World of WarCraft - QT3 guild?

Against my better judgment, I’ll most likely be jumping back into World of WarCraft when it ships this week.

Has there been any discussion about setting up a QT3 guild?

I’m down for this. I’ll be away for a week participating in the turkey ritual, but once I get back, it’s AWN!

I’ll be playing in a guild called Insurgence ( It’s run by the same guys who ran the DAOC guild my roommate is in, and they seem like a good bunch of guys. Pretty mature, generally laid back, into doing the high-end stuff without being “leet haxors.”

We don’t know what server we’ll be playing on, since they haven’t released the server list for retail yet, but it will be a pacific time zone server of some sort. We’re playing Horde, too (it’s pretty important to pick one or the other, since you cannot party or even send a /tell to the other faction).

I’m already committed to another guild, with whom I’ll probably spend the bulk of my time. But I wouldn’t mind hanging out with you guys from time to time.

I might be in another guild, but I imagine due to the nature of it’s potential players, I’ll be looking before too long. I like the sound of your guild Jason, that’s the kinda of guilds I’ve joined the past.

My guild from when I played EQ is picking up in WoW. for information as to where they are planning on going, I think it’s the 2nd server from the end on the pacific list.

I’ll be bring the website for the guild back online in the next couple of weeks when CS for ASP.NET comes out with integration for DNN3.

The site then will be

I’ll be playing a Tauren warrior named Kguku. MOO MOO BUCKAROOS

Here’s a server list:

I’m likely to be playing Horde primarily with other folks from work on some server, but not sure which one.

A bunch of RP friends of mine are headed to Argent Dawn, I believe.

For the folks on Qt3 who want to do Pacific PvP, how does Frostwolf sound? I think that’s what my group is going for, so the more the merrier!

EB had one or two copies of the regular game, but no Collector’s Editions (they said that they sold all of those to pre-orders weeks ago). So I went across the street to Best Buy, where they had five CEs on the shelf. Sorry EB, you lose my business again.

And man, does this game ever highlight how incredibly sucky the Half-Life 2 Collector’s Edition is. Inside the large, study, red synthetic velvet-lined box you get the Art of WoW book, which is a really slick 200-page glossy color hardcover–about the size of a D&D Player’s Handbook. You install discs in both CD and DVD format. You get the game soundtrack, and a one-hour “making of” DVD. And you get a cloth map, rolled up and bound with a brass ring. Unlike the Half-Life 2 CE, it’s easily worth the extra $$$, so if you can find one, I’d recommend picking it up.

Ill be on Skullcrusher, an east coast PvP server. Hmm, that makes me wish I got the Collectors edition. So far none of these had ever been worth it, but in this case it seems like it would be.

Oh, and while the game manual is the typical pocket-sized paperback that is pretty much standard in PC gaming these days, it’s also 200 pages long. Nice!

I’m on the east coast, but a Floridian friend of mine already has the game (went off as the store opened today!). We’re playing on a Mountain time zone server: Icecrown.

The notion of a Mountain time server is A) it strikes a balance for east/west coasters, B) Since the game’s day cycle adheres to real daylight hours in its respective time zone, we figured we’d get more game daylight hours on Mountain time zone server, since we likely will mostly play evenings/night times.

I’d love to hook up w/ some QT3 players, so perhaps give Icecrown a shot?

Playing Horde, BTW.

I just got word from my RL friend that the server we landed on is Skullcrusher also - east coast PvP. We are central time zone here, but all the CST PvP servers were listed as high pop already (10AM CST day of release) - go figure.

Don’t forget the choice of Panda, Mini-Diablo, or Zergling as a pet.

My guild is going to be throwing down on Central/PvP/Stormweaver

I have a human mage named Melanthy on Frostwolf (Pacific PvP). Give me a yell if you are in the vicinity of Stormwind.

I’m also on Pacific/PvP/Frostwolf. Playing Alliance.

I’ll see you in hell, Frostwolf Alliance! :)

– Stabstab, level 9 undead rogue, Frostwolf

I’m going to play on Warsong and Archimonde.

Probably the first as a dwarf and the second as a tauren.

I’m on Mannoroth US East PvP. Any others? edit: My account name is oinkfs on there as well.

EDIT: My nickname is oinkfs on there as well, so you can PM me when ya join.

I am just installing now, no idea what server I am going to play on. ;>

Hopefully the damn thing runs at all on my min-spec iBook.