World of Warcraft Mods

Nice setup but you are using so much of the screen in the bottom area you might want to put in a viewport mod like Aparture, another ace2 mod. I’ve seen some cool stuff done with viewporting which allows you to shrink the viewable area of the screen and put message windows and hotbars in the area you aren’t using. I hope this is clear. I can’t think of a better way to describe it though.

Another vote for the fabulous FuBar. I use Auditor, QuestFu, ToFu, HonorFu, AmmoFu, ClockFu, SkillsFu, etc. Ace mods generally are excellent.

SW Stats + KTM Threat back when I was raiding

I use, but am not in love with:
MetaHud, FishingBuddy

Anyone have a good MetaHud replacement?

I love threads like these because I find handy new mods. I’m going to try out ag_unitframes and closetgnome, for example.

There is a new mod a friend told me about, unfortunately I do not remember its name, but it will be a MUST have mod for everyone and it is expected that blizzard will try and whack it.

The mod presents an order list of aggro for monsters and also gives you a bar-graph how how close you are to taking aggro from whomever has it. It has been reported that DPS classes can gain about 20% more DPS because they will know exactly where they are in the aggro table and exactly how much more then can do before they pull aggro.

EDIT: It might be KTM threat that Dr. Hillbilly listed

I’ve spent many months trying to build a nice, clean, functional UI using mainly Ace mods. The only major mod I’m using now that isn’t from is MiksScrollingBattleText, which is like Scrolling Combat Text but vastly superior.

Some screenshots of my UI:

When not in combat:

Same as above, but showing the Baggins mod, which automatically sorts your inventory:

When in combat:

Major mods used:

FuBar + Many Plugins (Titan-like infobar mod on the bottom of the screen)
Bartender3 (Hotbar Mod)
Squeenix (Movable square mini-map)
IceHUD (Player and Target Health, Mana/Energy/Rage, and Casting bars)
poisons have expired)
MiksScrollingBattleText (Combat Text Display)
OmniCC (shows cooldown remaining on abilities)
Baggins (inventory sorter, makes managing your bags and bank much easier)
Auctioneer (AH price scanner and more)
Cartographer (amazing map addon, has MANY useful functions)
DeuceCommander (FuBar plugin for configuring all Ace addons)
ElkBuffBar (displays time remaining on buffs and debuffs as a coloured bar)
SimpleCombatLog (reformats the text of your combat log)

Some rogue-specific addons I use that are invaluable to me but not useful to other classes:

FuBar_RogueTimerFu (Displays remaining duration of rogue stuns and other abilities)
FuBar_PoisonReminderFi (Displays a popup box showing when my MH and OH poisons expire
BlindFlashCount (Displays the number of reagents remaining for Vanish and Blind directly on their hot buttons)

I hate to tell you, but KTM has been around for a long time, is used by most high end raiding guilds, and Blizzard has absolutely no problems with it (that I have seen)

It definitely makes life easier for rogues and mages in fights like Vael and beyond…

I’m currently taking a break from WoW, but these are the mods I usually have up:

Quest-I-On (quest minion that has an orc peon say “Work Complete!” when you finish a quest. YES THIS IS IMPORTANT.)

If you go to you can pick up a spiffy autoupdate tool that will update most of these. also has an autoupdater but they also have distributed trojans in the past (due to oversights, not malice, but it pissed off their users all the same)

It most likely is and KTM has been around for quite a while now. It’s probably been more than 6 months that it’s been out of the suck stage and highly useable/accurate. It’s not new and Blizzard has never done much to try and stop it. I’m not sure they could since the only data it uses is from the combat log (it’s just damage, class and ability tracking really). Though Blizzard seems to have made many of the boss encounters much more unique in the expanion and less based on their threat mechanic.

KTM is fantastic. It’s not quite caught up with all the TBC deaggro mob abilities yet, from what I can tell, but it’s still really, really good. If you’re doing any “boss” type encounters, not just raid encounters, I would highly recommend it. I’ve played a healer (shaman), a DPS (rogue) and a tank (warrior) in end-game raids and it was wonderfully useful to me in all three roles.

Gmail is a must-have for me. I send large quantities of mail between my own toons and to and from guildmates. The bulk mail facilities it provides are a great time saver.

ItemRack is great for all the reasons mentioned. Outfitter fills the same bill. It has (at least used to) more usability but less flexibility than ItemRack. Not sure if that’s still the case. I use 'em to manage sets of gear for different roles: Tank, DPS, resist X, etc… Similarly, switching weapons depending on stance is great. StanceSets will do that as a more standalone mod, or ItemRack/Outfitter will do it as well. ItemRack has some really nice scriptability to switch gear pieces based on all kinds of events (I used to have it switch to my Onyxia cloak automatically when entering Nef’s room, for example).

Similarly, I sell a lot of things on the auction house, so Auctioneer is a big help. I don’t generally spend a lot of time bargain hunting and looking to flip things for profit, so it’s not an “OMG I NEED” mod, but it’s still very, very useful when I’m trying to price a stack of <trade or consumable item>.

I like Fubar, but I could live without it. I use it more out of habit than any real “need,” I think.

Same for BongoBars. I don’t really need more buttons than the default UI provides (with the extra bars turned on). I do like being able to move them around, change the orientation, etc… Nothing magic there. With a little bit of fiddling, I suspect I would be just as happy with GryphonRemovers.

Oh, one in particular I can’t live without as a Priest is Mendwatch. It puts a bar up that tells you what player Prayer of Mending has jumped to, and how much it healed them for. Indispensible addon, and makes that spell a million times more useful.

