World of Warcraft: Legion


Oh god, there’s a fishing artifact. I know what I’ll be doing for the next few days…


I noticed that the Nightfallen (sp) rep quests as you get deeper give you incredible artifact items (1200 in one). That is, in my opinion, the best way to get that weapon up while your base researches.


So… uhm…

Also last I checked there was a 2000+ queue on my server, so, guess there’s no more playing tonight :)


I had a problem last night where I couldn’t log out or exit the game.


Well no wonder no one could log in! Nobody could leave the game!

The uptick of users for Legion seems to be quite large. I haven’t played since sunday, but things on Moonrunner were fine. Some of the high pop servers like Stormrage were getting hour long queues.


Interesting on twitter last night, BlizzardCSEU mention that Archeology quest will reset every two weeks… so today I had to start fresh… and requires me to complete 25 collections in 14 days. Most of these require about 100 items to be ‘gathered’.

Not sure I’ll have time for anything else.


Already did mine today, all 25 completions.


And it took you 5 minutes? :)

Had saved up a few artifact XP items and see that the tooltip for some mention that they will not increase XP if you increase your research level, but most of them did not have this text. I increased my research level… and what do you know, none of them increased the XP gain. So the morale was: Use them immediately and get more free inventory space.

Unlocked the Training mission in the ruins today, they should come with a warning that it takes forever to explore all of it. Was saving up my withered guys so they could carry out the big 10 man chests, only to be ambushed by an elite that killed all of them. In the end I only managed to exfil with a 10 + a 5 man chest… so the morale was: If you have 11 and there’s a 10 man chest around the corner, use them on it before they die.

And finally found out what the Mana would be used for… since incursion into the ruins could cost up to 1400 mana to spawn with 14 or so withered.


In 2016.

I guess they are limited in the technology of their launcher so it can only show an important message telling you to vist another page instead of having:

(Ignoring the fact that there are no updates there…)


My main character got stuck in a zone last night. I got disconnected instantly when logging in to them. Every other character worked perfectly.

Hopefully the daily reset fixed that.


Also it is crazy this game still has down time nearly every other day after all of this time.



My character is still broken. So now i get to spend the weekend trying to convince their customer support that it isnt being because by some addon or my WTF folder or my ISP.

Apparently i fell in to a black hole and now i need to convince a GM to move my character or i can’t log in. Of course i need to attach a bunch of useless stuff before i can even submit a ticket.

Edit: i managed to fix it before a gm got to my ticket. I’m not sure this was the fix, but i logged in about 20 times, taking a couple steps forward each time before getting disconnected. Then i just logged in and didn’t get disconnected.

In any event, i am going to be A LOT more careful about exploring off the path.


There was an issue in NorCal affecting Comcast customers (only) a few days ago with the same effects. Could not log into specific zones, but everything else was working fine. Blizz blamed Comcast and it eventually got fixed.


Yea, had that stuck issue the first day of Legion.

There was a big waterfall where I ran and as soon as I started swimming in the water next to it I’d get stuck.
Each time I login I maybe move 1mm forward, and after 30+ logins/outs I was free.

Then of course I did it all over again, as I wanted to cross the water…

Someone in chat said “lol, they haven’t fixed that yet?” so it was obv. known from beta as well.


Yeah… in 'nilla wow, we used to find plenty of fun areas to explore. (Inside the unfinished caverns of time, etc) and if you made a wrong move… hoo boy. You would end up falling through the world for ages, but usually you would hit a “bottom” and die, and then just rez at the healer.

You could get the sacrificial dagger, that does a player killing effect. That would pop you to a rez spot.

But yeah, bugs like that can suck, when you aren’t looking to find them.


I’m a DK and i’m not super happy with blizzard right now.

Looking at warcraftlogs, it appears both dps specs are in last place on dps by a significant amount. It looks like two frost DKs are roughly equal to one arcane made. Unholy fairs a little bitter but is still easily in 2nd to last.

DKs are apparently the second worst tank as well.

Adding those things together, DK appears to beg the worst class in the game.


Never you fear (pun intended), just roll a Warlock and…uh…well…


Actually my second character I had from before but is still 100 is a warlock.

I think demo is doing pretty well now though.


Yes, I see it’s doing better in parses since the hotfix, but Demonic Empowerment. The spec is cool but clunky. Anyway, sorry about DK. I know they tried to help Frost.


I’ve shelved my Shadow Priest. StM is a silly talent that I have no interest in using…but unless I use it, I’m barely a DPS. Our guild is stacking mages and windwalker monks, mostly. There is no incentive to bring a variety of classes anymore, now that there are no buffs.

I’m just healing with my resto druid for raids now. There is so much constant raid-wide damage going on that the druid healing style is really playing strong right now. Also working on leveling my Balance weapon since we’ve had a few times where we’re drowning in healers and need some people to swap to DPS for a couple of fights.

All in all, I’m feeling like Blizzard did 0 raid-balance testing before the expansion was released. It’s painfully obvious how over and under powered certain classes are right now. Given how slow they were to make changes in Draenor, and how incremental those changes were, I’m feeling really bad for DKs. They are likely to remain at the bottom for the majority of the expansion.