World of Warcraft: Legion


No, these were both quests in Dal that were just improperly marked. One had me trying to get into the rogue stronghold - which I only realized after I started googling.

There were no chat bubbles for the artifact talking to me either. It’s definitely a bug.


Only done shaman so far, and found it a bit underwhelming. It appears shaman are all about solving a square grid flipping-value puzzle five or six times. While other clueless shamans stand in the middle of the puzzle.

It was cool to go to Pandaria to get the artifact weapon, though. Nice use of the entire game world, something WoW has been bad about lately.


Yeah – although I am assassin rogue --went to BOOTY Bay for my swords – I had to stop and think “how that sam hill do I get there from here?” -good to see that place again! However – after completion of that quest that pirate guy (Admiral Tethys?) isn’t at my table in my little Hall of Shadows. Bugged. The quest end is there --just no Captain BlackBeard.

Still --overall --I am sorta impressed. The artifact weapons are kinda cool --the animations for combat seem great – the questing is generally what you’d expect but runs smooth – I kinda feel bad for thinking “ok when is this gonna suck.” Maybe Blizz has jump started the “greatest” computer game of all time ($ wise).

Ass rogue was the hardest of the 3 – inmhop.


I’m undecided about Discipline Priest. I love the abilities and playstyle, but is it any good? Basically a hybrid offheal/minor dps?


Disc is my primary alt, I love it. You definitely have to work harder to get the same healing but it’s doable. Some of the other healers will do more actual dps, but not while still healing which is where the advantage is. The gap between an average disc and a good one is huge though with the average one being far below the healing of any other healing spec imo. The good ones can hang with the other healers though. It’s rewarding, but other players aren’t even going to notice unless you screw up. ;)


Have there always been armor sets with set bonuses like Diablo in WoW? I was just noticing the armor set in the class hall. Edit: I guess so.


Yes all the way back to vanilla.
At least from BWL onwards (T2) and I think also Molten Core (T1) as well though T1 was re-designed (new look and maybe set bonus) after a few months.


I haven’t actually checked this, but one thought is off-spec. Since you can’t get the artifacts for the other specs “for some time”, you’d at least have a 725 weapon if you wanted to tank while your artifact is DPS or heals.

Since there are no weapon drops now (right?), maybe 725 would carry you until you got to run a 2nd artifact?


You can get all 3 (or in druid’s case 4) artifact weapons for your class as of now.

At level 103 I got a new quest in my class hall (rogue) offering to go hunt for the 2 remaining weapons.
The only downside is that you can’t get rid of the weapons which means they will take a slot each in our bags permanently for now.

Also you need to be in the specc required for each weapon before you can accept the quest.
You can re-specc once you completed the weapon quest but can’t use that weapon then until you switch back to the related specc.


Deadmines, Defias armor had a set bonus as well. Level 18ish.


Yeah, these quests show up even earlier, at level 102.

I’m wondering if there is even a point in consuming artifact power items before 110 and acquiring artifact knowledge. Thoughts?

Edit: Nvm. I just found this at WowHead:
"Artifact Knowledge WILL NOT boost the Artifact Power granted by any items in your inventory that were obtained BEFORE you reached a certain Artifact Knowledge level.

For the above reasons, it is not worthwhile to stockpile Artifact Power items, hoping to use them after you level Artifact Knowledge."

PSA, I guess.


“for some time” is what the NPC says, I quoted it because I haven’t gotten far enough along to know what that meant in game terms. Wasn’t suggesting it wasn’t in the game yet.

It was just a thought. I was kind of surprised at having upgradeable weapons too, and especially with the weapons so (seemingly) rare drops in comparison to the other pieces.


The gold is out of control in this expansion. I didn’t play much of Warlords after the first month so I don’t know how bad it got there, but just levelling + mining/skinning had me jump from about 1k to 20k, and that is after spending 5k to upgrade my garrison to level 3, and buying the phoenix and serpent guild mounts.


There was also crafted armor with set bonuses; I was still wearing Blue Dragonscale when we downed Ragnaros. And the vanilla dungeon sets had bonuses as well.


They said it didn’t matter which zone you start first, but yet, all my profession quests (tailoring and enchanting) start in Azsuna… And a mage quest I got at 103 also starts in… Azsuna.

Looks like professions are 30-odd long quest lines that teach you all (or most) of the patterns as you go through it.


And yet you see people selling basically everything for 10k+.

It seems like inflation from people who never stopped playing the game is still ruining the economy for part timers who come back for the expansions.


Just go on an alt and mine some copper/pick some peacebloom.

You can take advantage of the inflation in some ways.


When you hit 110 all the mobs become 50% harder. This is not ideal. I’m duoing with my wife who’s playing a healer, so it’s annoying but not a deal breaker. As the expansion progresses, however, eventually we go our separate ways with various alts. I’m trying to think how that would work out when I’m halfway through the content, hit 110 and can’t solo rares anymore.

You have to get friendly with every faction to unlock world quests. So I’m thinking with alts just focus on that. So 20ish quests in each zone. Even with rest you should be able to do it before 110. But can you go to Suramar before 110?


Everyone needs the harder to get tier two crafted bracers, and they all need one of every type, cloth, leather, chain and steel. I’ve turned over a healthy profit just selling cloth imbued silkweave bracers in the last few days. This is good advice here. People are hungry right now for ore, leather, cloth, etc. On my server felslate is money in the bank.


The new companion app is pretty cool, but VERY buggy.

I have to enter my login info all of the time.

It does not let me choose not to ask again for two factor authentication authorization.

It frequently gets stuck connecting.

I can’t use the app and be logged in at the same time.