World of Warcraft Scam?

Is this BS?


Blizzard Entertainment World of Warcraft account, use of illegal procedures, the account has been permanently disabled, in detail: h

If you ignore this mail, your account will be permanently closed.
Once we verify your account, we will promptly reply to your E - mail to inform you that we have abandoned the investigation.

Account Administration Team
World of Warcraft , Blizzard Entertainment 2011

I don’t play Wow so I really don’t care (unless it closes my Starcraft account)
I have contacted Blizzard directly several times asking if this was actual or phising? I’ve never heard back.

Phishing. Look at the domain name in the URL.

Can you remove the link in your post. The link reeks of phishing.


It’s phishing, that’s a bogus domain that tries to look like a legitimate one, but the top-level portion is ‘’, which is not a Blizzard domain.

Welcome to 5 years ago. Also, take the link out of your post dumbass.

Phishing for sure, I have a pile of the exact same email in my Gmail spam folder. My account has been inactive for months, the characters don’t even show on the Armory anymore, but I still get tons of phishing spam. Hell, I get phishing spam on email addresses that have never been associated with a account at all.

My wife got one saying she had done illegal phishing with her account, which she hasn’t used in at least 2 years. It said that she needed to log in and change her password, if she thinks her account may have been hacked. I suppose it might have been legit, but it seemed really fishy to me.

Cool pic, kerzain.

Yes that is clearly a scam why do you even have to ask

If you have to ask, you’ve probably already got a virus from somewhere on the internet.


It could even be that the virus has taken over his machine and is posting in zombie mode, propagating the link!

I always wonder why scammers and con artists on the internet keep flogging the same shit year after year…

…and then this thread happens, and I understand.

No seriously, Shieldwolf, get rid of that fucking URL for fuck’s sake.

I’ve been getting tons of these WoW phishing emails lately. They don’t even go to the right email address from which my WoW account was set up, and I’ve not played in over a year, but they keep emailing me about my mounts or my auction house items. It’s kinda funny.

Shieldwolf, why don’t you join the Diablo III beta? Has Blizzard dropped you a mail yet?

Thanks stusser.

They don’t target WoW players, what they do is send bots to actively mine the Internet for email addresses and then blindly alpha-strike the lists they obtain from the aforementioned.
Every one of my emails is being bombarded by these. Even though I’ve never played WoW nor even have a Blizzard account. They’re filtered 100% of the time to my spam folders.

Also: Shieldwolf, you EEEEEEEEEEEDIOT!

Remember the ISP.


  1. Trust noone
  2. You never win anything on the internet
  3. There is no prize to be won
  4. If it looks to good to be true, it isn’t true
  5. If you do not know them, they are out to fuck you over
  6. If you receive an unexpected email from a friend/relative - they probably didn’t send it
    6b. Even if they sent it, do not open the greeting card or funny link they sent you
  7. Do not use a email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Other) - Browse through a web browser (Chrome/Mozilla)
    7b. Never click links in email - Copy them and past them into the browser to see the url.
    7c. When signing up for any EMAIL-Lists on web sites, always pick the “PLAIN TEXT” option. HTML Emails are a curse
  8. In Mozilla use NoScript
  9. In Chrome Disable Plugins/Script unless you explicitly specify to use it for the domain you are visiting
  10. Use the Windows Firewall
  11. Get a second firewall in addition to MS’ (Avast Internet Security 6.0 for example)
  12. Do not trust automatic updates in Chrome or Firefox, Manually check once a day

He can’t, he’s too busy reformatting his machine.