obtainable just in the course of doing one invasion in each zone, and there’s no upgrade so you aren’t really investing much effort to get a gear upgrade that at least carries into the first zone or so. To make a 725 weapon would have required actual effort. It’s weird.


I got my copy at 1:30pm on tuesday, so not too bad. Also, they asked me when I activated the key if I wanted to upgrade tot he digital deluxe edition for 20 bucks.

I am a sucker.

But, with the 'zon discount, that is 60 bucks for the game, not too bad.

Did the Assassination rogue, which according to icyveins is no longer the best spec, as Outlaw is currently OP at 110, questline. That was really cool. I am loving the order hall stuff so far. The rogue questline involved being very rogue-y. Sneaking around Stormwind, pickpocketing guards, palling around with Garona, Very cool stuff.

I have 0 other characters at 100, and I am wondering which class I should lvl100 boost? I have never had 2 max level characters before. I played hunter in Vanilla-BC, but everything is so different now.

So many choices!


I was in the invasions to get the appearances. The 1h sword is pretty cool. But… why did I upgrade my dagger to 6/6 just to replace it within the first 2 hours of the expansion? Beats me.


I boosted a Druid to 100. There’s no role the class can’t take, plus shifting is fun. I’m now leveling it first through Legion. I picked Balance to start and it’s really good.


I boosted a Shaman to 90 for WoD, but never leveled him. I didn’t play him at all, just did the garrison quest like last week. But, I did try out enhancement, and did some invasions, and that spec is quite fun.

I also leveled a Warlock to 72 during the invasion period. That was fun too.



Anyone else having trouble starting the Stormheim zone? I thought maybe it was just last nights network issues, but still not able to get it started this morning. I accept greymane’s quest, it shows the cinematic, and then goes to load and either drops back to Stormwind or freezes.


Anyone that doesn’t have a druid at max level, should boost one immediately. Best class in the game by a huge margin IMO. They are actually even pretty fun to level if you go that route.

TLDR: Druids are awesome.


Yeah, baby!


I boosted my druid for this expansion, and it will probably be the first alt I level once I’m done with my hunter.


My Druid has been my main since Molten Core, and still is today…I haven’t played since March 2011, but for some reason I got the itch to do so this expansion. I am glad I did! I am having a lot of fun so far. A couple of things I’ve noticed: First, I love the auto leveled zones. It means you can stick around and explore a zone even after you have leveled up there. It satisfies both the grinder and the explorer in me! Also is this Game of Warcraft? Seems like no on is safe this expansion!


So for this new patch/skill arrangement, is there any particular rotation or strategery for Cat?


I had a similar issue. Trapped on an airship with no where to go. I ended up abandoning the quest line.


The thing I don’t like about them is I dislike running around looking like a bear or a wolf or worse, a tree. Who wants to be shrubbery? I do agree that they are a powerful class, though.


Still can’t be a dwarf. Thank god, cause my willpower would likely shatter.


I’m impressed with the class quests in Legion so far, at least with the rogue quests. Blizzard did a good job with this stuff.

I was also wrong about the weapon. I thought I was getting just an offhand from the new class quest in Legion, but I got dual blades, so yes, grinding for invasion drop weapon upgrades was a waste of time. I don’t know why Blizzard put that stuff in. It was pointless. I could have spent that time leveling an alt during the invasion.


The mage quest was good, but two quests had incorrect or misleading map markers, causing me to waste a total of over 30 minutes wandering around Dal looking for them. WTF?

Also, the arcane staff talks to you as you’re trying to complete the quest, but none of what it says goes into the chat log. Odd.


Yeah they got me as well with that (had one axe war-forged to 725 as I thought the artefact is just the Main Hand).
It’s just like end of BC when we did tons in Sun Isles just to see our epic gear getting replaced soon in WoTLK.
I should have learned my lesson but well…

Other than that I like it so far though I really, really miss evasion on my Outlaw rogue (dodging everything for 15 seconds = tanking). I relied so much in the past on that when things got dicey.
So enjoy this thing Assassination Rogues…

I also don’t like that those “star” mobs stay low in health when you died on them.
In older times you went back, sucked less and pulled it off. Now you do corpse-run and then kill that thing hitting it a few times.

Since I got my blades my rogue is feeling much better to play. Think at least my class is designed around those weapons now. Shit dies faster and hitting animations feel “meatier” (enforcing this feeling that only Blizzard can seem to provide feeling those hits really “connect” with the mobs and do a ton of damage).

I was about to shelf him during the quest to get the weapons as mobs were really hard although only level 100.
Just bear with it. Once that quest is finished you will own mobs again.


If the quest giver/taker is in your class hall, the markers tend to be under dalaran. Is that what was causing this? So far everyone that has had this problem was due to this that I have seen.

the staff comments should be going to chat, if you are only seeing the chat bubbles make sure you have the npc chat selected in to show in your chat window.


Every class is really designed around the artifact weapons now. The death knight changes felt kind of rough up until I picked up Apocalypse and oh hey, ability that does 70-100k melee (at the starting ilvl/level) plus pops Festering Wounds for Army of the Dead ghouls? On a 90 second cooldown? Come to papa!