World of Warcraft Mods

Are there any must-have mods for WoW I should know about? I’m particularly interested in having extra quickslots onscreen.

Itemrack is the only mod I have that I absolutely find necessary.

Cartographer is spiffy as well too. It gives you coordinates to communicate locations on a map easier, and will always display the locations of your guild mates nearby (even if not in your party).

Itemrack is the only really necessary mod I’ve found, though.

I haven’t played in about a year, but:


I really like auctioneer.

The Ace mods at are always good. They use a common codebase in an attempt to allow you to load a lot of different mods that don’t use too much RAM. In addition, they have their own external update/installation application.

As for specific mods, I’ll second cartographer(an Ace mod), and also mention DoTimer, one of the few non-Ace mods I use. It’s limited in scope, but for a warlock especially it’s great. You can also configure it to give you notifications when things like sheep/seduce break.

CT Mod for some of the basic UI changes and stuff that I like. You don’t even need to install everything, just what works for you.

I can’t live without MetaMap for all the advantages it gives me.

I use MobInfo mainly for some detailed info on resists and runaway traits.

I like the viewing and sorting options of Advanced Tradeskill Window.

What is Item Rack?

I believe it allows you to swap gear quickly, assuming you’re the type to carry 3 sets of gear with you at all times.

Titan panel- I could not LIVE without it- it tracks xp–meh but one click to open all bags, plus tracks open slots, tracks gear “wearoutedness”, coords and for a hunter, the ammo tracking is a must.

ditto on the Auction Helper-

Makes posting and pricing a breeze.

I’ve switched to using all Ace mods. Mostly because it allows me to update all my mods with a single program so I’m not spending hours looking for new versions of my mods everytime a patch comes out and breaks everything.

Some handy Ace mods:
Cartographer - This allows you far greater map control. Things such as: resource node tracking (both on the map and on the minimap) Quest tracking (where did that questgiver go again? is a thing of the past); and locations of all your guildmates that use cartographer wherever they are in the world.

fuBar - Similar to Titan panel. This mod has thousands of plugin mods that can completely replicate Titan panel without the huge memory footprint.

DeuceCommander - adds a button to fuBar that allows you to configure all your ace mods from one menu ui. Very helpful for mods that don’t have their own GUI.

SCT/D - Scrolling Combat Text (and SCT Damage). Allows you to configure heals, DoTs, alerts you when to use certain skills for warriors (mortal strike, or something like that). I play a warlock, so this isn’t so necessary for me, but it’s nice to see all those dots go scrolling by.

ag_UnitFrames - Allows you to customize character and party frames with several different styles and options. Also allows you to reposition the frames.

OneBag - Pretty simple mod: all your bags are redrawn in a single window frame. Ditto with your bank. Also has options for viewing your bank from anywhere and viewing your alts banks as well.

Bartender3 - more button bars. I believe this allows you to have up to 12 action bars and configure them in a variety of different ways (rows/columns, mostly).

Non ace2 mods:
MonkeyQuest - Great quest tracking mod.

eCB - enhanced casting bar. Reconfigures the default casting bar as well as allowing you to view and configure target cast bars, focus cast bars, and whatnot. A must have for anyone with spell-countering and interrupt type abilities.

Anyway, those are the big ones. I could go and list every single little tiny mod I’ve got installed, but that would make this post really, really long and even more boring than it already is.

Here’s an older pic of my UI. I’ve made some small changes here and there.

Fubar is a million times better than Titan. And Closetgnome is better than itemrack, imo. I am a fervent user of Ace mods, so I am a little biased. But the plugin capability and flexibility of Fubar really blows Titan out of the water.

AS for “must have” kinda things, it really depends on your class, your playstyle, and your personality. I am an infojunkie that plays a Priest on a lot of engame stuff, so things like KTM threatmeter and other mods like that are a must have for me.

Oh, also, ArkInventory is by far the best inventory mod I’ve found. Also Ace based, which is a bonus, but I’d use it anyway. It not only caches you inventory and bank for viewing when not at the bank or on a different character, but it allows you to sort and divide your inventory items by category - categories which can be user-defined. Here is a pic of my current setup:

Another vote for ItemRack (I never used ClosetGnome so wouldn’t know). It does depend on your class I guess - I was a tank in an endgame raiding guild, so at one point I always carried in my bags a set of normal tanking gear, fire resistance gear, nature resistance gear, and frost resistance gear, as well as a set of DPS gear.

I too like ItemRack.

I’ll also recommend BongoBars since you said you were looking for something to give you more shortcut buttons.

As a paladin, multiple sets of gear are necessary as well as having every single one of your situational skills available :)

You went in and activated all your extra action bars right? And you can assign quick keys to all the slots in the extra action bars too.

I use Titan Panel, didn’t like Fubar. Be aware that addons break a lot with patches and can sometimes do really strange things to your game play. Also be sure when you download them, they are recent like within two months. I used to use a lot, now I use as few as possible. These areTitan Panel, Mob-info2, Auctioneer and EquipCompare.

Also for those who haven’t played in a while, Bliz took away a lot of functionality from the add on capabilities in the last few patches.


Another vote for:

Bartender3 (the best “extra bars” mod I’ve used)

I can’t live without:

FuBar [and the dozen or so mods that live with it: auditFu, guildFu, critFu, HonorFu, MapFu, RestFu, etcetera and etcetera]
CT Mod
Fishing Buddy

I also can’t live without:
Questfu (great quest tracker)
ToFu ( flight path time tracker… tells you how long flights take )
GarbageFu (this helps to let you know which items are worth the least so you can easily drop them from your inventory when it gets full)
eeShards ( awesome warlock shardcounter that also sets a limit on how many shards to have on you at any given time)
LocationFu (lets you know your current location and gives you suggestions on which zones to be in for your level)
ClockFu (its a clock!)
RestFu (tracks the rested level on all of your chars… very helpful for anyone with 8 billion alts)
AtlasLootFu (gives you loot tables for all of the instances in the game)
AutoBar (this is a very very handy little bar that is moveable and expands when you get something in your inventory that is usable. Example it will have your mount, hearthstone, bandages, food, and heath pots. This thing is very very nice.
QuestAnnouncer (this one is really handy for groups to keep them informed how far along you are with quests. I love it when I am running two accounts because it lets me know with out looking what else I need)

I also really love the ace mods simply because of the updater. The only thing I am using that is not an ace mod is auctioneer and I really dont update that very often.

I just made the switch to Ace mods myself and am loving it. The updater alone is worth making the switch.

FuBar + plugins

Also the current titanbar maintainer has been missing in action for several months so I wouldnt count on it staying maintained. I liked titan, mainly for it’s rider module which there is no equivalent in fubar but after having problems with rider recently I switched to fubar and I’d never go back.

However, if you are a complete newbie to mods I would recommend starting with something like ct_mod personally. It does a good job of handling the basics and providing a framework you can build on as you get more comfortable working with mods. I used it up until BC beta when it was broken and then I started piecing together my own interface. Ct_mod plays remarkably well with other mods from my experience so if you start with it you can add things that catch your eye and play around with them.