World of WarCraft - QT3 guild?

Some of my friends are on Frostwolf, so I’m on Frostwolf. Look for Miho, Night Elf Hunter (unless I remake her as a rogue).

My Frostwolf character is named Cairn. Night Elf Rogue. Hey balut–any interest in doing a run down to Ironforge/Stormwind anytime soon?

I’m on Illidan. Got a human mage there named Deimos. Feel free to gimme a hollar!

Well, I logged off after a couple hours at level 6, but yeah, I definitely want to make a run down to human lands ASAP to hook up with some friends I have in that area. How hard is it to get some travel between the continents like that? Does it require massive absurd leveling like FFXI, fraught with constant danger and quests upon quests just to get a mount?

Oh, and is it possible to make my Night Elf Huntress use Firearms instead of Bows? Could she buy/learn that skill from the Dwarves or something? I just think it would be really badass to have this Night Elf chick with a boomstick and a pet monster.

Oh, and even though I picked the Zergling as my CE pet, those little mini-Diablos with the <Lord of Terror> titles are a riot.

Didn’t realize so many Qt3ers were into PvP, but the competitive drive would explain the passionate console vs. PC wars that periodically arise.

I decided to learn the game mechanics on a normal server, so I went with Icecrown, the Mountain time server mentioned above.

Kagar, lev 6 orc warlock if any folks want to team up.

I’m playing on the Pacific server called Uther.

My userID is Draginol.

I don’t actually know the answers to any of those questions from first-hand experience, but here’s what I gather from looking at the game and listening to rumors: it’s a long way to Ironforge. I believe we can catch a boat west out of Darnassus to somewhere on the Eastern Kingdoms (not positive of even that), then it’s a long run south. Going back will be easier because we’ll be activating flying routes on the way, so we can just fly back and forth. But the first time through you gotta do it the hard way. Mounts are not an option because they’re super-expensive high-level stuff. However, if we have significant ranks in stealth, we can stealth through any really dangerous areas without too much of a speed reduction (my stealth is awful, BTW, but I’m working it up).

Oh, and is it possible to make my Night Elf Huntress use Firearms instead of Bows?

Again, I don’t know, but I don’t think so. The manual at one point mentions no guns as an elven racial restriction, so I don’t think you can buy it even from a dwarven trainer.

Okay, I made the run from the elf island to Ironforge this morning (sorry balut, you weren’t on). Here’s my how-to guide, although I’m a sucky newbie and there may well be some better way to do it. I guess this would be considered spoilers if you want to try and find the way yourself. Much as my experience was difficult, it was actually kind of fun.


First off, see if you can find a vault, and bank all your gear, or at least your armor. You’re going to get killed lots of times. By the time I got through, my chest and boots were red (totally broken) and most of the rest of my armor was yellow. Even my sword was yellow, despite the fact that I wasn’t even fighting. So bank your stuff and save yourself some cash.

Start by going to the Night Elf capital city, Darnassus (in the west). In the western part of the city there’s a tree with runes around it and purple mist swirling at the bottom. Walk into that mist and you’ll be transported to some village on the south part of the island. I don’t think it’s reachable by foot, so you have to go through the teleporter.

The village contains both a hippogriff stop and a dock. I took the hip. I’m not sure where the boat goes, but it would probably work just as well (and it’s free–but I wanted to check out a Hippogriff). The hip took me to Auberdine. From there, you can catch a boat across the Great Sea to Menethil Harbor, which is on the Alliance continent. Menethil is technically contested territory, which I’m pretty sure means you’re vulnerable to PvP since we’re on a PvP server. But it’s full of alliance guards, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

This is where my journey took a real turn for the worse. I didn’t see any fast transport between Menethil and Ironforge, and they’re not that far on the map, so I set out on foot. Ironforge is south of Menethil, but there’s a huge mountain range in the way and you end up having to run east across most of the width of the continent before you can head south. The area outside Menethil is full of high-level (at level 8, they were so high that I got the “?? Level” message when I conned them) monsters, all of whom are aggro, fast, and have a long perception distance–so far, in fact, that once something aggroed on me before I could even see it. It just came charging down the road and killed me. They were such high level that my stealth only worked about 50% of the time.

