World of Warcraft: Legion


Not hard to confuse them!


Finally finished up Suramar and got the Loremaster achieve. That was a slog. I enjoyed them, but it felt like getting that one zone done took as long as all the others combined.

Now to get 6k each Wardens and Highmountain rep/


What killed Suramar for me were the elite sections. I’ve got a quest that is mandatory to continue the storyline and it’s impossible to stealth to the targets and impossible to kill the giant wandering patrols and impossible to rez without aggroing a patrol and impossible to get a group and so I just quit playing.


There are a couple like this. I generally just throw myself off the ledge, die, and rez where I need to.

The “are you with us” one was the worst one. There was one part of a manhole quest that was bad, but the “are you with us” was the one that drove me to drink.


I just encountered a fairly stupid bit of WoW quest design/writing. I got the quest “Pillars of Creation” which required me to obtain 3 specific items. Problem is, I had already obtained all 3 items, from the dungeon bosses in 3 of the Legion dungeons. I submitted a ticket and the GM explained that the items must be obtained a second time for this quest, from the raid Tomb of Sargeras. This annoyed me for 2 reasons: 1)the quest wasn’t marked as a Raid Quest which caused confusion and 2)they couldn’t come up with 3 new names for the items? Why have me obtain items I already had, which were already mounted in the Dalaran trophy room? Couldn’t they at least make them a variation of the base item to avoid confusion?

Feh, stupid quest design. I am officially Moderately Annoyed.


No, you don’t have to retrieve the Pillars, you have to use them in the Tomb.


I’m trying to figure out if I want to move off the dead servers I am on. I am on both Horde Argent and Alliance Steamwheedle. Argent I am unlikely to move off of. A good friend plays with me, and even though our schedules don’t line up a lot, it is nice passing her in Dalaran.

Steamwheedle I moved one toon off to Stormrage as an experiment. My brain apparently doesn’t really like having my toons split and I haven’t really leveled any of them.

I’m debating just moving all of them to Stormrage or Moonguard.


I apparently missed a memo from last year’s Blizzcon and got a nasty surprise last night. I occasionally play some of my lower-level characters to experience some of the story I missed, especially in areas changed by Cataclysm. Due to the change in leveling speed that was introduced years ago, they are generally over-leveled for the area, but that’s fine because it allows me to bang through the story and even some of the dungeons without much difficulty. I have other characters when I want a challenge.

Last night, I took my level 50 night elf warrior to Ashenvale only to discover that the mobs in Bashran’s Haunt were now level 49. The last patch applied level scaling to the entire game, not just Legion. I think this is a mistake on Blizzard’s part, but time will tell. The forums are indeed filled with people who think it’s wonderful, mostly because it will cause “the casuals” to leave. They may be right about that part.

For me, some days, a challenge is fun. Some days it’s fun just to bang through some quests to see the story. Now that’s no longer a choice.


I believe many of those who post in support of Blizzard’s decisions are either fanbois, shills, or inconsiderate fools.


It’s not Legion-level scaling. What it now does is all of the mainlands are 10-60, with the starting areas 1-10. You can now skip Outland and go directly to Northrend at 60. So, at 70, you will still be able to go massacre murlocks to your heart’s content.

This is a net win since you’d get about halfway into a zone and out level it. I have a 49 warlock that I ran LFG for the entire time and didn’t have the flight paths to get to the level 40 areas. Now at least I can go back to Silverpine and level.


Starting areas scale to 20. Anyway, I don’t care about out-leveling a zone (which wouldn’t be a problem if they hadn’t botched it up when they redid the leveling scaling in Cataclysm). This is not a net win for me; it removes the flexibility of playstyle I was enjoying. That makes it for me pretty much a complete loss.


So now it’s like Guild Wars 2, I guess. In general I think this is a good thing, but you do miss out on that feeling of becoming more powerful as you level. You’re running back to Undercity or some place like that and running through a low-level mob area, and you can just look at a mob and it dies.

This change actually makes me more likely to resub at some point and start a new character. I haven’t played much Alliance. I might enjoy playing content that’s mostly new to me.

The one thing I will miss is soloing a high level character in a lower level 5 man dungeon and seeing how far I can get. That was challenging and fun.


It was botched up before Cat, and Heirlooms just completely screwed it up.


Oh interesting. Hadn’t heard about this, but a bit of challenge while leveling sounds pretty cool to me. I might have to burn one of my WoW tokens to check it out.


This is a matter of the best bad decision. The complaint is that people were out-leveling the zone long before they saw the conclusion to the story. I ran into this multiple times when leveling in Legion and with new characters in my last foray into WoW. It is not much fun when you abort a whole bunch of quests in a zone because they offer you no experience gain. While some people may like that, I think that most players dislike doing quests just to see the story. The general thought was that most players preferred (and Blizzard seems to agree based on this decision) to let the level scale with the player. In that way a player can continue to play through the story AND advance their character at the same time.

Also, fighting level 49 mobs with a level 50 character is not much of a challenge. You should be face-rolling those mobs 3-5 at a time even with a holy priest.


The ‘negative’ impacts of this change seem way overblown. First, it doesn’t add much challenge I’ll agree. Mobs that took 1 hit now take 2-3, so there is some increase in tedium (some classes may be more impacted - I don’t play the squishier stuff).

On the flip side, I don’t have to swap zones every 10 quests because I’ve leveled out of the area. I ran around Westfall at level 55 and gained a full level in no longer than it would have taken pre-patch (and doing it in a former level 5 or whatever zone was novel).

NOTE: I did have heirlooms. Anyone leveling an alt should. Anyone not leveling an alt should be playing the game, and should actually appreciate seeing a full zone story. I’m able to see quests now that I haven’t seen in … quite some time. I also haven’t tried dungeons - I’m personally glad that questing is back to being as good as dungeon running for leveling up.


I hope they do an event like they did prior to legion when they are getting ready for the release of the next expansion. I think I levelled 3 or 4 alts during that, plus my main character.


+1 I did the same. It was an excellent way to boost characters in preparation for the upcoming expansion.


I figured it out a bit late but I still leveled at least 2 and got a few levels on a third. It was a nice thing.

The next expansion is still pretty far out, isn’t it?

The vanilla WoW is interesting to me also. If I resub, will I be able to create a character on a vanilla server? I’d at least try it.


It looks like they are positioning things for the next expansion. I logged into one of my characters as I was going through them to move them to a comfortable resting place. My goblin, who I thought was in the slums in Orgrimmar, was in a place I didn’t recognize, waist deep in the ground. I ran around a bit and found the Valley of the Spirits right where it should have been. The Goblin Slums has been replaced by the Orgrimmar Embassy.

In the building there, I found the faction leaders assembled. Baine has a new model, which he also has in Thunder Bluff now. Baine talks about the Highmountain, and Lady Liadrin talks about the Nightborne.