World of Warcraft: Legion


Well, they thought of you too! The AK grind has been shortened from like 4 days per level to 3h and 36m per level. This is, as the devs say, because:


I’m confused. Does this mean 3.51 hours per tier now?


Yes sir, that’s what it means exactly.


Oh crap. I purchased Legion and for the first time in 4 expansions I am back in WoW.


Excellent choice! It’s the best expansion since Wrath, IMO.


Agree that it’s an excellent expansion. Got me back playing for a few months. Now I’m back in GW2 waiting for the Path of Fire expansion coming next month.


I am having a blast playing WoW again. There is something comforting about playing it again. There is an incredible amount of content since I last played so it is like playing a new game. The game is really too easy as my (now) level 83 Warrior smokes everything in about two hits but then again it keeps things moving. The newer quests are quite good, the linked quests tell a more cohesive story (unless they break the chain as they did in Hyjal) and the new zones are fantastic to explore.

I do not know if I will play more than a month or two but while I am playing it has been a jolly good time and I have not even been into an instance yet.


I somewhat feel like I am posting to myself a bit here but so be it.

Downer: There are an enormous amount of bugs in WoW. I have had quest chains break. Even simple quests like the one to go to Pandaria and the first series in Pandaria are broken. The quest to Pandaria never arrives at the dock and the ones in Pandaria point to the wrong location. I get disconnected too often. I believe the game engine can not quite deal with everything that is going on.

Upper: There is a staggering amount of new content. There are new systems, classes and professions to learn. Even simple zone content is overwhelming. It took less than two zones for me to level through Cata. I may get to Draenor from one zone in Pandaria and there are four leveling zones there. Even zones that I would like to see like Uldum I have not yet glimpsed. I spent last night running my level 85 warrior through the culling of Stratholme and the level 70 Mount Hyjal raid instance and that was quite enjoyable. I received no loot but it was fun to see the content.


I’m continuing to enjoy the game. After getting a char to 59 on a server, I relocated to an RP server and have a bunch of toons there, highest being 47 at the moment. I’m aiming to get into more RP proper now that I’ve got more of a handle on the game.

I’m not so interested in the competitive endgame/achievement thing, more in the immersive persistent world thing (as I said up-thread), so I’m really enjoying all the questing, and, in parallel, enjoying the heck out of doing the classic dungeons as a Resto Shaman.

But leveling really is far too fast to give you time to enjoy the persistent world content, especially when you do dungeons (as I said above, it’s obvious why this is - most players just want to get to max level as quickly as poss. now).

What I’m doing is shutting experience off every 5 levels so I can do lots and lots of dungeons (and accumulate some decent blue gear from them) and get to know them, then putting experience back on and questing the next 5 levels.

It’s a bit of a faff as I have to pop back to Stormwind every time I do this, and I’d rather have a half-xp potion or something like that, so I didn’t have to think about it, but it works well enough to let me have the questing content roughly on-level when I do it, while at the same time enjoying and getting to know the dungeon content, and learning my healing thoroughly as I go.

Eh, I’m in no hurry :)


When I was running an alt briefly I just outlevelled stuff and kept questing. The fights are never challenging anyway (especially post stat-squish in older content) and not what I’m there for, and if you’re turning off XP regularly anyway the lack of particular mechanical reward for the quests you’ve gotten too high level for is hardly an issue.


I’m curious how your RP experience will go with WoW. I tried one of their RP servers years ago and found the experience exactly the same as on a vanilla server.

This is so disappointing. That and the hand-holding that quests do now (particularly many quest givers being relocated to dungeons) have really turned me off of WoW. I wish they’d open an old school progression server with severely reduced XP gains. It might be enough to get me to resub.


I believe I understand where you are coming from.

I have a difficult time questing for questing’s sake so I can not bear to turn off XP. I will just enjoy the content in pieces with different characters if I choose to level them up. I am playing a tank and I am always nervous about trying to do an instance when I am in Arms rather than Prot so I have entirely avoided instances.


I like to get to the endgame so I can run battlegrounds. In fact, I will use battlegrounds to level to some extent too. I haven’t been subscribed for months now. I’ll probably jump in again at some point just to scratch an itch.

I am interested in the ex-Mythic and Shadowbane people and the game or games they are working on. I can’t even remember the names of those games at this point, but if those come out I will likely try them out.

How is World of Warcraft these days?

Camelot Unchained is the ex-Mythic people.


Argus is out!


So, I hopped back on the bandwagon for a few months.

What is the best way to level alts these days? I got the heirlooms to 100. Still questing/LFG? What is the time it takes to get to level 110 these days?


I recently level at alt from 87 to 110 in a week or so. Granted I was playing quite a bit, but the quickest way to get leveled up is definitely questing. Pick the starting zone that most interests you, and go for it. You can queue for dungeons, which is good for loot, which is good for faster leveling, but the XP is in the quest zones.


The most time-efficient way to level alts (especially if you’ve unlocked flying on the Broken Isles) is to do the Legion Invasions. If one isn’t currently underway in game wowhead will tell you when the next one will be active. With full Heirlooms you might even finish in five or less assaults.


I don’t have flying yet. I’m still only about 60% into Part 1. I have the Suramar questline after 8000 rep (at 7500 now), and a few other reps. I’m in honored on the rest. Just need to grind it out.

Haven’t done any of Broken Shore, though.

That said, I did run the invasions on a few alts, and it def worth it. Was getting about 1.3 levels per invasion with the looms. The invasion schedule doesn’t really match up to my schedule this week, but oh well.


Legion = worst WoW expansion ever.