If you banked your stuff, you can take advantage of the fact that the nearest graveyard is halfway across the continent. You’ll get killed the second you set foot outside of Menethil. Just have the spirit rez you at the graveyard, and half the first leg is done. (Even if you didn’t bank your stuff, you should get rezzed at the graveyard–your stuff will take at least 25% damage from all the killings on your way there anyhow, so you might as well save yourself the time and aggravation).

That stretch to the east is just God-awful. You’ll be hit with these crocodiles at first, then spiders and slimes later on, and finally some humanoid monsters. Eventually you’ll make it to Dun Algaz, which is a series of trails and tunnels south and west through the mountains. It’s heavily patrolled by high-level aggro gnolls, so you’re going to get killed a bunch of times again–there’s no way around them because the trails are so narrow. You should eventually appear in a different graveyard that’s out of gnoll territory, and can just rez yourself there. About halfway through the mountains you’ll start running into dwaven guards. From there on, it’s smooth sailing. There are some level 7-9 monsters between you and Ironforge, but that should be do-able, and most of them are non-aggro anyway.

Good luck!

stupid question: why do you folks go on these runs in the first place? I don’t get it… why not just level normally in your homeland?

Usually it’s because they want to group up with friends who started in a different area. You can wait until the run is safe, but that means not grouping together until you are all around level 20. This way they can group together at level 1 if they choose.

Also, some people do it just because they’re already familiar with a different area and want to start there again even though their new character is of a different race. That doesn’t seem like a very good reason to me (why play a game like this if you don’t like trying new areas out?), but I know people who do it.

It comes down to why you’re playing the game. If grouping with your friends is your top priority, you make the run. If levelling fast is your top priority, and you’re convinced you can do it faster in area X than area Y, you make the run. If your top priority is seeing new stuff, you stay where you started and explore it, rather than running off to an already-familiar zone.

I’m a level 5 undead rogue, MonoBandito. May not have a chance to play much before Saturday, but I’ll a keep an eye out for you. I’m just running around doing local area quests to try to shake the noobness off before I venture too far.

What MrWidget said. I’ve got four friends playing on the server, and they’re all playing humans or dwarves, so they all started together. I really wanted to play an elf, but that meant starting far away from everyone else. So, I make the run so I can group with all of them.

Uhh, I’ve been out of the loop on a business trip the past few days—do those of us on the beta have to completely uninstall/reinstall? And were all our characters wiped?

Can’t wait to start playin’ “for realz” now!

No need to reinstall, in fact - I’d recommend not.

Characters are wiped.

don’t uninstall the beta because apparently it is newer than the boxed version, so you won’t need to patch as much… but yes, all characters were wiped.

Okay–cool. Thanks. No worries on the character wipe—I made sure not to get emotionally attached.

Weird, though–the server is not recognizing my account name now.


you can’t use your beta account name - you have to sign up on the website using the cd key provided in the box.

well, you may be able to use the same account name, but basically it was wiped along with the characters.

Hey–could we get an updated roll call here? I have 2 characters up and running, but I have a feeling neither of them are on servers you guys are playing. I don’t have any problem with, um, playing with myself, but, you know…

(I’ll post my guys after I log back in and remember the server! But anyway, I think I might just start over on a server with a bunch of youse guyz…)


Melanthy: human mage, Frostwolf (Pacific) server

Also there are:

Cairn (Rywill), night elf rogue
Haymish (Greg Williams), dwarf warrior
Miho (balut), night elf hunter
Nikaniklaus (non-qt3 person, friend of Greg’s), dwarf hunter
Thalo (another friend of Greg’s), human priest
Spish (a qt3 lurker), human priest, I think

Earthen Ring (Eastern / RP / Alliance):
Xemubeard (11 Dwarf Hunter)
Primal (6 Night Elf Druid)

Blackhand (Central / PvE / Horde):
Hagiok (13 Undead Mage)

Sounds like if I want to give PvP a whirl, Frostwolf is the server of choice? How bad is the queue / lag situation there? It’s been stellar on Earthen Ring and so-so on Blackhand.