World of Warcraft: Legion


Psh, they lost me even before release when I read that the artifact for beast master’s was a gun. (Which may or may not have turned out to be true.) Ahem. I’m not a dwarf, Blizzard. I have some dignity.


I’m going to ride it out and see what KZ is like when it goes LFG. Assuming I don’t need the Mythic flag to run it LFR, I’ll at least see the place. The reports once 7.2 hits the PTR will tell me what I need to work on for gear level.

After that I’m done.


I’m kinda burnt out too, but it’s not artifact power grinding (I really don’t care), or not being able to keep up with alts (I don’t play any). It’s the combo of the actual story campaign basically forcing grouping (and there’s no incentive for anyone to group with you because it’s not repeatable content) and there being no real reason to re-run LFG-capable dungeons or raids when I already have better gear from world quests and such. WQs are better than dailies, for sure, but they’re not a reason to keep playing in and of themselves. I assume the idea is that I’ll find people to do mythic plus or actual proper raiding with, but the effort involved far outweighs my level of interest. And all of it’s made 20x worse by not being able to fly.


I mean, they’re no Ulduar, but yeah, the raids are fun and well-designed. ToV is a pain in the ass, but getting Odyn down was very satisfying. I’ve only done part of Kara, but that was a blast to revisit too. The day-to-day grind is just becoming too much to want to spend much more time on, and the legendary situation is ridiculous. I fully expect to need two BiS legendaries when Nighthold comes out, and at the moment I have one shitty one and no way to guarantee I can find another.

I have 5 Tokens in my bag, so I’m sure I’ll be back at patch time (especially if they make alt-ing easier), but I think it’s time for a break.


Boooooo hissssssss


I logged on one of my toons and got its gift from Father Winter from the mailbox. It was a Tailoring recipe. Then I logged on another toon thinking I would get its gift from Father Winter, too–but there was no gift there. Nor was there a gift from Father Winter for any of the other toons I logged on.

At least there were no rocks.


So, I’m trying to figure out what to do about WoW.

I’m on Horde Argent Dawn. This is pretty much a dead server. I have one 110 (hunter) and 3 level 100s (not counting my DH). My guild moved servers and I have zero intention of following them. The guild before them moved servers as well. I can’t afford to, and don’t want to move the Horde toons off AD. I occasionally play with one RL friend. At the least, it’s nice to pass someone you know in a zone. Given my crap luck with guilds, rather than search one out I’m just going to accept the next spam guild invite I get and try that out. It’s telling I haven’t gotten one since I left the wreckage of my old guild.

I also have two Alliance 100s (again, not counting the DH) on Steamweedle. Also a deadish server. In this case, with two 100s, no ties to the server, and the rest of my characters in the 50s and 60s, I’m less opposed to moving a couple of them. Stormrage has a good alliance pop so it’s a possibility. A friend also plays on Medivh, but I’m less likely to move to a server for a specific person.

My gut instinct is to not move anyone. I don’t have the time to join a raiding guild. It would be nice to hook up with a group that did Mythic dungeons. My main horde toon I’m working through the bits I need for Legion flying and that’s my priority now.

That said, I miss Alliance a little, and I definitely miss running through a main city and seeing people.

Any advice?


I’ve been raiding pretty hard core on Legion, but I’m just burned out at this point. The daily grind has caught up with me, and now I am really only logging in on raid days. I am filling my off time with other endeavors like Horizon, Stardew, and… Elder Scrolls Online. My advice would be have you tried Elder Scrolls? It’s refreshing, different, you can play it like a solo game or a MMO given your tastes, and it’s a very competent game today (more so then when it came out for sure). From your post, it doesn’t seem like you are all too excited about any of the prospects you have in WoW, other then playing with a friend…


I’ve tried Elder Scrolls but it just didn’t grab me. I’m not a big fan of the Skyrim interface. I’m less of a fan of modding the hell out of my interface. I might give it a try again. I also have A Secret World I need to get back into.

I’m still relatively happy in WoW. It’s more that I’ve given up starting characters on servers just because a friend plays there. After they quit, I go “well, fuck, what now?” It’s still my MMO of choice.

With LFG/LFR and the like, I’m not sure server pop and guilds matter as much as they used to.

I’m an analyst prone to overanalyzing, so figuring this stuff out is kinda fun for me.