I was going to upload a couple of screenshots of my UI, but flikr is being retarded right now, so I can’t :( I will later though!

Just curious what mods you guys use that are class specific and indispensible… I’ve noticed that Clique is the only way to do heal-bot type stuff, and that heal-o-matic one click style of healing (such as in pre-2.0 Castbars) is no longer possible. I’m wondering if there’s a mod that is preferred in the new style to go along with Clique. Right now I’m using the new 2.0+ Decursive to do decursing, poison removal, disease banishment, etc on my mage, shaman, and priest.

As for general mods, I’m another user of the whole array of Ace 2 powered mods and use the updater utility to keep my mods up to date. I’m using FuBar (titan bar type deal) with a few different plugins like Telltracker, DeuceCommander, and MCP, Bartender 3 button bars, Squeenix (square minimap), eCB, ElkBuffBars, some countdown bars (i forget the mod name), ag_UnitFrames, Cartographer (totally awesome map/sharing mod), and Auctioneer (one of the few non-Ace 2 mods).

Athryn: what was that item bonus ratings “buster” mod?

I’ve been using:

TrinityBars (another “multiple hotbars” mod -one thing this one does that I really like is allow you to assign hotkeys to spells in your spellbook. So I don’t have to make quickbars for things I only use rarely - like calling up my Dreadsteed - I just hotkey it in the spellbook)
CT Mod
ItemRack (I use the events sets here to equip my carrot because I have found TitanBar’s rider implementation gets out of synch way too much)
KLH Threatmeter
Necrosis (Warlock mod)
WIM (puts whispers in a separate AIM like window you can keep up on screen or move around - you’ll never miss a whisper again)
Scrolling Combat Text
TipBuddy (custom tooltips)

Athryn: what was that item bonus ratings “buster” mod?

That would probably be RatingsBuster :)

Auctioneer, Gatherer, Enchantrix, LootLink (or whatever it’s become in the package with the first three).

I love Gatherer now that it gives and takes node updates from guild/party members.

I’ve been using:

TitanBars (with a bunch of addons, like TitanHonor, TitanGuild, TitanFriends, etc)

I use Wowecon because it aggregates AH data from everyone using it so I don’t have to do a AH scan to get an idea of how much an item is worth. It also adds item sell value to vendors in tooltips.

Auctioneer is great for finding deals though.

It’s Ratingbuster (no s) and it is indeed a pretty cool mod I recently discovered that helps turn the “critical strike rating” number into a percentage number on the tooltip.

I use:

Titan Panel (don’t like FuBar’s look, nor need its addons)

Auctioneer (indispensable!)

Gatherer (tracks locations of resource nodes as you harvest them)

Atlas (an oldie…should I switch to cartographer?)

AVBars2 (puts up movable time bars for capturing stuff in battlegrounds)

EasyRaid (QT_Raid is way too much stuff. This simply puts up health/mana bars for everyone in your raid, optionally grouped by class, and highlights raid members in range. It’s simple, lean, effective, and the only thing I really needed QT_Raid for)

MobInfo2 (stores info on mobs like hit points/mana, drop rates, XP, mob “worth” to kill, etc and gives you customizable tooltip info about it. Also puts HP amount on mobs HP bar)

QuestLevel (I don’t need or want “quest tracking” beyond what’s in the game. I just want the levels to show.)

TheoryCraft2 (shows you how much damage your spells will do and stuff, and adds those values to your buttons if you want)

Cartographer replaces both atlas and gatherer nicely. It’s supposed to import the nodes from gatherer, but I have heard from some people that it doesn’t always do it correctly.

I can’t understand why people still use titan though. It is flabby in it’s resource usage, and it’s going to eventually break. I was a dyed in the wool worshipper until I found Fubar. You can even make Fubar skin to look like titan now. :P

Different strokes for different folks :D

Ha! I just made mystery convert! I was telling him about this other newer addon that’s starting to (unfortunately) become almost required: SpamSentry. It monitors and blocks goldselling spam and puts together a nice neat appeal. I’ve had to use it twice today already, one of the GMs I was talking to says they think the “Dear GM,” part in it is pretty cute.

I have some screenshots, they’re a tiny bit out of date, as I added autobar recently, so that cleaned up the bar on the right side and some of my main panel of buttons. But anyway, the out of combat is here and the in combat one is here

Yes, I have a lot of shit on my screen an it can be a little cluttered sometimes, but it does actually work for me. :)

Cartographer does that plus doesn’t show nodes you don’t care about, plus shares where your guild members are on the map, plus lets you push/share custom map notes, quest giver (and other npc types) locs, instance maps, etc.

Also, I prefer DrDamage to TheoryCraft since it’s much lighter on resources.

There’s a cool page on suggestions for raid mods that use Ace 2 as well here.

RE: Class specific stuff

Necrosis (for warlocks) and Cryolysis (for mages) and whateverthecrapit’scalled for rogues are all different class-flavored versions of the same mod. It’s kinda nice for centralizing a fair amount of non-combat crap (portals/gems/food/water for mages, soulstones/shards for locks, poisons and crap for rogues).

Cryo’s been pretty busted since 2.0 though, so I haven’t bothered with it. Haven’t checked in a while; might be back up and running now.

I wish someone would make something like Cryolysis but shaped differently such that it would more efficiently fit with square frames elsewhere in your UI. :P I used to use Cryolysis, but haven’t revisted it post 2.0.