World of Warcraft: Legion


Yeah it has been a pain trying to find those on the AH


Got my Shadow Priest and Resto Druid both to 110 last night. Been leveling the Druid with my wife and the Priest when my wife isn’t in the mood to play. Coincidentally, those play times lined up to have the characters max out within a couple of hours of each other. Now I’m grinding through the crafting quests to unlock all the tailoring, enchanting, skinning and leatherworking recipes and ranks.

For both characters, because we only hit instances to close out the zones, we manager to get to honored with each of the factions. Now that Suramar is unlocked, we’ll be working through that faction over the next couple of nights.

So far, I’m really enjoying the storyline of the expansion. They managed to get some actual emotional engagement for me. Keeping it spoiler free. I haven’t felt engaged in an expansion story since Lich King.


I’ve been soloing rares just fine since 100, now 110 ilvl 813 and still no problem. Not sure about this 50% jump at 110.

I have also not had any problems with the companion app

I have also never had a login queue.

I wonder why I have such good luck in a game and shitty luck in real life.


I suppose if you had an ilvl of 813 when you dinged 110, then, sure, soloing rares would be pretty easy. I must be doing something wrong because I’m around 785. Green quest rewards at 110 are ilvl 779. At this point I’m choosing rewards and hoping for an item upgrade otherwise it’s dust.


I was well under 800 when I hit 110, I’ve been 110 for a few days now. Class hall helm was 810 and a big upgrade, then I upgraded it twice to 830 with order hall resources. then world quests for items


I’d suggest unlocking world quests ASAP when you hit 110 - requires getting Friendly rep with the new factions. The world quest rewards are quite good: heroic-level gear, artifact power, order hall resources. And with a few exceptions, they can be soloed within 5-10 minutes.


To get Friendly you basically have to do all the quests on each region, doesn’t it?

I think I still have two regions to do, and I’m already 110. So I’m doing a few rares while running around the zones.

Used the companion app yesterday to maximize my ‘legion hall’ thingy. Wish they had this for the Garrison back then. It looks very similar to the “adventure” companion web-game for Neverwinter Online (except that is actually a game in addition to inventory mgmt, AH and tradeskill stuff…)


So am I right that with the World Quests and revamped loot and profession system, this is probably a decent expansion for a largely solo PvE player? I fell off Draenor hard, but it sounds like they’ve done quite a bit to make pick-up play fun.


If you are a solo player, and you always felt like the game catered to Raiders and you would never be able to get cool phat loot like they did, then yes this game is for you. There are lots of avenues for better gear, and only one of them is progression. Now once you reach a certain point solo (my guess is around gear level 840) some of these avenues end. But there seems to surely be a lot for a solo artist to do here.


No, you only need to do around 20 quests to get to friendly. But you’re supposed to complete all the Pillars, which does require doing most of the quests in the zone. I really don’t know how this is going to work out for alts.


Is there any reason not to spread out professions across characters in this expansion?


Not condoning this since I don’t have the math on it, but you can now fairly easily switch professions back and forth on one character and relearn your legion stuff each time. You lose all recipes from pre-legion though and it cost a couple grand. In the right situation it could be useful. Also pretty much all professions are heavily gated behind level 110 and a ton of quests, so they all require a fair level of commitment.


I’m not sure why, but I hit the wall amazingly fast. I resubbed, hopped on my druid, respeced and re-did all my keybinds, I was bored on my way to the second quest marker lol.

The zones I was in looked great, the game seems fine, it just bores the life out of me instantly now. I think my MMO days may finally be behind me. It’s a shame, because it seems like a good expansion if I could get into it. /shrug, maybe I need another 3 years off.

The one thing I will say, is that Blizzards insistence in continuing to take away quality of life things is highly annoying and game killing, at least for me. One of the great joys of being a druid are the instant travel forms. Now, not only can I not fly, but I can’t even use my travel form as mount speed. I think this gets added back in later, but none the less, as simple a thing as that is, it just kills the game for me. I hate having to remount/dismount all the time, it’s tedious as all hell, especially when you’ve been playing for years with instant travel speed and the ability to herb without mounting etc.


If they let you fly it makes designing the quests harder. Everyone just flies to the quest object or monster and skips everything else. I don’t really have a problem with not allowing flying in a new expansion.

What I don’t like is having to level every character through that same content after I’ve done it once or twice. I’d like to skip it with the other characters. What I do now is level the other characters by doing battlegrounds and 5-mans instead of PvE, but it’s almost like PvE is required now to get the full set of artifact weapons.

Anyone know if we can get artifact boosts via battlegrounds or 5-mans?


I think flying in the new area will be enabled via achievement later on. Letting everyone fly straight out of the gate is pretty asinine unless all the quests are in the sky.


Yes you get Artifact power items from at the very least, winning, BG’s and you can also get artifact power items from instance bosses. Plus you can get items from doing the missions in your order hall.


Yea, would be nice to have some way to fast-track it on your 2nd and 3rd characters.

Allowing flying once you’ve completed EVERY quest would have been a nice gesture. It would seem silly if they allowed it after you say, picked up every treasure on all the map… since that is what you’d most likely be using flying for anyway.

I read that you’d get higher artifact “coins” on items once you were 110, but it seems that everything i loot is still around 100-300.

My next upgrade costs 6500 or thereabouts :(


@instant0, you have to research Artifact Knowledge in your Class Hall once you hit 110. It takes a few days (default 5, I think). Also, many world quests give you artifact power items, so it’s easier anyway you slice it.

Also, there’s a huge leap in needed AP to get from level 13 to level 14, so, when you hit 13 on one weapon, some people suggest that being a good time to work on your other specs’ artifacts.


Artifact Knowledge is an important thing to read up about. Basically, as mentioned above, you research levels of knowledge. Each level of knowledge applies a multiplier to any artifact power that you earn. Current speed is 1 level every several days. As the expansion moves on, they are going to speed up how quickly your knowledge rises, to allow for quicker advancement of alts and as a catch-up mechanism for people who lagged behind/didn’t get the expansion right away.


I think the next for my hunter is about 11k. I got my Demon Hunter to 110 today, so for the 1st time in 12 years I have more than 1 character at max level. I’m not sure how many of the other 3 100s I will level through the quests.