I completely understand where you are coming from Mark as I was also on a server from launch that I felt very mixed feelings about leaving. I was on Feathermoon server from vanilla, and was able to continue to raid there through Mists of Pandaria, when gradual realm depopulation and changing availability windows left me without a raid. In MoP, I only did the occasional pick-up-group (some with my old guild who were raiding starting at 1am – incompatible with my real life schedule but I could make it once every blue moon) and LFR until Siege of Orgrimmar launched.

After SoO launched I switched servers to join a specific raid group - moving to Hyjal which has the most populous Horde population and most active raiding scene for a Pacific timezone server. I only moved my main and left my other characters in my old guild on Feathermoon. Even though the specific group I moved for didn’t work out – being on Hyjal was definitely a good move. And keeping some characters on my old server has allowed me to stay in contact with the friends I’ve had from vanilla on that side.

I think it depends on how important having a regular raid group is to you. If that’s important, I’d recommend switching a single character to an active server on which you have already found a raid group you are interested in trialing with that works at your time. That will allow you to “test the waters” at limited cost and risk of not switching all your characters over.

If having a regular raid is not that important to you, then I think with group finder, it’s a great time to be able to PUG, even on low pop servers.


I start my Master’s Certificate most likely in a month, so I won’t have time for a steady raid group.I do have an app in on a guild via Guild Finder that has the most members.

Argent Dawn just feels dead in ways the other servers don’t. I’ve been unguilded for a few days and haven’t had one spam invite. The global channels are just dead also.

After I get the bits for the flying achieve (or at least the parts I can do) I’ll think about moving. The likely thing I’ll do is move the two alliance 100s.

I wish Blizzard would just do another server squish.


I skimmed through the post waaay too fast, and for a split second though “Oh my god, you’re Double Agent?!”

Argent != Agent. Sigh.


Restart a new class on a highly populated alliance server? I did that a few years ago, and it was actually pretty fun.


I’ve thought of it. I have a level 37 on Stormrage I play now and then. The thought of leveling a stable of toons from level 1 isn’t that interesting.


So, you’ll laugh at this, and at me.

After bouncing around between various servers, I noticed that I wasn’t seeing any trade or general chat on Argent Dawn. No spamming of Guild Recruitment, insults in trade etc. Clearly something must be broken on how I’m filtering.

So, I deleted all my cache, wtf and etc folders. Still not much for global chats on Argent, Steemwheedle or Medivh. So, I asked a friend of mine: is Trade Chat just dead on this server?

Turns out, yep. Argent Dawn’s global channels are pretty damn quiet.


I’m on Medivh-Exodar and can attest that it’s a pretty active server. There always seems to be about 50 people standing around the Stormwind bank / AH area.


If you want an active server with huge login queues every expansion, you cant go wrong with Silvermoon for alliance and Draenor for HOrde.


I have a friend on Medivh and it’s a move candidate. If I know more than one person (@belasarius) it’s moved over Stormrage


God help me, but I’ve just got a free WoW account and I’ve started a Draenei Shamaness.

Last time I played the game was the Burning Crusade days, got something to lvl 40 or something, but some other shiny thing passed my vision and I dropped it.

I do remember it being a rich, fun, highly polished and functional game though, and though I’ve only just started a character, reality seems to be holding up to the memory so far.


Well, this is a ridiculously late comment on WoW, but having just been totally absorbed by it for the past week or so, I’d just like to say that it’s made me think twice about my love of visual realism in videogames (it’s actually what drew me into them once they’d passed the Doom threshold, and psychologically I’ve been largely driven by wanting more and more visual realism).

It seems that a cartoon art style can be actually more realistic in emotional impact, if the amount of detail in other ways, particularly conceptually (and, not least in importance, from audio effects), matches the blocking-out of character visually.

What I mean is, with a cartoon style, you can flesh out the world to the same level of detail in everything - world itself, mobs, clutter, etc. - so that every “thing”, every entity you encounter, whether it be a mob or a locale, has a pronounced boldly-drawn character.

When you’re living in a virtual world of such pronounced and distinctively drawn “things”, with such tremendous attention to detail for every little thing in the world, the immersion factor is much greater than it would be where you have visual realism, but everything else sort of lags behind. The brain buys into an integrated illusion more wholeheartedly.

But of course the simplicity of the elements means the world can be bigger. You can have an entire forest of a zillion simple square trees.

If there’s any secret to MMORPGs proper, it’s got to be this: that the world itself has got to be the main star of the show, it’s got to feel like a real, and a really BIG, place. When I think of all the failed “WoW beaters” of the Noughties, that’s where they all fell down.