World of Warcraft: Legion


It looks like there are four additional requirements beyond Pathfinder, Part One.

One of them is just exploring the new 7.2 zone, Broken Shore. There is also Defender of the Broken Isles (reputation?), Legionfall Commander (complete the main questline having to do with the 7.2 Legionfall campaign) and Breaching the Tomb which is opening up the raid (no raid boss kills required).

It is account wide.


Well, the rep requirement was the part that crushed my will to continue on Draenor Pathfinder. But that was in significant part because Tanaan Jungle was a trash fire of a zone and the pathways to gaining rep were extremely limited and/or grindy. World quests have been a much better approach in Legion (I’ve even got Honored with the Wardens, and you don’t get any questing rep with them until WQs). So if the Broken Shore isn’t completely awful and the relevant reps are done through WQs…I guess it could be okay. But so far every zone they’ve introduced after the launch of the last couple of expansions has been a grindy, little-to-no-questing nightmare of overpowered mobs and competing for rare mob spawns that I hate with a flaming passion, so I’m not convinced yet.


Oh my, I want that Priest owl! The Hunter wolf is pretty alright too.

Digging some of the new artifact appearances too…oooo, that Titanstrike!


Seems I was provided with false information. This is IN. Once hitting 110, go see Khadgar in Dal and he will unlock world quests. Except in Suramar, as in Suramar you unlock the world quests as you progress through the zone quests.


Here’s MMO Champion’s summary of what is coming in patch 7.15 and 7.2:


  • Class updates – increasing talent diversity, adding/returning utility (could include adding abilities in that were pruned too aggressively in 7.0, for example Hunter traps and Rogue Cloak of Shadows), improving “feel” and rotations
  • Readjusting values of Haste/Crit/Mastery by spec so that ilvl is a better indicator of upgrade for all specs
  • Evergreen content, i.e. Mists of Pandaria timewalking (all dungeons), micro Azerothian holidays (Ahn’Qiraj Rememberance Day), Volunteer Guard Day, Boat Day, Hatching of the Hippogryphs), Arena graphics overhaul


  • Tomb of Sargeras: 9-boss raid, four wings
  • Cathedral of Eternal Night: 4-boss dungeon
  • Broken Shore zone (continues class order campaigns, new faction, new world quests)
  • Players build a base in the Broken Shore and make a choice which drives what types of world quests are populated in the zone)
  • Legion Assaults (inspired by pre-launch invasion event but the Broken Isles are being attacked this time, and it’s tied into the world quest system)
  • Flying with class mounts
  • PvP Brawls
  • Artifact updates - new traits, knowledge levels, relics modifying multiple traits
  • New Artifact appearance that is unlocked through doing a highly difficult spec-specific challenge
  • Dungeon baseline adjustments to keep heroics and mythics relevant, splitting up Karazhan and putting it into heroic and mythic+ rotation


This makes me happy. I can get to 110 any way I like – doing mostly BGs, for example, and questing while waiting for the BG to pop – and not feel like I’m missing out on too much. Previously it seemed every character would have to gain rep with each faction, and that meant doing the same quests over and over again on my alts.

It is starting to feel grindy for me though. I have my hunter at 827 without even having run a 5-man. I need 50,000 for my next artifact point. Grind, grind, grind for the artifact points.

I did just respec him in Survival and it’s interesting to learn a new way to play him. I do feel like I’m close to the end with this game for awhile.

This has been the best expansion for me since Lich King. I think both Burning Crusade and Lich King benefited from being the first and second expansions. Everything since has been tougher to love.


I don’t rank the expansions until they are done, since they all start strong in their own way and it’s not until you level 2-3 toons and see how the whole thing goes over the years. Here’s how I rank the current ones.

