World of Warcraft: Legion


Which quests are those though? I haven’t run in to any of them, other than the “growing power” quest line, but my understanding is that the quest line is purely cosmetic, other than getting artifact power from some of the quests (which can be gotten easily from other means).

The quests you get from the missions seems to be based on your item level. The first 2 I got were for heroics. Now that my gear is at 843 ilvl, it’s sending me to mythics (which I haven’t done yet).

The skinning quest-line ran in to a wall for me until LFR opened up, since it wanted me to grab a skin from the dragon in Emerald Nightmare. My didn’t start raiding until the weekend before LFR opened up, and that first weekend I wasn’t able to join them.


I like to get to the cap with a character or two and then just run battlegrounds. What I don’t like is that to continue to level the artifact weapon, I have to do PvE.

Also, with additional characters I can level from 100 to 110 I am forced to do PvE to level the artifact weapon. Previously I could do some light PvE but otherwise just do BGs to level, sprinkling in a 5-man or two.

I really like a lot of the stuff in Legion, but with the run-up to the release with the demon invasion I got six characters to level 100. I wouldn’t mind getting them all to 110 but I don’t want to do PvE quests to do that, but if I don’t it looks like I will not really level my artifact weapon much.


This is the second one -

The first one took place in Mythic Eye of Azshara, the only Mythic I’ve completed.


I also got one from a class hall minion mission (Vault of Wardens Mythic) for a special loot chest (I got another one of them for Violet Hold Heroic which I completed and resulted in shit loot).

I agree with everyone that complained about Mythic dungeons being required for the story line or artifact skins.
People asking for insane ilevels for a “smooth” run.
Fuck this shit! Can’t see myself re-subbing once my play time runs out in November.


We’ve talked about the issues with mythic dungeons, but Blizzard doesn’t care - they’re all in. In legion, dungeon achievements all require the dungeon to be on mythic. The new Kz content in 7.1 is a mythic-only dungeon. The artifact appearance quests that require mythics leads to a raid quest(s) that must be completed on normal - not LFR.

I mean it’s bad enough LFR gives shit loot, now they have to make it so that you can’t do your artifact quests in it.

Legion is the most alt-unfriendly expansion in the history of WoW. In 7.1 they’re making it if you already unlocked world quests on another char you can do them as soon as you hit 110. And that’s it. No faction bonuses like Pandaria. Oh, the mythic-only Arcway and CoS also unlock if you’ve done them before - because that’s something you want to do on an alt as soon as you hit 110, some mythic-only content!

Rant over.


You couldn’t do dungeon achieves on Dungeon Finder in Draenor, either. And to be honest I’m fine with that bit. To actually do most of them you need what you would need for mythics anyway: a coordinated, competent team. The point in LFD should be completion. Anything else is going to lead to people being jerks.


I’m fine with the artifact appearance being locked behind a non-LFR wall. It’s cosmetic.

The Karazhan content requiring attunements from Mythics and itself being Mythic-only does rub me the wrong way though. The whole reason LFR was created was because Blizzard didn’t want there to be content that some people couldn’t get to without being in a guild. Now we’re going to have Kara, which will be locked behind an attunement wall that can’t be done with LFG. Sure, it’s not “raid” content, but it’s still content.

I ran a few Mythics for the first time this weekend. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, but I can see it being a bit much for someone who isn’t chain-running Heroics and LFRs to get to 835+ to be able to survive and do sufficient DPS/HPS. I don’t think requiring Mythic, which should be “optional” content, in order to unlock new content being released.


I think I would be okay with a mythic requirement if they put Mythic Dungeons on the LFD system. As it stands now, tanks and healers, if they start groups, have their picks of classes and ilevels, while, on their own, get into M+ so easily that they are almost always extremely well-geared. Also, class balance is so out of wack that certain classes and specs are getting shut down when applying for mythic (and mythic+) groups. And it’s only getting harder for them with the widening gear gap.


I just did Destiny Unfulfilled (the last Illidan backstory quest) and man, that’s one of my favorite WoW quests yet.


That the one in the Black Temple? So much gold there. The rogue who can’t stop jumping. Johnny Awesome afk in the back.


Yup, that’s the one. Magical.


I’m disapointed KZ is Mythic only. I was really looking forward to getting back into it, and now I doubt I ever will.


Ha ha, agreed. My favorite detail was the fire mage jumping the countdown.


I still feel like quests should accept any tier of dungeon (or Heroic at the worst) for convenience’s sake, but having done my first Mythic (Eye of Azshara) just now, I am not really super worried about being able to complete any Mythic-required quests anymore. If you have no social network at all on WoW it probably sucks trying to do them, but my guild is so huge it’s not that hard to round up four other people that would like to do a particular dungeon. Especially if there’s a WQ on it that day. And they’re certainly a stiffer challenge than heroic, enough that you probably wouldn’t want to just charge in without any planning the way Dungeon Finder groups tend to. But we dropped 3 of the 5 bosses pretty much uneventfully and while our DPS went down on the giant boss our tank and healer managed to close the gap and finish it. It was only the giant snake that wiped us, and only once. That’s apparently supposed to be one of the hardest Mythics, so I’m sanguine going forward.

What I really really don’t want is anything that makes me do regular raids (aside from achievements, which I can always do in an expac or two). It’s vastly harder to get raid groups together, especially since they have weekly lockouts, and while I haven’t done PUG raiding since Wrath, progress was literally impossible with a PUG back then, and that was in ICC, which had a huge 30% buff going in. I don’t expect it’s gotten noticeably better since then. LFR may be baby mode, but I can guarantee I can get in and get it cleared. And that’s what matters to me.



Why the fuck am I still playing this? Blizz is completely undeserving of my money.


Yeah, I canceled. Some very odd design decisions around the classes and general class balance drove me away. I might have lasted another month or two, but with the artifact power system, playing the way I like to play (lots of alts) was made pretty frustrating. The fact that classes were simplified significantly caused to me to get bored fairly quickly and really want to try out other classes. Too much work, in the end. It’s sad. The content was pretty good. I liked World Quests and Suramar. The separation of PvP and PvE was moving in the right direction, too.


Pretty much the reason I haven’t bothered doing them

  • At 853 or is it 753? Haven’t been ingame for a few days. As tank I haven’t even bothered doing any of the Mythics even though they should be doable far below that ilevel.

Thinking about unsubscribing.


To get into Mythics? Realistically you can do it at 830. You can probably get into a mythic run as a tank or healer at that level but DPS competition will probably push it into higher requirements.

Doing the Karazhan attunement on my ilvl 868-ish monk was a walkover, but now I’m trying on my DK (850ish) and while I’m able to get into groups, I’ve had three fail at the first boss in Halls of Valor.


For those of you “FLYING OR BUST!” folks, it looks like flying will be enabled in 7.2.

Plus they are adding epic class mounts. For example:


Did they clarify what grindy, arbitrary horseshit hoops they want us to jump through first? Broken Isles Pathfinder Part One doesn’t quite make me want to kill myself rather than finish getting flying, so I have to assume they’re stepping up their game for the second part (or more?).