World of Warcraft: Legion


Yes, I am not a fan of them gimping raid utility as it was one of the things I felt made group composition interesting beyond everyone just being an x per second number.


It looks like things are a little better for DKs now, but still not ideal:

I have mained a DK since WotLK. I started on my Monk for Legion primarily because I played my DK in the Beta and didn’t want to start Legion doing the exact same things on the same character. But now just a month past launch, I still haven’t leveled my DK past 104. One factor is that I’ve been working on achieving Pathfinder (which I just did yesterday on my monk) but another is the lackluster performance and lack of raid and dungeon utility (only Blood kept Gorefiend’s Grasp) is also impacting my motivation.

On one hand, I understand that balancing this time around is much harder, because of artifact skill trees, completion %, and legendaries. But it also felt like DK was underachieving for most of WoD, so I agree with JFrazer that’s it not the most auspicious sign.


I am somewhat pissed that Blizzard has decided to force mythics down everyone’s throat. Two of the Suramar dungeons are mythic only, but are required to complete the zone quest line, which ensures I will see each dungeon exactly once - and never again. Assuming my wife and I can ever get a group for them, that is. Tried for half an hour last night and got nowhere despite her playing a healer and having good ilvls. I just don’t need the frustration.

Class hall artifact quest lines also require mythics, as do most of the quests you get from your mission table.


Thank you for un-selling Legion to me and keeping me away from WoW, kind sir. I really didn’t need it back in my life.


Have to agree, the focus on Mythics really stinks. At least if we could just queue for the base level versions it might not be so bad. As for Suramar, I don’t think you need to do them for the quests required for Legion Pathfinder 1. You do need to kill Xavius, but that can be done in raid finder at least.


Maybe at exalted? I’m revered and only have three quests left in the zone, all for the two mythic-only dungeons.

My friend said something about a druid in the fish tank in the city, but I couldn’t find him, either.


I think you need to be either 8k or 12k into revered to get the last set of quests to start. No real rush, LFR Xavius isn’t out until next week anyway lol.


I haven’t played deeply in awhile…why are mythic dungeons so hated?


Because you can’t use the auto-grouping LookForDungeon mechanic with them but are forced to use GroupFinder instead where you run into crazy gear requirements and long waits if you’re not a tank or healer.


Not hated per se, just inconvenient. Beyond the step up in difficulty (they work like Diablo 3 greater rifts sort of) It’s basically like forming up an instance group back in vanilla. You have to form the group and go to the entrance of the dungeon. Not a huge deal, but people get REALLY picky about who they do and don’t take. So if you’re someone without a guild or friends who play, it can be a pita to get a group for one.


Aw, that’s too bad. Sounds like a good idea that (as usual) people being dicks is screwing up.


How are the dungeon queues these days? I was trying to queue up last week and it seemed like it was taking forever.


Well, I haven’t encountered the quests being complained about yet, but while it may be a good idea to have a difficulty level for 5 man dungeons that is seriously challenging and requires coordination and planned groups, it is a terrible idea to have any non-cosmetic content that requires players to interact with that difficulty. The whole point of having different difficulties in the first place is to allow people to select the experience they’re looking to have.


As DPS, most nights I have a 10-15 min queue if I’m doing a random heroic. If I go for something specific it’s a little longer. My son was finding that the queue for normal mode dungeons was actually quite a bit longer.


Yeah, I was trying to give normal a shot first to go through the dungeons, but I guess maybe I should just jump straight to heroic. Currently my ilvl is 833 just from drops and world quests.


Definitely do heroics with that gear.


Yeah I think the iLevel requirement for heroics is 810? You’ll be fine. There are some mechanics to look out for, but just taking a quick look at the dungeon journal before the boss fight usually explains things pretty well.


That’s the part I think is fine. I like a little enforced rigor. It might be time to take the Legion plunge if they’re bringing a little of that back.


Getting my pre-110 DPS in to normals is taking 60 - 90 minutes in queue. It’s insane. I’ve gotten to the point where I only queue for the dungeon when I need it to complete a zone, since you get priority queuing (usually 1 - 3 minutes) if you are on the dungeon zone quest.

As for Mythics, I’m right there with you on the frustration. What royally sucks is the mythic loot lockout, which can make it a challenge to get in with a guild group later in the week. Everyone has already run it and very few people are willing to run again with no shot at getting gear.


You’re allowed to like that, and if you do, you’re rewarded for it with better gear, achievements, and probably titles and mounts and shit like that. But I don’t, and it shouldn’t be a mandatory part of the game. Any more than PvP should be. Moreover, there is a fundamental tension between making an experience that is practically accessible to everyone and one that successfully caters to “hardcore” players, and if you try to make everyone do something while building it to cater only to the hardcore, that’s never, ever going to work and it is guaranteed to incite precisely the sort of bad behavior you’re citing as the problem. It’s a symptom, not the disease.