  1. Wrath: This will always be a special xpac for me. I was in a great guild, beat the Lich King with the guild before they got it on farm. I loved how present the Lich King was through the expac and you got a feel him all the way through.
  2. Burning Crusade: I’m ranking this one high mainly because of KZ and it was the first expac. Blizzard still hadn’t figured out some of the quest hubs, and I didn’t like the theme park zones. It’s also the last expansion I can remember a ton of 5-man content.
  3. Panda Land: This is still some of the best leveling in the game. I loved the whole story. A year of SoO was a pain, but I wasn’t a hard core raider so it didn’t bother me that much.
  4. WoD: The leveling was fine… the first time. I hated the garrisons. Hated the raids, We still got a year of the final raid even though Blizzard said we wouldn’t.
  5. Cata: At first I thought interspersing the new zones with the old world would be fun, but in the end it just fragmented it. I hated the last raid, too.


I am finding my second alt run a LOT faster – 5 levels today on the monk. Probably a lot has to do with what I know etc – and the WW monk is just unbelievable. But it has made me hope I can catch up on this alt.


You don’t have to read the quest text!


So, apparently in some patch (7.2?) Karazhan will be LFD and split into two. Does anyone know if the mythic requirement for attuning will also be removed?


Don’t know, but they’re also making heroic versions of Arcway and Court of Stars.


So I’ve started doing a new thing with my alts. I’m leveling them to 110, getting them to the point that they can do AP research and am then shelving them once I hit the 6k AP tier (which happens pretty quickly). Now I’m just using the Legion app to pick up and re-order the AP knowledge scrolls for a couple of weeks while I continue working on my main.

I figure by the time I’m ready to work on equiping the alts in earnest, they will all be at the 600%+ AP bonus tier. I am also leaving Suramar un-down so that I can get the bonus on the large amount of AP’s you get from that initial quest-line.


I think it’s time to admit that I’m bored of Legion and shelve it.

Turns out grinding a bunch of dailies for artifact points isn’t very compelling content. It basically locks you out of alts and playing around with specs, which is one of my favorite parts of WoW.


Yea, started on my alt and ran out of “resources” on my main pretty quickly, so had to stop leveling my alt to continue on my main…

The resources should just be shared on all characters and possibly also given a boost depending on how many chars you had, or just the cost be 1/10th on alts compared to the main provided you had reached 110+unlocked some stuff… dunno, at least easier than it was.

Thinking I’ll do the xmas stuff before my sub lapses on the 28th…


I’m about to bail too. It did hold my interest longer than any of the recent expansions.

I agree that the resources are a problem. If I didn’t have to worry about them I could just log onto an alt for a few minutes and send his cohorts on missions and get artifact points that way. But you are forced to do dailies to get the resource points. It’s not that onerous but it is a grind.

I also don’t like being forced to do PvE on alts to level. You can’t get to the world quests (dailies) until you have friendly status with most of the factions. The only way to do that is to quest or run 5-mans. I wouldn’t mind leveling another alt to 110 by running PvP mostly, but then I won’t get the world quests.

Anyway, Blizzard did a good job. WoW is just never going to hold my interest like it once did.


You should get WQ access immediately on hitting 110 with an alt as long as you already unlocked them on your main. They patched that in 7.1, i believe


Truth. And in 7.1.5 they’re giving a quick boost to Arcane Knowledge level 15 (or something like that?). I still quit a while ago. Class balancing was making my head spin.


I thought they said you could purchase AK with order resources. If so, you’re still going to be grinding world quests.


I’m pretty well out too. I’m still sending my minions on runs using the Legion app on my phone, and have been logging in to do the holiday dailies (still don’t have the mount from last year). My DK alt was at 4k resources and is now down to ~150 because of the AK and mission costs. For a while I was playing her daily to grind out some WQs for resources, but that got old. The thought of doing it on a 2nd alt… no thanks.

The raids are fun, but our raid attendance is way down over the last few weekends. More and more of the guild members are drifting away to other things.


They basically running into sort of the same issue you had in Legion with the Garrison…

Have to do it all on every character
it takes a lot of time so you only have time to do it on one char (most of the time)
-> quit

I guess more stuff needs to be shared across characters, like a “family/legacy” unlock. Make it optional if you want.